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    My Life Contract: 90-Day Program for Prioritizing Goals.. and Getting Results

    in Spirituality

    My Life Contract: 90-Day Program for Prioritizing Goals, Staying on Track, Keeping Focused, and Getting Results with author Joel Fotinos

    Joel Fotinos  known as the Spiritual Businessman,  a vice president at Penguin Group (USA) Inc., is the publisher of the Tarcher imprint and founder of the Putnam Praise publishing program. A cofounder of Sacred Center New York, he is an ordained New Thought minister and motivational speaker and seminar leader.  

    Contracts provide us with built-in accountability. They encourage us to keep our word to ourselves and to others. They provide clarity and help us to formulate concrete goals. They ensure that we avoid conflict, misunderstandings, and disappointment. In short, contracts enrich our lives and make success not only possible but likely.

    My Life Contract is a program for achieving your personal desires, hopes, and dreams. It helps readers to take their life off "pause" and move forward: no more delays! With practical examples and personal stories, My Life Contract is based on Fotinos' popular class, which has been attended by thousands of people across the country.

    This is the ultimate 90-day program for moving forward and making your dreams a reality. It is a genuinely helpful and easy-to-use map that explains how life works and how we can work with life.

    For more information visit: www.joelfotinos.com

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    The G.O.O.DLife Online Radio Show: Can You Really Have It ALL?

    in Entertainment

    The G.O.O.DLife Online Radio Show promotes a commitment to a lifestyle of resourcefulness. Hosts Adiagha and Shea provide a platform for "out of the box discourse" that compels their audience to confront life challenges in an innovative fashion. Today's topic: A successful career coupled with marriage, kids and a social life is possible BUT can they survive the balancing act? Can You Really Have It ALL? Hosts Adiagha & Shea discuss the possibilities, pros and cons. 

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    Behind the Headlines: Global Police State? Interview with Scott Rickard

    in News

    This week on 'Behind the Headlines', we're interviewing former U.S. intelligence officer ‌Scott Rickard. Rickard is a linguist and veteran of the communications technology and national security industries. For three decades, he worked with national security and international service providers in Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), Communications Security (COMSEC), and Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), advising a number of governments and intelligence agencies on analyzing and prioritizing their intelligence collection efforts.

    Rickard continues to monitor, corroborate, and communicate fact-based research and analysis of the international business environment, emerging technologies, and geopolitical developments. In recent years, he has been an outspoken critic of US foreign policy and blanket public surveillance, and has made a number of appearances on RT, Sputnik and PressTV.

    Join us this Sunday 22 November 2015, from 2-4pm EST / 8-10pm CET for an insider's perspective on mass surveillance, the non-stop terror attacks, the stand-off between the U.S. and Russia, and more.

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    TEI 036: Product Development Lessons for Software Product Managers

    in Business

    Global Product Management Talk is pleased to bring you episode 036 of...

    The Everyday Innovator with host Chad McAllister, PhD.

    The podcast is all about helping people involved in innovation and managing products become more successful, grow their careers, and STANDOUT from their peers.

    Our Guest: Jeremy Dillingham has a long list of skills and experiences as a seasoned product manager, including leading teams, roadmap planning, portfolio management, Lean Startup, Customer Discovery, Agile Development, and SaaS architectures. He is a mentor at Techstars, an accelerator for technology startups. He currently serves as a Senior VP at Return Path, a company that helps organizations promote and protect their brands.

    Some favorite product management tools:

    Discovery – the process of talking with customers and validating what you are learning about the problems and needs. This involves writing a script of interview questions, prioritizing the questions, talking with customers to gain responses, and analyzing the data. Discovery sessions with customers should be done by two interviewers so one can focus on asking questions and the other can focus on taking notes.
    Experiment – one pass through the build-measure-learn loop (per Lean).
    Metrics – dashboards, KPIs, another important indicators.
    Lean Canvas – see TEI 010 episode with the creator of the Lean Canvas.

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    in Spirituality


    Dr. Joy, Psychic-Spiritual Counselor, Life Coach, Metaphysician, Holistic Healer, Motivational Speaker, Author profoundly teaches life enhancing practices and principles that can auto-magically change your life.  Each broadcast includes a healing meditation, an empowering message, followed by lively discussion on the air and in the chat room.   Callers may ask Dr. Joy questions as time permits, or may visit her sites and obtain additional information.

    To schedule a session for a psychic reading and success/life coaching with Dr. Joy, please go here: http://UnlimitedJoy.org/page3.html


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    Where’s the focus? on Surviving Dystopia

    in Education

    Where’s the focus?
    Host: DJ Cooper “Surviving Distopia”
    on American Preppers Radio! 
    Wednesdays 9:00pm/Est 8:00pm/Ct 7:00pm/Mt 6:00pm/Pt
    Live Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/listen-chat/

    I would like to talk this week about priorities and prioritizing. With everything I was supposed to be doing and doing nothing as it all went on its own vacation into crazy land I am now playing catch up. Thinking on that plane ride as I watched acres and acres pass by out the window about what if…going with the theme this week…”a hurricane” and I have been so focused elsewhere I forgot to take care of the preps for this.

    An underrated and often forgotten preparedness tool…Focus.

    Read More→ HERE!

    Tags: American Preppers Network, Prepper Broadcasting

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    Planning and Prioritizing

    in Self Help

    Tara McGillicuddy will be joined by Linda Hillger to discuss Planning and Prioritizing.

  • What To Do After A Car Accident?

    in Podcasting

    What to do after a car accident? Prioritizing personal goals will decide what is lost or gained.  When recovery is ranked at the top, outcome can be as good as it gets. If financial safety and security is protected, what is available will last longer. This may be one of the biggest surprises encountered in lifetime. Collisions have changed lives in an instant and what is done afterwards helps to move forward or be left behind.

    Join me, ESTRA today in a chat about what to do after a car accident.



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    The Journey of a Physician CEO with David Schenkein, MD, CEO, Agios

    in Science

    At the Conference Forum's 2015 Chief Medical Officer's Summit in Boston, David Schenkein, MD, CEO, Agios provided a warm and personal keynote sharing his journey as a Physican CEO. In this recording of the session, gain an insight into Dr Schenkein's views on leadership in running a biotech company and more specifically:

    The journey
    The people and mentorships
    Prioritizing resources
    Successes and failures
    Overcoming hurdles
    Strategic partnerships
    Business planning
    Audience Q&A

    This is a great session for leadership and aspiring leadership in life sciences and beyond.

    The Chief Medical Officer West Summit is this November 9-10 in the San Francisco area. See www.theconferenceforum.org for speaker line up and agenda information. The CMO West conference is dedicated to addressing the unique challenges faced by CMOs and their staff in managing R&D in emerging biotechs.

    PharmaTalkRadio is a non-profit program organized and supported by the Conference Forum to give easy and free access of helpful information to all industry professionals and students in the life sciences. 

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    Time Management and Prioritizing

    in Education

    The College Ready Mentality is all about making good decisions that foster academic success.  Two major items from it are managing your time and prioritizing, both of which take practice.  Here, we'll share suggestions for making good use of your time and prioritizing your responsibilities.

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    A Gregarious Greg Self Talk: About Family Time

    in Culture

    This pod cast is only six minutes in length, but Greg has had an absence of 30 days since his last podcast. ( More like a where's Waldo adventure ) This podcast again brings up the question about procrastination. Déjà vu at its best, as Greg addressed this same subject in one of his past shows. And... is this is another podcast that takes a look at perception ? 

    Greg seems to think not. It is actually a podcast about prioritizing the commitments in everyday life. You decide.