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    Joel Fishman, novelist, Primacy

    in Television

    Join first-time novelist and former agent Joel Fishman as he talks to Mr. Media, Bob Andelman, about his new book, Primacy.
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    Episode 271: Red Flag and the Development of USAF Fighter Pilots

    in Military

    In parallel efforts that in the Navy which led to Top Gun, the US Air Force looked hard at the lessons of air to air combat in the Vietnam War and brought forward "Red Flag,"

    Moving beyond the technical focus, they looked to training and fundamentals to bring back a primacy of combat skills.

    Our guest for the full hour to discuss this and his new book, The Air Force Way of War: U.S. Tactics and Training after Vietnam, will be Dr. Brian D. Laslie, Deputy Command Historian, North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and United States Northern Command (USNORTHCOM). 

    A historian of air power studies, Dr. Laslie received his Bachelor’s degree in history from The Citadel: The Military College of South Carolina, his Master’s from Auburn University Montgomery in 2006 and his Doctorate from Kansas State University in 2013.

    Dr. Laslie was Honorably Discharged from the United States Air Force in 2007 as a Captain after serving as a logistics officer, doctrine instructor, and Action Officer to the Commander of Air University.

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    Marriage and the "Space Between” with the Legendary Dr. Harville Hendrix

    in Romance

    Harville Hendrix, Ph.D. and Helen LaKelly Hunt, Ph.D, co-creators of Imago Relationship Theory and Therapy seek a shift in the value system of the culture, from the primacy of the individual to the primacy of relationship. Their mission is to implement that vision by disseminating new science based relationship theory and skills that create joyful, thriving relationships.

    They believe that Safe Conversation is the core characteristic of healthy relationships, which in turn are essential for a healthy society. Thus, they have seeded a citywide initiative to distribute safe conversations throughout Dallas, Texas as a first step towards a global movement.

    Three New York Times best sellers, including Getting The Love you Want, are among the ten books they have produced in their 32-year partnership. Dr. Hendrix was featured on the Oprah Show 18 times, and Dr. Hunt is an honored inductee into the National Women¹s Hall of Fame.

    Join me for a life-changing discussion with two of the world's top relationship theory legends.

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    How To Restore The Republic: Q&A w/ Rob Johnson

    in News

    Join Evolve Quest Podcast for this invaluable 2hr law jam-sesh with Master-At-Law and Author, Rob Johnson. Call in with your questions for Rob: 619-924-0692

    Rob will be discussing:

    ~ Communicating with your Local Sheriff- Nothing to be afraid of

    ~The Primacy of Common Law

    ~Restoring the Republic

    ~National Liberty Allianace and the Common Law Grand Juries

    ~Quo Warranto

    ~The Declaration of Independence

    ~ The Constitution

    ~ The Magna Carta

    ~ The Articles of Confederation

    ~The Bill of Rights

    ~Consent of the Governed

    ~ Duty and Right to "Throw Off" Corrupt Government~ What does it mean?

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    How To Restore The Republic: Q&A w/ Rob Johnson

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    Episode 252: Officers walking the line and knowing their place

    in Military

    Where do senior uniformed leaders draw the line between acknowledging the primacy of civilian leadership to make policy, and maintaining enough distance from the politics to retain their independence of the politics and the politicians?

    Is there a point where someone can pass from being a "good soldier" to simply becoming a useful tool of ambitious politicians.

    Our guest this Sunday to discuss this and more will be J.D. Gordon, CDR USN (Ret.)  We will be using his latest article, "Obama's top military advisers: 'Useful idiots' or good military officers?" as a starting off point before broadening the discussion.

    J. D. Gordon was a career Navy public affairs officer with 20 years of active duty service, and is the former Defense Department spokesman for the Western Hemisphere in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, serving under both Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Secretary Robert Gates from 2005 to 2009.

    Gordon also served as the Vice President, Communications and Chief Foreign Policy & National Security Adviser to former Republican Presidential Candidate Herman Cain's 2012 campaign.  During the 2010 Congressional campaign cycle, Gordon arranged speaking events for former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

    Recently, Gordon has also been a Senior Fellow and Communications Adviser to numerous think tanks and foundations, including Atlas Economic Research Foundation, Center for a Secure Free Society, Americas Forum, Atlantic Bridge, Center for Security Policy, Let Freedom Ring and the Liberty & Freedom Foundation.

    Gordon, a columnist to Fox News and The Washington Times since 2010, has regularly appeared as a national security and foreign policy commentator in television and radio outlets in English and Spanish languages.

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    Indie Books Show #52 (J. E. Fishman)

    in Books

    Tune in and join me as I welcome this week's guest. 

    Acclaimed author J. E. Fishman joins me this week to talk about his books including his latest series Bomb Squad NYC.  Tune in, call in, or join us in the chat room. 

    Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes of the world’s leading bomb squad? Author J.E. Fishman did, and he set out to learn everything possible about this elite unit of the NYPD before crafting the first-ever series of novels based on its exploits, titled “Bomb Squad NYC.”  

    Tune in Friday at11AM EST or listen to the archive.

    For more information about J. E. Fishman and his books:






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    Lon Solomon: Multiply: The Primacy of the Local Church

    in Christianity

    “Not a sermon, just a thought.” Pastor Lon Solomon

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    To Protect the Sovereign Master~ The True Roles of the "Sheriff/Notary Public"

    in News

    Join Evolve Quest Podcast for this invaluable 2hr law jam-sesh with Master-At-Law and Author, Rob Johnson. Rob discusses the the largely unknown roles of the County Sheriff and the Notary Public and how they are Public Servants installed strategically to protect and defend the Sovereign Rights of all Americans. 

    Rob will be discussing:

    ~The Primacy of Common Law

    ~Rights conferred upon us by the Creator

    ~The meaning of Sovereignty and Freedom

    ~Sui Juris Law (The Law of one's own rights)

    ~How to become your own Lawyer.

    ~Dealing with Police

    ~The County Sheriff as your personal Constitutional Defender 

    ~The amazing legal powers of the Notary Public

    ~How to use Notarized Affidavits (statements of truth) to avoid appearing in court and get cases dismissed.

    ~Restoring the Republic

    ~Consent of the Governed

    ~How God and Consciousness is playing a role in the Great Awakening

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    To Protect the Sovereign Master~ The True Role of the "Sheriff" and "Notary Public" with Guest Rob Johnson




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    Lynn Stout Reveals the Shareholder Value Mythstake

    in Business

    Host Bart Jackson is joined by Lynn Stout, author of "The Myth of Shareholder Value" and a distinguished professor of corporate and busness law at Cornell University.  Together they will discuss the major pitfall made by so many corporations who seek to run their companies solely for the benefit of those investing in it.  If you have ever owned a share of stock, or plan to take a leadership role in a public company, you need to learn what the popular "Shareholder Primacy" management trend is doing to clients, employees, and the communities in which companies dwell.

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    Third Eye Cinema 4/27/14 with Jostein the Trollmannen of Trollfest

    in Entertainment

    This week on Third Eye Cinema, join us as we try not to get eaten by trolls!

    One of the more unique vocalists we’ve had on the show and hailing from a band equal parts metal and what’s been dubbed “world music”, this man and his bandmates have brewed up a highly unusual potable of the traditional pagan folk of several cultures, black metal style vocals and a cross between any number of underground metal subgenres, with a strong sense of humor and dance or mosh-ability taking primacy.  

    Following on one of the most entertaining, crowd participatory shows I’ve been to since my days in the punk scene, they’ve released a new album that retains the sound fans have come to know and love while stretching the accepted template and reaching for something new and even more likeable than ever!

    Join us for a discussion with the Trollmannen himself, Jostein of Trollfest, only here on Third Eye Cinema!

    Week 78 (Sun. Apr. 27): Jostein the Trollmannen of Trollfest


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    Cato Institute's Timothy Sandefur & "The Conscience of the Constitution"

    in Politics Conservative

    Is liberty or democracy the primary constitutional value? At a time when Americans are increasingly facing violations of their civil liberties, Cato Institute’s Timothy Sandefur shares his new book, “The Conscience of the Constitution”, and explains “The REALLY, Real, Deal” why the Declaration of Independence, with its doctrines on the primacy of liberty, the natural rights of man, and the limits on legitimate government, should serve as the guidepost for understanding the Constitution.  The Conscience of the Constitution: The Declaration of Independence and the Right to Liberty, available now at http://www.amazon.com/The-Conscience-Constitution, argues that modern legal doctrines, which value democracy over liberty, are endangering individual rights and corrupting our civic institutions.  Join “Brother Craig” and Timothy Sandefur for this insightful conversation, live or on-demand, and share it with a friend.