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    Peaceful Parenting Practices: The ART of Listening

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    Welcome to Blog Talk Radio and the Voice of Change.  Rivka Kawano and I are coming together to host 4 radio programs on PEACEFUL PARENTING PRACTICES.  We are also hosting a 30 Day Parenting Challenge* for Parents, running from October 1 through October 30.

    THE ART OF LISTENING:  One practice we'll be focusing on for this first show is The ART of Listening. Listening to one's self, one's spouse/partner and one's children is crucial to establish a trusting relationship. Deep and profound listening does change lives...for the better. Tune in and hear some real life stories on how listening did change situations, bringing about peace, harmony and a deeper connection between people. 

    SURPRISE TOPIC: Each week we'll have a 2nd topic of discussion. This one will be a surprise!  But you can trust it will be about a Peaceful Parenting Practice that will add greatly to you family life. 

    Sharon Ann Wikoff is a teacher, consultant and writer specializing in the fields of parenting, communicating with young children, self-esteem and personal transformation.  She holds two teaching credentials and has been working with children and families for over 30 years. 

    Rivka Kawano is the mother of three young boys and is passionate about the art of mothering.  She is a guru in the world of social media and is also passionate about beautiful books for children.  She reviews children's books at her site:  www.BeautifulBookforChildren. com 

    Details of this Challenge will be available by 12 midnight PST September 30th at SharonAnnWikoff.com and BeautifulBooksforChildren.com

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    TC 245: Heartful Practices/ SoulCare

    in Self Help

    Tonight we'll be talking about Heartful Practices that feed the Soul. Simply yet profound ways we can create more peace and ease. We look forward to you joining our conversation...

    Welcome to the Transformation Café! Join host Robin Masiewicz and her friends for a weekly half-hour of light, topical conversation about spirituality, healing, energy, mindfulness, mediation, and other insights. During the show you can join the conversation by calling 646-727-3206, or join the Transformation Café live chat.

    For more information and links to additional resources check out http://transformation-cafe.com. We'd love to hear from you!

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    5 Best Health Practices for 2015

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    Getting the year started off right is on everyone’s mind. January offers a “new beginning”. The place to start is with yourself; let’s make ourselves better people. Evaluate yourself and your circumstances. There are many things that we can not change, but changing our body is one that we can change. Everyone can control what passes through his/her lips. If food is your passion, then learn what foods to eat that do no harm and choose them to heal your body and improve your life.

    1. Eat more fiber (target 25 to 40 grams a day: A high fiber diet will make you feel full and stop the snacking. It also helps lower cholesterol, control blood sugars and aid in weight loss.  2. Eat fruits and vegetables more than meats. They contain fiber, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals (disease fighting compounds).  3. Get adequate sleep. Studies show that individuals who are sleep deprived are at increased risk for weight gain, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.  4. Eat something within 2 hours of waking to set your metabolism; ideally something high in protein and fiber. 5.  Lose some weight. Take in fewer calories than your body needs. Remember that 3,500 calories equals one pound of body fat. Consuming 500 fewer calories than your body needs each day could result in a weight loss of 1 pound a week.  Join forces with friends and work towards a healthier weight and lifestyle together A weight loss program led by professionals can you.

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    Spiritual Practices for Mom Entrepreneurs

    in Women

    Every successful entrepreneur knows the archetypal 'Hero's Journey'... the characteristic hunches, intuition and guidance accessed when making business decisions. The road can be long for those who struggle to make space, time and the sometimes stillness necessary to receve divine guidance. 

    Join Cena Block (SaneSpaces.com) as she hosts Laura Clark (SoulwiseLiving.com) and Jennifer Urezzio (KnowSoulsLanguage.com) to discuss this incredibly important dimension of owning a business.  We'll explore the spiritual dimension, talk about how to create practices and routines, and build time in for trusting the still, quiet voice of intuition.

    As Mompreneurs, finding the balance between raising a family and growing your business is always a challenge. Every other Tuesday on Managing Mompreneur Mayhem Cena Block offers great advice for moms in business for themselves. Find her at Sane Spaces.com or as Cena Block or SaneSpaces on all social media outlets!

    Want more great information from Cena? Click here to download her free training to help you reclaim your time, space and sanity - and overcome burnout! bit.ly/1pymJOc

    Join Cena every other Tuesday for a lunch and learn episode on how to run and manage your business better! Or download episodes at any time!

    Thanks to our show sponsors BizMSolutions and Order Out of Chaos. Meet them and all our sponsors in our Mompreneur Marketplace.

    Word of Mom Radio - sharing the wisdom of women.

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    Best Practices-First Impressions

    in Education

    This show will cover best practices on creatign first impressions.  This is a Must Listen!

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    Tapping into our Joy: "Mindful Practices"

    in Spirituality

    Tune in and turn on to happiness.  Join Kokomon and his guest Dennis Merritt Jones, whose newest book, Your (Re)Defining Moments: Becoming Who You Were Born to Be talk about how to tap into our joy through Mindful Practices.  Dennis is a frequent guest on the Huffington Post and he frequently sends a weekly Mindful Purpose newsletter.  You will hear how tapping into your intrinsic qualities of the the Authentic self will bring joy.  Learn how to take basic steps to the practice of self-inquiry and uncover you inner joy.  

    Dennis is also a mentor and works with people to re-establish their sense of connection to a spiritual universe.  Listen to A Happiness Index and tap into you joy. 


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    Seven Practices Of Peace

    in Lifestyle

    Author Sasha Silverman goes Online With Andrea to discuss the Seven Practices of Peace. Hosted by Andrea R. Garrison.

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    Using Predictive Analytics for Caseload Segmentation

    in Management

    Interview with Dr. Steven J. Golightly


    Los Angeles County Child Support Services Department

    Dr. Golightly currently serves as Director of the Los Angeles County Child Support Services Department, one of the largest locally-administered child support programs in the nation.  He was appointed to this position by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors on February 23, 2007.

    In 1999, he accepted a position with the Los Angeles County Department of Public Social Services as Chief Deputy Director and then subsequently served as Acting Director of that agency until 2002 when he moved to then-newly created Los Angeles County Child Support Services Department.  Los Angeles County is the largest unit of local government in the nation with over 10 million citizens and a County government workforce in excess of 100,000.  As Director of Child Support, he currently oversees the day-to-day operations of the County’s Child Support agency with an annual budget of $172 million and a workforce of over 1500 individuals.

    In 1996, Dr. Golightly was appointed as a career member of the Federal government's Senior Executive Service and served as Regional Administrator for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Administration for Children and Families, based in Federal Region IV - the eight southeastern states.  

    Dr. Golightly has an undergraduate degree in Business Management, a Masters Degree in Public Administration from California State University at Dominguez Hills and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Public Policy and Administration from Walden University.

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    Electronic Medical Records for Therapy Practices

    in Health

    Unitus Therapy Intelligence (UnitusTI) is an electronic therapy records management system and curriculum server that allows educators and therapists the ability to: 

    Create & Customize assessments and curricula
    Manage Data Acquisition, Graphs and Reporting 
    Professionalize your practice
    Automate administrative functions, program execution, data analysis and tracking
    Standardize staff operations and communications
    Communicate instantly with parents and providers
    Secure client records and control access to client information
    Access pre-defined, ready to run curriculum solutions
    Disaster Recovery backups and recovery program at the ready
    Global Access increases the reach of your practice to anywhere, day or night

    The Internet is the new front door to your practice, Unitus therapy Intelligence makes it easy to start collecting, analyzing and sharing data with your staff and clients today. http://www.mundopato.com/unitusti/

    Esther Thane, MTA, AVPT, is the Director of Special Education for Mundo Pato, Inc. and is my guest today to talk about Electronic Medical Records for Therapy Practices.

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    "Ebola - Risk Management Practices"

    in Business

    Join BluPrint Radio on Tuesday October 28, 2014 at 7:00 P.M. Eastern when we talk with Christine Walters, JD, MAS, SPHR attorney, author and human resource practitioner on Ebola concerns in the United States and Risk Management Practices.  Christine with share with us the legal and risk management practices for organizations to consider including policies, practices, procedures on safety, Title VII, Workers Compensation, FMLA and more. 

    Christine, licensed to practice law in the State of Maryland, has more than 25 years’ combined experience in management, HR administration and employment law practice.  She's earned national and regional awards and has testified before U.S. Congressional and state legislative committees and administrative agencies on employment issues. Her book, “From Hello to Goodbye: Proactive Tips for Maintaining Positive Employee Relations” has been one of the publisher’s (SHRM) “Great 8” best-sellers for three consecutive years: 2011 – 2013; was SHRM’s 2nd best-seller January 2014; and is pre-approved by HRCI for 2.5 continuing education credits.  Christine is an independent consultant providing employment law consulting services and training programs doing business as FiveL Company, “Helping Leaders Limit their Liability by Learning the Law.”

    Join BluPrint Radio to learn practical risk management practices and steps to keep your organization secure and compliant.




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