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    LIFE in PRO-LIFE: First Lady BJ McKinney.

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    "What is all the big fuss about abortion?" Some may ask.  And doesn't a woman have the "right" to do whatever she wants with her body?  What does God really say when a woman has an abortion as a result of incest, molestation or rape?  Why is the church so silent on this issue and how did it make its way through the black church?  Was abortion really a part of the eugenics movement to eliminate the black race and if so, is that the reason there are so many abortion clinics in black communities?


    First Lady BJ McKinney talks openly about the hidden truth on abortion and its rippling emotional and physical effect it has on a woman and sometimes the ultimate price she has to pay as a result of that abortion or abortions.  This hot topic is rarely discussed in the church, yet so many of our young women are killing our future while other women of different ethnicities are birthing theirs!  Join First Lady BJ every Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. PST as she speaks candidly and honestly about the pro-life movement.  

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    Deepertruth: My Pro-life Talk At Jefferson City Capital Building and Poplar Bluf

    in Religion

    Next was a Consecration of the Office of Pro-Life Activities and Chaste Living to Our Lady of Guadalupe. There was a procession of the Pilgrim Statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe praying: O Virgin Mother of Guadalupe, we joyfully come before you today, deeply grateful that you are the Mother of Jesus and the Mother of His Church. We greet you as the Mother of Life and as the perfect model of all who say yes to life.

    We ask you today to bless and direct our work to promote the Gospel of Life. We entrust to you the efforts of the Office of Pro-Life Activities and Chaste Living. Under your protection we place the prayerful, humble and noble work of those volunteering on behalf of God’s special gift of life. Give them the courage to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. Help them to show the love of Christ to those in distress, those who are most helpless and defenseless, those who are loved the least, and those who are in need of forgiveness.

    May the work, the volunteers and the projects of the Office of Pro-Life Activities and Chaste Living grow and flourish under your gentle care. Lead us, your priests and people, to the full glory and splendor of the Kingdom of Life. Amen!


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    Abortion......Pro Choice or Pro Life

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    Abortion has always been controversy, fueled with a lot of moral implications at the center of it. It was the historic Roe Vs Wade case, challenging Texan law that criminalized abortion, that the abortion debate came out in the open. The pro- choice movement advocates that a woman should have the right to terminate her pregnancy, considering it involves her physical, mental and financial well being. The pro-life movement, on the other hand brings the moral issues into the picture. They oppose abortion on the principal that any form of life, including the human embryo has the right to life. Look, I think it is impossible to find a middle ground in cases like these, as both sides present valid arguments, supporting their cause. Now our question to you is, are you pro-life OR pro- choice? Call into the playhouse this evening and weigh in on this controversy topic. The queens would love to hear what you have to say! First, we will have the pleasure of going into the world of Low G Muzic, as he talks about his endeavors as an musician.

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    Jesus, Pro-Life Thoughts And More!

    in Christianity

    On this episode of The Gary Zimak Show, Gary will share his thoughts on the pro-life movement, discuss the Mass readings from Sunday's Mass and explain how Jesus can become your BEST best friend. That's a lot to fit into 30 minutes, but Gary will do his best. Tune in and let's talk about Jesus Christ and His Church!

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    Pro-Life Dying in the GOP

    in Politics Conservative

    We welcome National Advisor Myra Jean Myers & CEO and Founder Allen Parker of the Justice Foundation/Operation Outcry. 

    Myra Jean Myers:

    Myra is a Published Public Speaker who represents 30 million women harmed by legalized abortion.  She is among the vast majority of these (more than 94 percent) who would never have considered abortion had it been illegal.

    In 1965, she was a single college student and pregnant; abortion never occurred to her - nor the dad of their child; instead, she married.  Expecting their third child in 1968, they felt it was too soon for another child but the idea of abortion was never conceived in their minds until January 1973.  When expecting their sixth child, her husband believed the lie of legalized abortion: not a child yet! Co-dependent on him, she felt verbally and emotionally pushed to abort.

    Allen Parker: Mr. Parker serves as the lead legal counsel for Norma McCorvey, who was “Jane Roe” of Roe v. Wade, and Sandra Cano, who was “Mary Doe” of Doe v. Bolton, in the legal effort to overturn their landmark Supreme Court rulings that brought legalized abortion on demand in America. He is currently co-host of the television program, Faces of Abortion. He is a frequent speaker on Roe v. Wade and the harm caused to women by abortion.

    Mr. Parker has been featured in numerous interviews or articles in national and international media, including the “Hannity and Colmes” television show, the “O’Reilly Factor,” C-SPAN, BBC radio, the Wall Street Journal, the “Jim Lehrer News Hour,” Focus on the Family magazine, Charisma magazine, Vogue magazine, the Dutch magazine, Visie, and newspapers and radio programs around the world.

    As part of WE the PEOPLE, it IS Important for YOU to Stand Up and BE HEARD. Call in with YOUR thoughts on today's issues.

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    PIJN News: Pro-Life Activist Janet Folger Porter Vies for Ohio State Senate

    in Christianity

    Dr. Chaps reports on these important issues:

    * Pro-Life Activist Janet Folger Porter is running for Ohio State Senate
    * Why the Ohio Heartbeat Bill is stalled in the Ohio State Senate
    * Movement to Impeach Supreme Court Justices is coming

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    ABORTION: Pro Choice vs. Pro Life Debate for Roe v Wade Anniversary

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    On this 43rd Anniversary of Roe v Wade decision legalizing abortion, Richard hosts Pro Choice and Pro Life advocates to debate the issue.  On the Pro Choice side, Terry Vasquez, a pioneer for abortion rights who has had thirteen abortions shares why she believes abortion must remain legal.  On the Pro Life side, Reverend Mordecai Terry argues why he believes all women who have had abortions should be jailed for murder and given the death penalty or at the least, life imprisonment.

    To support Richard Rossi's new film project that contrasts healthy faith with toxic faith, visit http://www.gofundme.com/canaanland

    Richard occasionally uses his skills as an actor and playwright & does special shows to make a point through caricatures.  He is capable of concocting a cast of fictional characters, all of whom he plays as personality parodies on air while simultaneously serving as host of his talk radio program. The views expressed on the program do not necessarily reflect the views of Richard Rossi or BlogTalkRadio.


  • 16 Year Old Files Suit To Have Pro Life Club/Speaks At It's About The Child 2016

    in News

    Recently on Fox News and other Internaitonal News sources, the story broke of a Henderson NV High Schooler who was discrimnated against because she wanted to start a PRO LIFE CLUB. She was denied. Others were frustrated because there was a so called  Gay Straight Club and Bible Club, and  any other club a youngperson could just about think of. They were all accepted but the PRO LIFE Club denial was becasue it was too controversial. Angelique Clark will be our guest today. This 16 year old has taken a serous enemy by the horn and is an inspiration on how young people can avoid being bullied by the powers that be in school or any where else.

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    Upcoming Pro-Life Events near St. Louis

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    2015 in St. Louis is Pro-Life Central so far!  Today, we will run down the list of upcoming pro-life events in and near St. Louis, MO.  We will also feature a short interview with Doug Merkey, president and CEO of Churches for Life.  Pastor Doug will be talking details about the annual LifeTeam Summit conference happening on April 11.  If you want to get involved in making Missouri abortion free, this conference and the others that we will mention is a great place to begin.

    Also, stay tuned to TLFR in the coming weeks as we emerge from winter hiatus to make a big impact for the TRU-Life here on the TRUradio Network.


  • Why being Pro-life and for the death Penalty is Consistant

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        How many times have we heard leftist liberals say that pro-life people [particularly Conservative ones] are hypocrites because they defend the right of the unborn while supporting the death penalty for murderers? They say that it's hypocritical to affirm the sanctity of life while favoring the death penalty for violent criminals. Well, I'm one of those guys who happens to be both. And I'll give a coherant and eloquent defense of that position. First of all, it's crucial to understand that the unborn are helpless babies who did no wrong. But when someone murders or commits a violent crime, then the guilty person loses his/her the right to live. As a society, we punish people who do evil, not innocent people who are helpless. And in actuality, being both pro-life and pro-death penalty is consistant with that position. It's still consistant with the basic moral position of punishing the bad guys and stopping them from doing any more evil while protecting innocent life. So yes, I'll show why I'm pro-innocent life. I'm pro- save any helpless life. Meaning I DON'T support aborting babies, especially if they're disabled. I consider the fact that more than 90% of babies being aborted for having down syndrome ot be an ableist Holocaust. And it's our duty as a society to help and care for the weak and disabled, not to kill people on the morally repugnant grounds of their existence being a burden. In fact, I'll show that in this issue, pro-choice leftist liberals who oppose the death penalty, are the REAL hypocrites. They want to protect the lives of violent criminals while they're ok with the systematic genocide of millions of babies in the womb in the name of the woman's right to "choose." In addition, they want to protect the lives of rapists while championing the killing of babies conceived in rape in the name of caring for the rape victim, which is hypocritical to the core.

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    A Biblical view to being Pro-Life

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    Sister Celeste Mentag speaks about abortion and the death culture we live in and how much the church is participating and joining the argument for pro-choice. God values life and the church needs to educate itself and the world what is our BIBLICAL stance against abortiion.