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    Prepare Yourself - How To Make Success Last - Forever...

    in Relationships

    People prepare for everything. People prepare for old age, people prepare for sickness, people prepare for natural disasters. Heck, people even prepare for death. The one thing most people fail to prepare for is success. Don't get caught slipping. On this episode of Conversations With Dr. D Ivan Young, join Dr. D as he gives you the secrets to making success a permanent part of your life. 

    Does this feel familiar - "Right when I get comfortable, here comes something else - Damn - Now What!

    Success can be elusive, but it doesn't have to be.

    "Everything is working for your good. However, if you're to maximize your potential, you must master the art of maximizing the moment!"  On this episode of Conversations With Dr. D Ivan Young, learn how to create durable and lasting success. 

    Today's topic - How to make success last forever!

    Right now, your older than you've ever been and as young as you'll ever be. Maximize the moment. On this episode of conversations with Dr. D and learn the secrets to creating a profoundly extraordinary life.

    Join Dr. D Ivan Young as he takes your calls, answers your questions and give you insight on how to manifest properity.

    Have a pen and paper handy.  You don’t want to miss one moment of this episode with America’s leading expert on life, love and relationships, Dr. D Ivan Young

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    in Religion

    Many presume they are wise after all manner diverse worldly opinions.  In the Kingdom of YAH, viable is only a cohesive oneness that only the awaited pure complete restoration fully discerning the Holy Covenant, can at last again bring! (Mal.2:16-3:4>-9, 2:1-14, 3:13-4:2>-6)  

    Luke 6:46  WHY call ye ME, awaited LORD of LORDS, KING of KINGS, Shahshanshah .. and do not DO what I say?

    Present Babylonish misorder ie. the self-righteous licentiously carnal MISrepresentation it calls "religious freedom" has FORGOTTEN and IGNORED the ancient discerning EXPECTATION which they who REVERE YAH as ONE, know to faithfully AWAIT!   Under treacherous rulers most presume themselves wise under cover of mass contradictions.  Offered chance to discern THE covenant pleasing untoYAH, most refuse to SEEK TRUE SAVING PEACE!

    Let us be WISE in the knowledge of YAH that we NOT make ourselves guilty of DEFILING the TEMPLE of YAH!

    1Co 3:17  If any man DEFILE the TEMPLE of YAH, him shall YAH destroy; for the TEMPLE of YAH is HOLY, whose TEMPLE YE ARE. 18  LET NO MAN DECEIVE HIMSELF . If any man among you thinks himself wise after THIS WORLD, let him realize himself a fool, that he become wise. 19  For the wisdom of this world is FOOLISHNESS before YAH. For it is written, HE catches the wise in the snares they make. 20  And again, YAH knows the thoughts of the wise, that they are vain.  (Isaiah 48:1-<22-49:6>-<50:1-5, 44:20-45:6>-46:13, Isaiah 29:8-16)


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    Embracing Your Life Today : Prepare For The New Season

    in Christianity

    This broadcast is about helping you embrace life weather easy or hard you have to come to terms with the life you have been given but we are here as a ministry to help you see it through brand new eyes with the word.

    Prepare your heart for raw and real truth and transparency that is no joke this is not your grandmother's church or traditional setting this is real life and we are going to deal with it right here and right now.

    Come join Prophet Oshea Morgan for real life ministry upclose and personal that will totally change and transform the next 30 Minutes your life with our powerful Devotional and relevent shows.

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    Prepare the way of the Lord homily 2nd Sunday of Advent

    in Christianity

    On tonight's show Father Rosado will replay his homily for the second Sunday of homily.  In it we will hear some ideas of how to prepare the way for Jesus to come into our lives this Christmas and for eternity.

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    It's your time...Prepare for Breakthrough

    in Self Help

    Join Christy Demetrakis and her special guest Kelli Stonework for "It's your time...Prepare for Breakthrough" Tuesday, November 4th at 6:30pm EST.  On this call you will learn the three action steps you need to prepare for your breakthrough.

    About Kelli Stonework:

    Kelli Stonework is the President/CEO of KYS Solutions, a communication skills training company specializing in helping individuals develop effective communication skills. She is a Certified SpeakersTrainingCamp® Instructor and a member of Toastmasters International. Through Toastmasters International, Kelli has earned the Advanced Communicator Bronze and Advanced Leader Bronze awards.

    Kelli is known for helping people dramatically improve their public speaking skills while building their confidence and self esteem. She uses a proven step-by-step approach to help individuals manage their anxiety of public speaking. Her philosophy is “I do not claim to get rid of your speaking butterflies; however, my goal is to get those butterflies flying in formation and in the right direction.”

    Kelli has over 25 years experience in the financial services industry and during that time has delivered numerous presentations to vendors and customers at industry conferences. As a result of this experience, Kelli brings a unique perspective of how speaking skills can be applied to customer relationships.

    She is a contributing author of the Amazon Best Seller Daily Dose of Divine Inspirations for Mothers.



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    Presenting Your Data: Prepare for Delivery Date

    in Technology

    Join us for Session 2 of the All Analytics A2 Academy, The Results Are In: Presenting Data to Decision Makers. Think of three possible outcomes at the end of the analytics project: The business unit gets a wealth of information, such as new customer names; the research provides good news, such as validation of a strategy; or nasty surprises are on the way. As the project evolves, the analytics team needs to watch for signs of how the results might turn out. In this episode learn:

    How to understand business unit expectations and that positive results can't be guaranteed
    Why you need to sample and test

    Preparing the business on how to use the results

    How to adapt your delivery strategy as the project evolves
    How to avoid/prepare for evil surprises

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    "How To Adequately Prepare For Living" (Pt.2) #527

    in Spirituality

    We have just finished a study on the subject of "Purpose."  One of the greatest problems with developing and discovering a sense of purpose in our lives is that we almost always start with ourselves...which leads to huge questions.  All of life, if it is to be lived successfully, must be lived in and from and out of a sense of community...others!  If you can see and understand this, it will help you to also see why gaining and having a sense of purpose is so difficult. 

    If, on the other hand, you see something that is fundamental and foundational to life, something that is much larger than you are, then a sense of perspective is established which can and will become an incredible starting point in your quest for meaning and purpose in your life. 

    Preparation is a key ingredient in discovering purpose and mission; we don't just begin walking in success throughout this life.  "What's involved in this preparation?"  "Do I have to change; if so, how much and in what areas?"  "Who guides or directs this preparation?"  These are all questions worthy of discussion.  Purpose, Mission, and Preparation are all involved in this two-session study on "How To Prepare For Living." 

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    in Politics Conservative

    If you don't want the truth go watch tv

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    Prepare to be Russinized! It's Relatively Painless...

    in Politics

    Get ready for an hour of pure bliss, as we head into the world of politics.  Don't worry, though, this is not your grandmother's political talk show.  I use my trademark wit and observational ridiculousness to take politics and ruin it's self-esteem.  To make things even better, you get to listen to me for 1 full hour!  How exciting is that?!  Even if you don't think it's exciting, don't judge a book by it's cover.  Give it a listen, and prepare to be Russinized!  Don't fight it...

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    Rapture or Tribulation - 'Bride of Christ Prepare NOW' with Susan Davis

    in Religion

    Rapture or Tribulation - 'Bride of Christ Prepare NOW' with Susan Davis

    Join Kenneth, John and Cathy in the chat room while they cover the ongoing news of the strange, and headlines leading up to the forthcoming calamities and Revelation chapter 6 events.  Tonight we are blessed to welcome back to the program sister Susan Davis to share with us what the Lord has laid upon her heart and is now available in her new book "Rapture or Tribulation".

    God Bless You - See you there!

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    Parent Brief: What Parents and Educators Can Do To Prepare For The Verdict

    in Education

    Dr. Mike Robinson is joined by Dr. Marva Robinson on today's Parent Brief about the ways parents and educators can do to prepare for the verdict in the shooting death of Michael Brown, Jr. by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

    Dr. Marva M. Robinson is the oldest child of Marva J. Robinson and G. Preston Gridiron. Born to an ambitious mother in St. Louis, Mo, she was quickly exposed to sports, arts, and theatre at a young age. She received her high school diploma from Mary Institute and St. Louis Country Day school and immediately went on to pursue her dream of becoming a Psychologist. She completed her undergraduate studies at Saint Louis University, graduating with magnum cum laude honors. She pursued her doctoral studies in Clinical Psychology at Nova Southeastern University where she graduated with a specialization in Forensics and a focus in Child, Adolescent and Family Psychology.

     She is the proud mother of one son, Preston, whom she credits as her biggest teacher.  While she enjoys the moments of motherhood, she is passionate about her career as a psychologist.  Working full time for a St. Louis based health center, Dr. Robinson continues to work with an underserved population.  However, her passion for forensics, consultation and psychotherapy beyond the walls of her office propelled her to begin her own private practice.

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