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    In Pretty Little Killers, journalist Daleen Berry and investigator Geoffrey Fuller expand upon their New York Times bestselling ebook The Savage Murder of Skylar Neese to give you even more information behind one of the most horrific and shocking murders of our time. Including over 100 pages of new material, Pretty Little Killers shares the latest theories and answers the questions that have left many people baffled.

    After killer Shelia Eddy pled guilty to first degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison and Rachel Shoaf was sentenced to thirty years for second-degree murder, family, friends, investigators, and other key sources reveal the facts you would have learned if the case had gone to trial.

    Including specific details drawn from Rachel’s confession, Pretty Little Killers looks at the crime through the eyes of the victim and killers, providing intimate testimony from the pages of Rachel’s personal journal, Skylar’s diary and school papers, and court records.

    Berry and Fuller examine all this, including previously unreported details about Rachel and Shelia’s rumored lesbian relationship and explain why more than one investigator believes Skylar’s murder was a thrill kill.

    Most important, Pretty Little Killers provides a satisfying answer to Skylar’s final question: “Why?” PRETTY LITTLE KILLERS-The Truth Behind the Savage Murder of Skylar Neese-Daleen Berry




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    You want to get "all the poop" on syfy, fantasy, thriller, and horror series & movies currently out there? Well, you've come to the right place! James Iaccino, the soon-to-be regenerated Doctor #14 of Time & Space, discusses all shows that are fantastic, including this past week's ONCE UPON A TIME, THE WALKING DEAD, THE FOLLOWING (2 hr. event), THE BATES MOTEL, THE RETURNED, AGENTS OF SHIELD, PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, THE FLASH, iZOMBIE, ARROW, SUPERNATURAL, GRIMM, 12 MONKEYS, & HELIX. So tune in and be amazed by what you hear from Doctor #14! Rest assured, it will be way out- but fantastic and always awesome!

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    Pretty Little Liars - Dead to Me

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    Join us as we discuss Pretty Little Liars - Dead to Me

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    Netfix's best (Pretty Little Liars); How a former Jew now pagan sees Gaza

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    Jon and Jane cover 3-4 topics today.  Netflix is definitely an economic advantage to ordering and paying cable or dish bills.  For 7.99, you can watch full series and not break the bank.  Pretty Little Liars is a main attraction on Netflix these days.  These teenagers are mature and even when they make mistakes, they don't act stupid.  Plus the plotline is fantastic.  I also cover a writer who guests for Zenith Magazine in Duluth named Starhawk.  Starhawk's bio alone gave me doubt about her credibility to effectively weigh in on Jewish-Palestinian conflict.  She is a founder of an old sect of a Pagan religion and has abandoned Judaism.   Removing religion from the mix certainly changes the dymanic of the Mid East conflict.  Learn more...

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    Pretty Little Liars - 'Will the Circle Be Unbroken'

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    Join us tonight as we talk Pretty Little Liars- 'Will the Circle Be Unborken'
    The girls search for answers when Spencer mysteriously goes missing. Initial thoughts on first few seconds of new episode: Is it just me or is Mona being a bit obsessive over these girls. Use the mirror to apply your product girl, not stare at Aria & Hanna with disgust. This chick needs to go back to therapy! Wirte up by Nat. You can read more by going over to www.thevro.com under Television Reviews.

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    Pretty Little Liars - What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted

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    There is a lot of liars going around Rosewood. Will we find out who is working with "A" in this episode of Pretty Little Liars?

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    Pretty Little Liars - Out of Sight, Out of Mind

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    Two can keep a secret ,if one of them is dead... Joins us for our Pretty Little Liars review! Login to the chatroom or call us on the phone lines and talk Pretty Little Liars with us!

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    Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episodes 1-6

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    Mrs. Delaurentis was never easy to figure out.  In my opinoin, she was an abusive mother the way she spoke to Alison.  Alison's dad is gone all the time, too, since Mrs. D's death.  Hanna seems to be in a bad place this seaso and her bad hair extensions don't help.  Caleb's return stir no passion.  Spencer and Toby, Spoby, are a hot couple and the sex scenes are to die for.  That and more on tonight's episode.  Mr. Fitz is boring half the time unless he lifts his shirt to show his scar.  What is E. Lamb up to?  Who is Bethany Young?  Mona deserved that slap as well.


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    My Little Pony Talk 6 year anniversary special - 5/8/2015

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    Wait a minute, looks at calendar in shock and awe.  OMG it has been 6 year since our first broadcast, and its 6 years TONIGHT.  Yes we are having an EXTRA special anniversary special this year.  We will be broadcasting on the exact same night as 6 years ago.  Wow 6 years so much has happened since then, and a lot of it in the first broadcast and within the first few weeks of the show.

    Join us as we celebrate this anniversary with stories of the birth, start, and rescuing of the show 6 years ago.  As well as what it has evolved into since then.  Please note that we did air the first about 10 minutes of the show at about 1 hour and 30 minutes please note that blog talk now puts ad's at the start of their downloads and I didn't know that when I downloaded it, I thought it was an itunes thing.  So I do appologize for that.  Thank you and enjoy..

    Also join us for our wacky conversations.


    Please note that we maybe late in starting our topic due to issues beyond our control.  If co-hosts are not yet at their computers or we get distracted please bear with us.  We are not always perfect.  PONY HUGS.


    Also if we continue to be off topic we will change the topic of the show to reflect that.  Also we don't take random callers due to the issues we have had with random people in the chat rooms.  We keep this a family friendly show and want to keep it that way.