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    Haskell Indian Nations 2014 Powwow Friday Night

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    We are just coming in from the powwow and are going live with Haskell Commencement Powwow, honoring Haskell's Class of 2014 the Native American Way!! Sit back enjoy and we will be back later today with more from the HINU 2014 Graduation Powwow

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    HINU Powwow live recordings Saturday Afternoon session

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    Sorry for all the Audio got some rebroadcast and new recorded audio! Enjoy the sounds of Eagle Feather, Drum Champs at the powwow, also Yellowhammer, YBH, Whitetail Boys, The Agency and Big Soldier Creek! A-ho(thank you) For listening!! Keep coming back always happy to have Native or any Talent on the podcast!!

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    Powwow music!

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    Gonna bring some powwow music tonight various tunes, more to come!

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    Native Broadcast Network Presents-- The Blog Hour with the Native Guy

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    Hey its time to get ready for the weekend! Didn't make it to that powwow this weekend? Well the Native Guy will play some Powwow for you, scouring the youtube gonna find some native comedy, get ready its the Native Guy Hour!

    Powwow tunes, Native Hip-hop, Comedy, maybe interviews, but you won't know until you listen!

    Also What are your views on Adam Sandlers Movie which is causing some heads to turn? Phone lines are open for your thoughts! Call in your thoughts (646) 668-2983

    Join in text email us your favorite drum groups or music! @ someguytalkingstuff@yahoo.com

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    Indigenous Talk: Powwow Etiquette

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    We'll be discussing how one is expected to conduct themselves when attending an American Indian Powwow.

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    Marketing to Women PowWow

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    Today, Jerrilynn and Michelle talk about the upcoming Marketing to Women PowWow in September, sponsored by WomenPartner.org. The focus this week is on California women in business. Jerrilynn shares her thoughts about reaching out to women and the response. 


    in Politics

    Live broadcast from SLC,UT with Cal Nez, founder of the business located in a metroplitan setting. Another example of Cal Nez business know-how

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    Balancing Heaven and Earth and Sacred Hoop

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    October 1, 2014

    Balancing Heaven and Earth with Denise Iwaniw @ 8 PM EST

    Join Denise Iwaniw this Wednesday for another edition of Balancing Heaven and Earth.  This week's topic is "Head in the Heavens, Feet Firmly on Earth".  Be sure to tune in for what is going to be another hour of great conversation. The chat room will be open.  

    Sacred Hoop with Neshi Lokotz @ 9 PM EST

    What’s Between the Drum Beats - The spirit of the drum resides within all drumming. Although, there is a difference between modern drum circles, Pow-wow drumming, solitary drumming, and drumming within traditional Native American religions. Neshi shares with us the distinction between the different types of drumming.

    Please view our Disclaimer for our radio programming.


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    PTRN-Circle Talk & Pagan Music Project

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    Pagans Tonight Radio Network presents:

    8PM CST - Circle Sanctuary's Circle Talk: Circle Education & Leadership Training - Join us as we celebrate Circle's 40th anniversary in a series of topics focusing on the various activities sponsored by Circle Sanctuary.  Tonight, we will be joined by members of Circle's education and leadership team for a discussion on the many aspects of Circle Sanctuary's education and leadership training opportunities.

    9 PM CST Pagan Music Project:Jack Montgomery's Watersprite

    Originally from Columbia, South Carolina, Jack Montgomery began studying guitar at age thirteen and played his first professional gig was in 1967.  He sings and accompanies himself on guitar, banjo, bass, harmonica, and Appalachian dulcimer. His wife Lesley and various friends provide backing vocals, instrumentation. They perform together collectively as Watersprite in clubs and festivals in TN, KY, SC, OH, IL and IN.

    Musically, Jack is interested in pagan, Celtic and traditional folk music from all over the world. He writes his own songs and poetry.  His four CDs, Onward to Avalon and Everywhere I Look and, Tradition with a Twist and Watersprite

    Jack has been involved with traditional American folk magic since 1974. He is a university professor, academic librarian, folklorist and practitioner of Powwow and Hoodoo shamanic traditions. He has written numerous articles for spiritual magazines and his book, American Shamans: Journeys with Traditional Healers, was published March 2008 by BUSCA Press.

    Jack and Lesley Montgomery are also members of the Sri Ganesha Temple in Nashville.  They have studied Hinduism since 1973 and traveled to India in 1979 to study Hinduism and to further their spiritual quest.

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    WAKEUP911 RADIO - 500,000 9/11 THE BIGGEST LIE - With Hosts James, Steve & TJ

    in US Government

    9/11 The Biggest Lie has passed a huge milestone at 500 thousand views on YouTube since May 27th of last year. We are going to discuss this as well as engage in a powwow of current 9/11 issues and ideas.

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    The Poetic Voice of RED SUMMER

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    Join co-host Ina as she is joined by the beautiful and talented Poet Red Summer. April is Poetry Month and we are happy to have Red Summer join us again and take our listeners back to the little red car, and poems that shook your heart and your fist Imagine sitting in your living room or next to your boo and hearing the love poems that made you fall in love the first time or the last time. The revolutionary poems that made you look at the world differently. From The Red Summer Experience: Red Summer is a Jane of Many Trades. She is a performance artist, activist, motivational speaker and published writer. As an independent artist, Red Summer worked on her first documentary film project entitled, Chasing Summer. It is a virtual shotgun ride on a personal journey that was as elaborate as Red Summer herself. Her love for poetry and music intertwined to make this experience an artistic journey, while her passion for history, travel and culture drove a spiritual mission to overcome the past and redefine the future. Through the director’s lens, a collaboration of artistic works are beautifully quilted together, to tell just a fraction of the story of the Red Summer Experience. Red Summer as a poet, was born from Red Summer the actress. In Atlanta, Red has reconnected with her first love through her connection to M. Power and Diva Blue Productions and other production companies and agencies in the city. This kind of work ethic is what makes The Red Summer Experience such an amazing one to witness .This is a night of remembrance. Listen and remember Red When and look at her Now!
    Visit Red on http://theredsummerexperience.com/