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    Test Run 123

    in Religion

    Audio SOUND TESTING this only a test 1 2 3 

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    CAREER CONVERSATIONS: PR Guru Marvet Britto Shares Her Success Secrets

    in Entertainment

    Teen Diaries' inspiring series CAREER CONVERSATIONS goes live again on Monday, August 31st at 9pm ET! Tune in as Pioneer Publicist, Branding Architect and Founder of The Britto Agency, Marvet Britto, joins TD Radio hosts Aeshia, Moiba and Brianna to share her advice on topics including personal branding and leaving a mark on one of the toughest industries.

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    test bass

    in The Bible

    test bass

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    Test Run Pilot

    in Entertainment

    This is just a  test run to get all the host updated and familar with the studio controls , functions & features before we go live Sept. 1st

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    NFL Preseason Week 3

    in Sports

    Joe Bond and co-host A.J. Applegarth bring their show over from the Fantasy Six Pack network and are excited to be here. 

    In this week's episode they will bring on guest Seth Klein from Razzball to talk about some of the injuries and other hot topics from after the Week 3 of the NFL Preseason. 

    They will get into some baseball talk as well as Seth jumped Joe in the FSWA roto standings a couple of weeks ago as there is quite the battle for first place now with last years overall FSWA champ Mark Kaplan.

    As always call in during the show to give your two cents on any topic we are discussing or to ask a question.

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    Loren and Arjeana Due

    in Christianity

    Loren and Arjeana Due

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    PART 2-How To Be Sure You're Hearing God!

    in Christianity

    In the last broadcast,  we began to examine the various ways of  differentiating God’s voice from other voices i.e. the voice of satan, and the voice of human reason.

    The first and foremost way of determining the authenticity of His voice is the test of the Word. Beloved, there is nothing God is going to say to you, that He hasn’t already said in the bible – absolutely nothing! God’s spoken word will always agree with His written word.

    In this concluding episode discover the other two ways of discerning God's true voice!


    in Religion

    Revelation Chapter 19 Part 2 King James Version.

    Starting At Verse 15, we will finish this view of end time Prophecy.





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    What Do You Think About These Instructions

    in Self Help

    FBI University is a school of Faith Based Instructions. Wherein, we extract the wisdom of God from the text of scripture, fashion it into practical principles of instructions, and present them through daily devotionals. Obedience to these instructions turns beliefs into behavior that advances our economical, emotional, and intellectual wellbeing. Now stay tuned as John Marshall teaches you how that by following instructions you coach yourself into the Champion Circle.

    Jesus never sought to change the quality of one’s existence through prayer alone. Jesus sought to change the quality of life by issuing a set of instructions. Even to Lazarus, who had been dead for four days, Jesus gave a set of instructions, “Lazarus, come forth” (John 11:43). Had Lazarus dishonored the instructions, he would have remained dead. His quality of life changed due to his willingness to honor the set of instructions that Jesus issued to him. Prayer is a powerful tool. I continually use that God-authorized empowerment tool. However, do not seek to alter your course in life by prayer alone. God seeks to improve your life by giving you a set of instructions.

    (1) The quality of the instructions that you follow helps to produce the quality of life you will enjoy.

    (2) The instructions you follow today create the quality of life you will enjoy tomorrow.

    (3) Yesterday’s programming takes today’s instructions and orchestrate tomorrow’s outcome.

    (4) Therefore, the instructions you massage into your mind today will determine how well you manage your life tomorrow. Indeed it is true, a better you begins with a grace view of God

    (5) Only when you follow divine counsel do you enjoy maximum quality of health within your spirit.

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    Victory AFTER the Test: The Story of Job

    in Christianity

    Job was a righteous man of status. He served the Lord and was careful to observe all of the Lord's commands. The Lord considered him as blameless. Despite Job's integrity, he had to endure many trials that made him doubt God's justice. His friends even accused Job of doing something wrong to deserve what they thought were punishments from God. Despite all that he had gone through, Job never turned his back on God. He was Victorious in the end. God gave him double for his trouble. Job past the test and received a winner's reward. Are you going through a Job's moment? Let's talk about it and see what the Lord has to say through the reading of His Word.

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    in Entertainment

    Rose of Sharon Faith Ministries Las Vegas NV.

    With Apostle Willie J.Frink III.

    702-601-5948 or 702-931-1221- Pastor Jesse Charo

    We will be reading from 1st. John 3:22-23.

    The Power of Prayer.