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    When Jesse is Away, Chris and Jay will get drunk and talk MMA & NFL

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    Without the heart of the show, Jesse, keeping things proper... this show could get off the rails quickly.  Jay (@zedlaV559) and Chris (@chriswpower) will talk MMA, NFL preseason, killer NASCAR drivers, and probably movies/music. After an amazing episode with Don Frye (@donfryefighter) we've got a tough act to follow.  Listen to this ep, then download that one if you missed it!

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    Episode #115 ~ Interview with MMA Pioneer; Phil Baroni

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    It happens every now and then, Jay and Jesse land a "Big Fish" type interview ... and this show is one of those times.

    Jay and Jesse will welcome to the show, MMA Legend and Pioneer; "The New York Bad Ass" Phil Baroni (15-17) 

    The guys will get up close and personal with the MMA legend, talking about former matches (Kondo, Minowa, Evan Tanner and more) plus they will dig deep into the history books to find out about Baroni's life growing up, earliest known fight and so much more.

    As if Phil Baroni isn't enough Jay and Jesse (who the week prior made Super Bowl predictions) will cover the NFL Conferece Championships between the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots (AFC) and the San Francisco 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks (NFC) 

    It's a loaded show with tons to cover and a great guest so tune in and spread the word ~ Oh yeah, enjoy yourself as well. 

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    Official CamelDog Talk

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    Anything is Possibru!!

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    Official CamelDog Talk

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    UFC and Pride FC Veteran, MMA Legend; Gary "Big Daddy" Goodridge

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    Guest on todays show is none other than former Pride and UFC superstar Gary "Big Daddy" Goodridge. Hailing from Canada and fighting all over the world Gary will discuss his time fighting over seas as well as for the UFC in the dark ages of the ppromotions ventures. Gary will also be alking to me about his time away from the sport and what his future hails.

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    The First of Many (Attempt #1)

    in MMA

    This was That Other Sports Show before it was That Other Sports Show

    This was episode number one and the content was weak but you could tell that this host was ready to get things done. Listen to some MMA Breakdowns, NFL talk and a start to a very special podcast designed for the young and old both, man and woman, this is for YOU, sportsfans unite. 

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    MMASucka Radio - Episode 7 w/ AFC's Marcus Hicks, WEC Bantamweight Scott Jorgensen and MissMMA09

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    Marcus is not only a pro MMA fighter, but a huge fan of the sport. Growing up he always loved PRIDEFC out of Japan,with the goal of fighting at the highest level and one day being one of the top fighters in the world.

    A total smartass, he loves to joke around and make people smile. His universe revolves around his young daughter Kaidynce. Without her he probably never would have grown up and tried to start workin towards his goals in life. Marcus began training MMA in 2003 at TitanMMA in North Surrey, where his training partners included Denis Kang, Kalib Starnes, Tim Thurston, Danny Dlask, and Jesse Sidhu. Marcus turned Pro in April 2006 at King of the Cage 'Karnage'. since then, he's had 28 fights in just over three years of fighting, which is unheard of (its like a personal tribute to guys like Jeremy Horn & Shonie Carter). Marcus is the only Canadian fighter in the last five years to fight in every province in Canada (except New Brunswick). Marcus has dedicated 2010 to concentrating on his MMA career and taking it to the next level. He plans on having at least 8 or 9 fights in 2010 and going 9-0!

    Marcus loves training in MMA,and is a student of anything he does, being willing and quick to learn. Half Italian/half Jamaican, living and training in Vancouver, Marcus is the head of and brains behind Team Denarius.

    Marcus LOVES to talk, LOVES MMA. LOVES enjoying life and loves sports in general. MOST OF ALL HE LOVES KAIDYNCE JOLIE!

    Scott started wrestling in 3rd grade and continued wrestling in college for Boise State University.
    Jorgensen defeated Takeya Mizugaki on December 19, 2009 at WEC 45, via unanimous decision. The bout also earned Fight of the Night honors.
    On March 6, 2010 at WEC 47 fifteen seconds into his bout Jorgensen caught his opponent Chad George in a modified front guillotine neck-crank and won via submission 31 seconds into the round.
    Jorgensen is currently ranked the No.6 bantamweight in the world by Sherdog.