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    We need to pray specifically/ instrumentally and creatively provide/encourage young children, teen, young adult and parents with Awareness, Intervention and Prevention of HUMAN TRAFFICKING AND PRESCRIPTION DRUG ABUSE.  We believe we can accomplish this through Internet radio show discussions and promulgation.  Also thru creative dramas/ films/skits/songs/dance/poems/arts we can educate as well.
    With Human Trafficking and Prescription Drug Abuse at high, we at the House of God's Power have earned the certifications through the Attorney General Office of Crime Prevention Training Institute in: Victim Services Practitioner Designation, Human Trafficking, Teen Dating Violence in the Technology Age, Helping Children Cope with Trauma, Advocacy, Safety and Technology, Victims Compensation

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    Teen Talk CNY: Prescription Drug Abuse

    in Youth

    Teen hosts Kia, Arij, and Kudzwai discuss the prescription drug abuse epidemic. Our guest is Colby Sutter from Contact Community Services.

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    Prescription Drug Abuse | K6251

    in Health

    Intro: Roy talks about all the Lawyer commercials on TV as people if they or a family member has suffered from taking various prescription drugs.
    Callers: Gentleman needs help dealing with his wife. Call on School: Gentleman has a question about Brighton Academy.

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    Prescription Drug Abuse | K6729

    in Health

    Roy talks about how many people die from medications & painkiller overdoses – and the remedy: Be Still and Know Meditation. Roy also talks about our freedom.
    Roy Masters' book Hypnotic States of Americans can be found here: http://www.amazon.com/Hypnotic-States-Americans-spiritual-survival/dp/1460939026
    For more information, visit http://www.fhu.com

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    Prescription Drug Abuse

    in Psychology

    Today's Topic: Are you or is somebody you know abusing prescription drugs? Are you recovering? We're talking about the abuse, the effects, the treatment, and the healing. See you Wednesday @ 7:30cst/5:30pst!
    <object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="https://clients4.google.com/voice/embed/webCallButton" width="230" height="85"><param name="movie" value="https://clients4.google.com/voice/embed/webCallButton" /><param name="wmode" value="transparent" /><param name="FlashVars" value="id=43b59c7e75c8f4f5b3ef308ee689b2475e7cbb9d&style=0" /></object>

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    Pain, Pills & Poppers: The Danger of Prescription Drug Abuse

    in Lifestyle

    Tonight's episode is entitled: Pain, Pills & Poppers: The Dangers of Prescription Drug Abuse. 
    We will examine the rise in untimely deaths due to prescription drug abuse and overdoses--that starts with a simple note from the doctor. Dr. Patrick Hines will give us tips and strategies for recognizing the signs and symptoms of those who are addicted and how we can assist them in turning their lives around. 

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    State Sovereignty: Tom Martz and The Prescription Drug Database

    in Politics Conservative

    Once again, Missouri lawmakers have introduced legislation to join other states in forcing pharmacists to collect a huge database of presecription drug fills and refills. Is this a good idea? Will it help eliminate prescription drug abuse? Is the invasion of your privacy worth the tradeoff?

    Tonight; Dave and Mike Slack will talk with Tom Martz of Locke & Smith about this prefiled bill. Join us at 7PM Missouri time. Do you have an opinion? Call and participate on the studio line at 347-677-1835.

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    Prescription Drug Abuse in Kids!!!

    in Health

    What medications are being prescribed and what are their potential side effects and problems?
    Please rememember I am speaking as a licensed Pharmacist.  I am glad to answer prescription related questions.Always speak to your physician before making any changes.

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    Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 990

    in Self Help

    Tonight's special guest is Yanette (Lola Lola) Novoa, LCSW, from Miami, a child abuse survivor who studied psychology at Florida International University and is now writing a guide related to the issues of child abuse and trauma. Lola is the Founder and Director of Find The Way, LLC, and is publishing a new guide related to learning how to heal from child abuse and trauma. She says, "I know the pain, I know how it feels." Lola's childhood was taken away. She had been assaulted and raped from the age of 4 to the age of 12, ending in an illegal abortion at 12 in the presence of the perpetrator who forever changed her life. The new guide book, "Dare to Let Go and "Thrive": A Self Help Guide for Learning to Thrive After Experiencing Sexual Abuse", will be out next year. It invites the reader to learn the fundamental difference between "Thriving" versus surviving. Surviving is being able to function within a society. "Thriving" leads to living a meaningful life. Former victims of sexual assault can use the steps and strategies in this self help guide to point the way in becoming the thriving individual they are meant to be. Ms Novoa believes the key to all malice is "Prevention." In the long run, it is easier and cheaper to prevent than to treat. She specializes in working and assisting individuals of all ages that have suffered sexual abuse and are in need of finding their way to living a more meaningful life via different therapeutic techniques. Lola says, "I put together this guide mainly to .. give you some techniques to solve your own problems related to the long term effects of sexual abuse that you are carrying with you either consciously or unconsciously .. to be the thriving individual that you were meant to be.

  • Ride or Die/Pass Me by!

    in Romance

    1st & foremost - IS u IS or IS u AIN'T - my Boo?  Either, U are For me or Against ME!!!!  If we are in this Relationship together; we have to doing more than just having SEX!!!  I need to know that we have a MASTER PLAN! That we are working that Plan; in leiu of CREATING A LEGACY for our POSTERITY!!!  If not, we are simply - WASTING each others TIME!  So. let's get focused and make Relating into a Relationship.  It would be more fullfiling than a QUICK ORGASM!!!  

    We must; as MATURE ADULTS, be about the Business of Creating something that can Sustain our Families in the NOW & still give our children a FOUNDATION to build upon!  Without this, we are simply satisfing that FLEETING MOMENT of our Carnal side and going nowhere FAST!!!  Chime in to another Dr. Rok, prescription @ COMPUTER LUV 2.0 where we promise to fullfill your NEED; better than WEED and will provide for your SEED!  Chime in every Saturday @ 12 noon CST or 1pm ET - Call in # 347.633.9255 

    Where's the LUV?

  • The Queen Me Show: The Yoni: Penetration, Segregation & Stimulation

    in Radio

    For mature adults only type show. What are the benefits of oral sex, penetration of the male parts which include his finger? Should we engage in such acts and does it do anything for the spirit? Is it unhealthy to masterbate? How many women have done a Yoni steam bath? How do we abuse the Yoni? If you don't use it will you loose it? Ladies would you try Yoni eggs? Should we use vinegar to tighten muscles? Do men truly understand how to handle the Yoni? We are talking Yoni everything. The sky is the limit. Tune in

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