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    The Pressures We Put On Love and Why Love Cannot Respond to Pressure

    in Motivation

    We all know that freedom allows us to make decisions that are unmotivated to try and get something back, put expectation on things or even to manipulate another soul to recieve love in the ways in which we believe we need it. Yet in truth we are never happy with forced love even if we are the souls forcing it. Why is it that love cannot work cleanly under pressure even when we ourselves want it too and we get it the way we thought we should have gotten it. How can we still recieve love without pressure and recognise the love that we already have? Tune in and Join in on the Conversation, Tomorrow Morning at 5:30 AM, PST! 

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    DNR Radio 178 - Real World Afrikans

    in Politics

    On the next episode of DNR, we talk about ourplace in this world. Our reality we live in. The Double identity of African and so called American. Knowing the self and the pressures of being African or black. All this and much much more. Tune in!

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    American Tennis with Chuck Kriese - May 4, 2016 - Managing Match Day Pressure

    in Sports

    American Tennis with Chuck Kriese - May 4, 2016 - Managing Match Day Pressure This is a 3 part instructional series on the Pressure changes of Match Play.  Coach Kriese gives the tool that can be used to help coaches and players put a method to the madness of changing pressures on match day.  Join American Tennis with Coach Chuck Kriese every Wednesday at noon on the UR10S network.

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    in Prayer

    Salvation does not exempt us from the everyday challenges of life. Those who are fully committed to

    the LORD often find themselves entangled in ongoing  difficulties. Finnally a release comes only to

    find that another pressure has taken the place of the one that was resolved. There is a reason for

    these difficulties. Therefore, we should view them as servants, placed in our circumstances to

    accomplish a highter puirpose. It is only as we rise above or overcome these seemingly unending

    pressures and difficulties, and refuse to allow them to hinder us, will we be able to successfully

    "press toward the mark" for the prize that the LORD has made available for us - becoming HIS BRIDE.

    Join us for live prayer at 6:00 AM, Mon.-Fri. Dial 714.459.3963. 

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    Chuck Kriese's American Tennis - 'The pressure changes changes everything'

    in Sports

    Chuck Kriese's American Tennis - 'The pressure changes changes everything' - Broadcast April 27, 2016 - Coach Kriese explains in detail how fluctuating pressures in tennis changes everything in high performance play.  As many try to play 'pressure free' in big matches, coach kriese explains that pressure is to be used as an extra energy source for hightened concentraion and for better performance.  Listen to Chuck Kriese's American Tennis each and every wednesday at noon on the UR10Snetwork.com    

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    SapphireJBlue Wednesday Night with Author Veronica Malone -Love Licks

    in Writing

    Love LicksLove Licks
    Kelis was always the good girl. She was in the top percent of her high school class and never went against her parents. That is until she meets Dezmonte. The two lock eyes and instantly fall under each other’s spell. Dezmonte was the perfect gentleman and Kelis saw happily ever after with him. However, Dezmonte has a past that creeps into his present.
    Dezmonte becomes addicted to Kelis and soon he becomes possessive. As the two take their relationship to the next level, Kelis’s parents warn her against the relationship and soon put her out. Dezmonte is there to take her in and she soon realizes just how addicted he is to her. His insecurity leads him to become abusive to Kelis, and she runs into the arms of her past boyfriend, Troy for protection. Dezmonte has just gotten started with Kelis and is not ready to let her go.
    As Kelis tries to separate herself from Dezmonte, he begins to grow obsessed. Kelis however, finds love with Troy, in hopes to get Dezmonte off of her mind. After many altercations, Dezmonte finally attempts to break the spell Kelis has him under. As fate would have it, he finds himself in a situation that forces him to face his past.
    The ending of senior year of college approaches and Kelis has everything a woman could want. A loving fiancé, great grades, and her family has finally approved of her love life. Kelis should be satisfied, but there is still a piece of her that craves Dezmonte. When he reappears in her life, she realizes just how much she misses him. Dezmonte has allowed her time to heal, but now he is determined to win her back. Kelis starts to stress with the pressures that she faces. Who will she choose? The man who has always loved her and stood by her side? Or will she choose the one who her heart longs for and her body craves?

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    Crisis In The Church - Pt. 5

    in The Bible

    In this message, Stephen J. Moll, will continue to teach on the serious problems facing the church today. The church is in crisis primarily because church leaders have strayed from teaching sound doctrine. They have been weak in standing up for truth in the face of all kinds of pressures - denominational, traditionalism, hyper-emotionalism, ritualism, improper expectations, job security, and the list goes on. Thank God that Christ is the Head of the Church and He's in control! It seems like His coming for the gathering of the Church is near! 

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    The Pressures of being a good Christian

    in Religion

    Most of us feel it but few of us ever say it out loud that the one problem we have with being a good Christian is the pressures that having that title brings with it.  We claim that following closely the Ten Commandments is far too rigid and gets harder and harder to up hold.  They say that one or several of them are easier to do but to keep faith in each and every one of them presents what appears to be one insurmountable problem.  Their answer to this dilemma, throw your hands up and quit.  Stop believing and question everything or plainly just pretend.  Would you believe me if I told you that the pressures you attribute to being a good Christian has nothing to do with being a good Christian at all.  Would you believe me if I told you that being a good Christian is as simple as breathing and rest not with the masses but strictly with the individual?  Probably not, but never let it be said that I would allow anything like that to stop me from sharing with you my thoughts on the subject.

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    in Prayer

    Our "election" is the result of the inner spirtitual potential that the LORD in see in us. In HIS "foreknowledge,"

    HE knows those who will respond to HIM in submissive, willing obedience. HE then chooses or "elects" those

    whom HE sees to have the potential that is hidden deep within them. The LORD is at work preparing those

    who, with a pure heart toward HIM, willingly "choose" to rise above all the pressures and problems of their life circumstances. 

    This requires a determined "set heart" and spirit of "obedience." Join us fro live prayer at 6:00 AM, Mon.-Fri. Dial 714.459.3963.

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    Pressing into His Presence

    in Prayer

    Each day life's pressures and circumstances try to get our attention.  It is vital at this moment to press into who Jesus is.  There is negative activity all around us; but the safest place to be is in the presence of the Lord.

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    Social Pressures Faced By People In Today's World

    in Entertainment

    In today's world being a young person has to be very difficult...starting from early childhood to teenage years even into the  young adultlife must be extremely challenging. When you look at television today or any entertainment medium; think of who do you normally see on the cover of a sports magazine or any male driven advertisement? It's always an aggressive male icon, such as a football, basketball player or some atheleticly toned actor or musical icon; which leads to an overly abundance of pressure for the average male to be considered to be worthy of any success in today's society. So today on The GetHeard Show we'll be discussing the different aspects of social pressures upon the young males of today.