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    Chris and Marshall return to talk everything NBA Playoffs! The show will start with Recap from the weekend and overall from the 1st round of the NBA Playoffs. Plus, Preview, Debate, & Predictions for the all the 2nd round matchups! The Spurs sent a message by blowing out Oklahoma City! Golden State wins Game 1 versus Portland without Steph Curry, who won't return until Saturday at the earliest. Miami vs. Toronto and Atlanta vs. Cleveland is next on the horizon for the East Semis! Listen Weekly all the way thru to the NBA Finals and stay with us for the NBA Draft and Free Agency!

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    Voice of Fans (VOF)

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    We will have weekly predictions on NFL action throughout the season. Your input is welcomed and anticipated, as your team will be passionately discussed as well! Not only will we comment on the teams and their ability to win or lose, but topical off the field issues will be covered, in addition to Fantasy Football discussions. Join us weekly, as this is our show, as that’s makes it the “Voice of Fans!’

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    Spiritual Awakenings Presents Psychic Medium Bee Dallas

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    DPR Presents Spiritual Awakenings - The show that shines a light on the pathway to your life. We feature all manner of amazing people with healing and extra sensory talents and abilities.

    Tonights guest; LIVE from Australia: Psychic Medium Bee Dallas

    ABOUT Psychic Medium Bee Dallas 

    "I am a medium, a psychic and a healer. This means that I communicate with those who are no longer living and I have the ability to see the future. I have clear conversations with spirits and am able to describe them in detail, including their character, physical appearance, voice and manner of speaking"

    Tune In to what promises to be an enlightening & amazing show. 


    CONTACT & CONNECT with Psychic Medium Bee Dallas by clicking the links below

    Website - http://www.mediumbee.com/   Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/MediumBee/

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    Real Talk Miami - W/Bobby Melendez & Alex Atia-Chisca

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    On this episode of Real Talk Miami, Bobby & Alex will discuss all the hot topics around the sports world & a little extra on the side...

    State of the HEAT- Game 1 reaction, The Bosh Saga, series prediction

    NBA Talk- Playoff Reaction around the league, coaching hires, free agency murmurs, playoff officiating.

    Marlins Talk- Dee Gordon suspension, Marlins outlook

    Dolphins Talk- Draft recap, difference palpable, guys predict roles & who sticks around.

    NFL DRAFT- Reactions, Surprises, Predictions, Winners, Losers

    Follow the show and the guys on twitter - @realtalk_miami ,@bobbymelendez88 , and @aj_atia. Visit our website www.realtalkmiami.com for the latest breaking news & up to date sport pieces!

    Enjoy the show!

    It's Live..It's Late..It's REAL!

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    May 4 - Home Court Sports Show

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    Be sure to join us tonight, as we have another classic show! Listen starting at 7pm CST via internet @www.blogtalkradio.com/homecourtsports or via phone @ (347) 945-7002. (Number also serves as our call in number, press nothing to listen or press 1 to notify us that you want to come on live to make a comment).

    Topics Tonight:

    Your thoughts on the Green Bay Packers draft?
    Predictions on the 2nd round of the NBA Playoffs.
    Is Luke Walton the right hire for the Lakers?
    Who has a brighter future: Detroit Pistons or Milwaukee Bucks?

    Tune in! Call in!

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    CRLive 5/4: Trump-Hater Tantrums, Big-Gov Climate-Fascists, Trump vs Globalists

    in Politics Conservative

    7 pm EST

    Join host Barry Secrest and exo-government specialist Lee Daniel as they discuss an ever-expanding caseload of governmental oddities, politics, the Supernatural & The New World Order--all from an entertaining, cutting edge, Conservative perspective.

    Listen live and CALL IN to speak to the host and co-host--(347) 996-3923.  Join the conversation!


    Tonight's topics include:


    Trump Puts America’s Globalist Infiltrators on Notice: US No Longer Surrendering to Globalism
    Meet the Republicans Who Say They’ll Vote for Hillary Clinton
    Killing America: A Shadow War Between Establishment Globalists & Citizen Insurgents Begins
    Eyes Wide Shut: Stunning Koch Brothers GOP Nod To Hillary Clinton Exposes Ruling Class Deceptions
    Obama Climate Fascists Target 90 Conservative Climate-Skeptic Groups with Subpoena from US Virgin Islands
    An Inconvenient Review: After 10 Years Al Gore’s Film Is Still Alarmingly Inaccurate
    US government: North Carolina LGBT law violates civil rights
    Thug Government: Obama Orders Fed Agencies to Stop Asking Candidates About Criminal History
    Obama’s Budget: America’s Individual Social Security Retiree’s To Receive Less Than Illegal Alien Teens
    Cover-Up: Obama Claims Saudi-9/11 Pages Unread as CIA Director Insists 28 Pages Stay Secret
    Uproar Over the 28 Pages: The Saudi/CIA Connection? 




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    Let's Talk Kingdom with Catrina - Interview with Dy'Jah

    in Christianity

    About dy'jah

    This talented young vocalist is also a member of the All Star Performance Team with RoundRock Productions. In November 2014, Dy'Jah performed with the all-star team in the Houston Thanksgiving Day Parade, where she performed as lead female vocalist in the production.


    In her early training, Dy'Jah completed a Showbiz Workshop, where students learn the basics of musical theater performance by singing, dancing and acting. Through her dedication and rigorous training, Dy'Jah's vocal skills and passion for performing continues to flourish.

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    Mitchell Interviews Lester Brown, Environmental scientist on The Water Crisis

    in Lifestyle

    Mitchell’s guest this evening is founder of The Worldwatch Institute and the Earth Policy Institute, world-renowned environmental scientist and author Lester Brown.

    Purchase Lester Brown’s Books here.

    The Washington Post calls Lester Brown “one of the world’s most influential thinkers.” The Telegraph of Calcutta refers to him as “the guru of the environmental movement.” In 1986, the Library of Congress requested his personal papers noting that his writings “have already strongly affected thinking about problems of world population and resources.”

    Brown has authored or coauthored 54 books. One of the world’s most widely published authors, his books have appeared in some 40 languages. Among his earlier books are Man, Land and Food, World Without Borders, and Building a Sustainable Society. His 1995 book Who Will Feed China? challenged the official view of China’s food prospect, spawning hundreds of conferences and seminars.

    He is the recipient of many prizes and awards, including 25 honorary degrees, a MacArthur Fellowship, the 1987 United Nations’ Environment Prize, the 1989 World Wide Fund for Nature Gold Medal, and the 1994 Blue Planet Prize for his “exceptional contributions to solving global environmental problems.” In 2012, he was inducted into the Earth Hall of Fame Kyoto.

    On June 30, 2015, at the age of 81, he stepped down from the Earth Policy Institute and closed the Institute.  In July, 2014, Lester Brown was a guest of Mitchell’s on the Progressive Film Hour, focusing on the film Plan B. Go to: http://abetterworld.tv/lester-brown-film-plan-b.

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    VOC Wrestling Nation WWE Payback, Enzo Amore's injury, Tips to not sound racist

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    King & Chris discussed WWE Payback, Enzo Amore's injury, Ryback's contract dispute, Darren Young's new gimmck & manager, tips to not sound racist, & we dispel rumors about ourselves. Dsutin, Harry, Dea

    If there's a 3 count we are on it and MMA talk too.

    Follow VOC Nation @vocnation Visit VOC Nation on the web at http://vocnation.com, simulcast on http://thebradyhicks.com The VOC Nation Radio Network traces its roots back to 2009 in suburban Philadelphia.
     Bruce Wirt took over the afternoon shift on the Voice America Health and Wellness Network and proclaimed himself, “your new ‘Voice of Choice’ in afternoon radio.” The V-O-C in VOC Nation was born. n 2014, VOC Nation merged with Brady Hicks' IN THE ROOM Internet Radio Network, giving the combined medium over 50,000 monthly listeners. 
    VOC Nation Radio streams live programming 7 days a week. VOC Nation has nearly 100,000 twitter followers and has consistently ranked in the top 1% of downloadable podcasts as ranked by Podomatic, 
    and in the top 5% of live streaming programming as ranked by Stitcher Internet Radio. Considered "The Mothership" of VOC Nation VOC Wrestling Nation is now hosted by @KingDavidLane & @ChrisBest99. Check out King's Improv Troupe  Same Difference Improv on Facebook & Twitter (@SameDiffImprov) & throughout the Chicagoland/Northwest Indiana/Michiana area. 
    Come see me do stand-up in comedy clubs throughout the Midwest.  @KingDavidKomedy

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    VOICE of RIO GRANDE - Marianne Campbell, Gallia County COC May 4, 2016 3:00 pm

    in Education

    3:00 pm May 4, 2016 - VOICE of RIO GRANDE with Host Dr. Michelle Johnston, President of the University of Rio Grande & Rio Grande Community College, features Marianne Campbell, Gallia County Chamber of Commerce volunteer and host of the ‘TALK of the TOWN’ radio show.  Marianne has been a woman pioneer in the radio broadcasting venue as well as volunteer extraordinaire promoting the quality of people that live in Southern Ohio and in Gallia County. In the last several years, Marianne has been recipient of the 2014 - Elizabeth Boles Community Service Award from the Greater Cincinnati Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association;  2014- Community Service Award from the Gallia County Health Department; 2014 - Child of Appalachia by the Foundation for Appalachian Ohio; and  the 2015 Gallia County Chamber of Commerce ChamberVolunteer of the Year Award renamed the Marianne Campbell Volunteer Award.

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    JEFFCO Commissioner David Carrington

    in Current Events

    Jefferson County Commissioner David Carrington talks with us about what's going on in Jefferson County.

    David Carrington is now serving in his second term on the Jefferson County Commission.  He was first elected to the Commission in November 2010, after serving on the Vestavia Hills City Council for six years, four of which as its president.  During his tenure on the council, from 2004 to 2010, the city experienced significant improvements in its financial performance, strategically purchased land for economic development and constructed a new state-of-the art community library and four Olympic-sized community athletic fields.

    Immediately after being sworn into office as a county commissioner, David was elected by his fellow commissioners to serve as the Commission President.  In this capacity, David played a key role in developing and executing the financial strategy that led to Jefferson County exiting bankruptcy more than a year ahead of schedule and saving its citizens billions of dollars in future debt and interest payments. 

    David was re-elected to the County Commission in November 2014 and now chairs the Commission’s Finance, Information Technology and Business Development Committee, where he has the opportunity to focus his entrepreneurial energies on economic development and job creation.  

    Professionally, David is President of RacingUSA.com, the world’s most frequently shopped, independently-owned NASCAR store.

    He and his wife Sonia are active members of Shades Mountain Baptist Church and have two sons, two granddaughters and five grandsons.