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    600.5807 Damages for breaches of contract; specific performance; fiduciary bonds; deeds; mortgages; surety bonds; appeal bonds; public obligations.

    Sec. 5807.

    No person may bring or maintain any action to recover damages or sums due for breach of contract, or to enforce the specific performance of any contract unless, after the claim first accrued to himself or to someone through whom he claims, he commences the action within the periods of time prescribed by this section.

    (1) The period of limitations on actions charging any surety on any bond of any executor, administrator, guardian is 4 years after the discharge of the executor, administrator, or guardian.

    (2) The period of limitations is 10 years for actions founded upon bonds of public officers.

    (3) The period of limitations on actions founded upon bonds executed under sections 41.80 and 41.81 of the Compiled Laws of 1948, is 2 years after the expiration of the year for which the constable was elected.

    (4) The period of limitations is 10 years for actions founded upon covenants in deeds and mortgages of real estate.

    (5) The period of limitations is 2 years for actions charging any surety for costs.

    (6) The period of limitations is 2 years for actions brought on bonds or recognizances given on appeal from any court in this state.

    (7) The period of limitations is 10 years for actions on bonds, notes, or other like instruments which are the direct or indirect obligation of, or were issued by although not the obligation of, the state of Michigan or any county, city, village, township, school district, special assessment district, or other public or quasi-public corporation in the state of Michigan.

    (8) The period of limitations is 6 years for all other actions to recover damages or sums due for breach of contract.


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    Private Home Decision Makers - U.S.A. - Road to the Future, Today

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    Foremost of all, thanks for investing time from your personal schedule to be right here, right now. This episode (like all those to come) is all about you: an American private home decision maker. Furthermore, it's about you becoming even  better prepared to experience successful contract-related home maintenance and improvement projects.

    Contract-related home maintenance and improvement projects are home projects which require/accommodate contractors.

    The title "Private Home Decision Makers - U.S.A. - Road to the Future, Today" is a literal call to action for you to begin taking more informed steps today to ensure the success of your contract-related home projects presently, and  far into the future. You're going to do this through learning more about how to identify and demolish traditional beliefs and practices in the realm of contract-related home maintenance and improvement which potentially set you up for failed projects. These aren't regular BTR shows. Instead of calling in your response, please opt to e-mail, write a letter, or call my office. 


    Prepared by R.B. Roberts in association with HGRBS

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    Warning signs your relationship is in trouble

    in Relationships

    How can you tell your relationship is in danger? Listen and learn to watch for warning signs.

  • [The] VAULT - DBA's, Names, Trademarks, Corporations & Private Entities

    in Entrepreneur

    [The] VAULT - DBA's, Names, Trademarks, Corporations & Private Entities

    This Episode is to highlight the difference in entities people can use in the public to do business. But the general public wants to know really which has the most pros if you are to do business. Still maintaining a "own nothing, but control everything" mindset. #Private men and women.
    Host Sharif ALI
    Sot EL
    Contact email: hfrn.vault@gmail.com

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    Mets Public Record - High Expectations for 2016

    in Sports

    It's another season, it's another year of Mets Public Record. Listen in as AC Wayne is joined by Rich Rivera as they both discuss the upcoming 2016 Mets season.

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    All municipalities and corporations are bankrupt because they have no substance to back up their currency. We, as sovereigns, bailed them out by letting them use OUR PROPERTY as collateral, then they mortgaged it and – Wa La – there was currency.

    However, we are EXEMPT because they are using our credit to make trillions of dollars a year, and therefore, we are entitled “to take” a portion of their EQUITY in return.

    You are going TO TAKE what is due to you. Since there is no money, you can only “take” EQUITY – goods and services – from the corporations using your credit as they are BANKRUPT!

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    Relationship Night

    in Spirituality

    Call into show with your relationship questions.

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    Having the Public vs Private School Debate

    in K-12

    Does it ever make good financial sense to pay for private school? This week the Divas debate the pros and cons of private vs public. Let's see if we can change your mind.

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    Winning in Public - Losing in Private

    in Christianity

    Too many believers have "skeletons" in their closet and are praying that the doors of their past remain closed and lock.  Yes, the same person you see smiling in church on Sunday may be the same person fighting private struggles that are paving a road to a dead-end defeat.  It can be challenging for any believer...especially Leaders to admit that he or she is struggling with a private bondage.  But there is a way to win private battles.  The strategy is simply the power of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.  Join Min. Apryl Young as she ministers on this powerful topic.  Grab your Bibles, notepads and ink pens.  Journey with us and we continue our series on "There's a Crack in Your Armor"

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    Relationship Night

    in Spirituality

    Relationship Night Live
    Wednesday March 03 at 6 pm EST
    Dial in or listener # 347 884-9664

    Scernero Relationship Night Question:
    A man of God/prophet who does full time ministry relies on other people to support his financial needs. He become insulted when you address the above issue, but he don't find it insulting to ask people for money. How would you address this issue?

    You can leave your comment if you can't be live with me on the above date & time. Make show to call into show for your prophecy concerning relationship only. www.blogtalkradio.com/prophecynight

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    Public Private Partnerships 101 with Dr. Herbert W. Titus

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    Public Private Partnerships 101

    Guest: Dr. Herbert W. Titus - Constitutional and Common Law Scholar, Educator and Bible Teacher. Visit http://herbtitus.com/

    What is a Public Private Partnership (P3s)?

    Why have P3s become so popular for large public works projects?

    Do P3s subsidize private corporations with taxpayer money?  If yes, How much is the taxpayer on the hook for?

    What is the impact of P3s on a "Free Market"?

    Is it Constitutional to use public monies for the profit of private interests? 

    Some say P3s create "off the books accounting". Basically, P3 financing is not reported as a public debt, but the taxpayers are in fact on the hook for the private entity's ownership/partnership. Is this true?

    Canada - The Problem with Public-Private Partnerships - Economic crisis exposes the high costs and risks of P3s  See more at: https://www.policyalternatives.ca/publications/monitor/problem-public-private-partnerships#sthash.hQFmWxhE.dpuf

    U.S.A, - Cintra, Macquarie file bankruptcy on Indiana Toll Road  http://www.examiner.com/article/cintra-macquarie-file-bankruptcy-on-indiana-toll-road

    Bottom line - Conclusion - Are P3s a positive or negative to Americans?  Are we better off with or without them?