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    March 29, 2015

    Join ANA Chairman Rodney Martin and Susan Yarbrough, wife of Order Hero & ZOG POW Gary Yarbrough for a ANN Radio Special 2-Hour Telethon to raise funds for Gary’s Legal Fund and to support Susan who has worked full time to bring Gary home while raising her grandchild and assisting with the care of her father. 

    Gary has been imprisoned in Zog's Gulag over 30 years and was denied mandatory release, it's time to bring him home to his family.   For this funds must be raised for Attorney Fees.

    Susan is the ideal example of Aryan Womanhood and needs our People’s help.

    Make a Donation via Pay Pal via Gary’s wife Susan at: jahines88@gmail.com

    Contact the ANA Re: snail mail donations at: media@ana-ann.com

    Write Gary at:

    Gary Yarbourgh 09883-016

    US Penitentiary High

    PO Box 7000

    Florence,CO 81226

    Visit the ANA & ANN:      




     TWITTER @annradio


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    Gov wants your inheritance - 13 year old raped twice no report - Campus rights

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    Hr1 … Joe Rant, True equality means you stand up for everyone?
    Brad Dacus President of Pacific Justice Institute in to discuss your child’s rights at school. What is happening with our
    administrators banning the American Flag from campus, pushing the kids not to have an American themed dance?

    Children of Same sex parents speak out in a LOVING way about their upbringing and environments. One writes of a change of heart and feel that kids need to grow up in homes with both mom and dad. the LEFT beats them up, WHY?

    Hr2  No Drug Testing for Welfare recipients but Dems say Heirs Must “Earn” Inheritance from Parents and pass a drug test to receive money, REALLY? 
    Steve Patten -  Journalist - Book out this summer - "Foreign Correspondent." 40 years in the middle east, Worked for CBS News, Far East,  MIAs, POWs, CIA, War on Terror get the inside.  
    Lets ALL vote?

    Hr3  SF nuts at it again want to lower voting age to 16, We all know what good reasoning skills most 16 year olds have!
    Pete Sepp, President of National Taxpayers Union, believes Congress has to work together to accomplish comprehensive tax reform NOW! or else!

    Planned Parenthood twice performed an abortion on a rape victim, raped by the same person twice. WHY haven't they been closed down?

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    The Human Solution International LIVE with Joe and Kristin

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    The Human Solution International LIVE with Joe and Kristin

    Listen to 'News From the Front Lines LIVE with Joe Grumbine and Kristin Flor' every Sunday from 9-11 am pst! Regular guest stars include Eugene Fischer (plant prisoner for 26 years), Craig Cesal (serving life in prison for our plant), Stacey Theis (Cannabus), Stephanie Landa (LPOP / former plant prisoner), Kathy Z, and Tom Korby! Other guests include lawyers, doctors, prisoners, chapter leaders, defendants and many more!  


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    The Human Solution live with Joe and Kristin

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    The Human Solution live with Joe and Kristin

    Listen to News From the Front Lines LIVE with Joe Grumbine and Kristin Flor! Regular guest stars include Eugene Fischer (plant prisoner for 26 years), Craig Cesal (serving life in prison for our plant), Stacey Theis, Stephanie Landa, Kathy Z, and Tom Korby! Other guests include lawyers, doctors, prisoners, chapter leaders, defendants and many more!  


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    POLITICAL Animals--HUGO BLACK--onetime member of the KLU KLUX KLAN---He realized his mistake, quit the Klan and never rejoined.  President FDR appointed Hugo Black to the US Supreme Court.  Black started his judicial career as a "Liberal" but as he aged, he became conservative and a strict constructionist.

    Black also believed that the Supreme Court should  stay out of social issues.  Gay -Lesbian-Transgender Marriage?

    New York US Representative Steve Scalise made a mistake by appearing at a speaking engagement which also was connected to the KLU KLUX KLAN.  Scalise should if he hasn't learned from Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black.

    The so called SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW GROUP--which is anything but poor~has tried to make a political and money donation issue of Scalise's mistake--But Morris Dees doesn't menition that Hugo Black made a similiar mistake. 

    December 31st   Births-Deaths & Events Relevant to US(a)--Why the Japanese perform Beethoven's 9th Symphony on New Year's Eve--And More

    Historical Musical Archives--Carson-Verzola Historical Archives

    German World War One POWS Musical Contribution to Japan

    Asian ethnics participation in World War One--Little known contributions, military participations and casualties

    African-Vietnamese and other colonial troops fought in France during ww1

    Upcoming  January 2015--What Composer & French Army Volunteer Cole Porter learned musically from Africans serving in the French Army during WW1

    Audio Interview Exclusive--How Cuba Went to the Dogs---Veterinary medicine practice in  Castro's Cuba

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    John Carver Show - Denis Waitley - Psychology of Winning

    in Self Help

    Denis Waitley was the VERY FIRST Self Improvement author I followed.  I bought "Psychology of Winning" and it helped set my path in the right direction.  Today's show I am sharing part of a LIVE talk he gave several years ago.  Denis Waitley's theories on human potential have made him one of America's most sought-after speakers and best-selling audiocassette program authors. Denis honed his understanding of leadership, discipline and motivation at an early age as a Naval Academy graduate. This background and advanced studies have served him well in his long career as a motivational researcher, counselor, consultant and speaker.

    Denis has worked with groups as diverse as medical researchers, top executives, returning POWs and Olympic athletes. The focus of his work has always been on helping people bring out the best in themselves and their organizations.

    He is the author of many best selling books, including The Psychology of Winning, Being the Best, Seeds of Greatness, and The New Dynamics of Winning. He is also the author of the best-selling audiocassette programs: The Psychology of Winning, The Inner Winner, The New Dynamics of Winning, Being the Best and The Psychology of Human Motivation. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

    Order a copy of his CD set at http://www.waitley.com/products/psychology-of-winning/

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    Welcome Home, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl: Bringing Our POWs Home and GOP Hypocrisy

    in Politics Progressive

    AV returns with Political Hodge Podge, Mon-Thursday at 11:00AM PDT starting June 2nd. Hosted by America's Favorite Angry Black Woman, Sandra Booker, this program addresses the political, economic, social, and cultural issues facing our nation. Check out website for more information. www.americanvernacular.org 

    Today's hot topics
    1. Welcome Home, Sgt. Bowe Bergdah: Bringing Our POWs Home and GOP Hypocrisy 
    2. Thank you, VA Chief Eric Shinseki 
    3. Pages without Cages and the censorship of Facebook 

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    POLITICAL ANIMALS--- Mafia Connections Allegations-Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidates.  Dateline--1984 Democratic Convention in San Francisco--Allegations regarding Mafia connections of Mario Cuomo--unproven

    Dateline 1968--Democratic Convention in Chicago--Allegations later a Look Magazine Article regarding alleged Mafie connections of San Francisco Mayor Joseph Alioto.

    Alioto sued LOOK MAGAZINE, put that publisher out of business but never disproved the allegations.

    POLITICAL FICTION: Not all Italian ethnic politicians are connected to the Mafia--But we are seening one woman who is suspected

    (biographical Note:   Peter covered the 1968 Democratic Convention as a 16 mm film maker

    In 1984, Peter covered the 1984 Democratic Convention for KALW FM & WESTERN PUBLIC RADIO

    Leo Lee  founded WESTERN PUBLIC RADIO.   He did the first NPR coverage of the Republican National Convention in Kansas City.

    Republican Presidential Candidate Richard Nixon--alleged Mafia connections of Beebe Rebozo, Nixon's friend

    The little known and publicized Asian soldiers contribution in World War One to the Allies 

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    1491 Census: Tribal Nations Map of Turtle Island with Aaron Carapella, Cherokee

    in Religion

    The 1491 Census: Native Creates Tribal Nations Map of Turtle Island


    It took him 14 years and thousands of hours, but Aaron Carapella finally did it. He created a map that represents what Turtle Island looked like in 1490. It shows where roughly 590 Native nations were located and gives their indigenous names, instead of the names given by Europeans.

    Being part Cherokee, or Aniyunwiyah, and having grown up in the city, he’s always sought more knowledge of Native history and culture.

    “I would attend pow pows and scour through the items vendors had for sell [sic]. From time to time I would see maps of the traditional territories of our tribes, but thought they looked incomplete, and the names mostly inaccurate. I filed away the idea of one day creating a more authentic-looking one myself,” Carapella says on his website. “Years went by as I looked from time to time for a better map. One day I decided, ‘It’s time to make a REAL map of Native America, as WE see it.’ It started with four poster boards and a rough pencil drawing of the United States. Over the next 14 years I would create the Tribal Nations Map.”

    The process of collecting the real names of tribes was a tedious one. He studied books, and called tribes individually.

    “Some tribes, once contacted, wouldn’t know that information,” he told the Tulalip News. But the tribe always got back to him with someone who could tell him what he needed to know to continue his research.

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    Planet Green Trees Episode 215- Medical Marihuana’s POW’S

    in Legal

    Tonight 8-10pm www.planetgreentrees.com or call in 347-326-9626


    Hosted by attorney Michael Komorn from Komorn Law and Chad from Birmingham Compassion


    Contributions from Rick Thompson from The Compassion Chronicles and Jamie Lowell from The 3rd Coast Compassion Center-


    Tonight- We revisit the POWs from Michigan and around the country who are currently incarcerated or facing a federal prison sentence over the cultivation of a plant, and in many cases, for activity allowed under state law. Re-cap of the cannabis related events taking place over the Labor Day weekend holiday, and a legislative update on the pair of patient friendly bills expected to get a hearing and vote on the Michigan Senate floor- later this month.


    Joining us tonight- Robin Schneider legislative chairwoman and liason for the National Patients Rights Association.


    Attorney David Rudoi from Rudoi Law


    Ashley Duval - whose family has been fighting the Federal prosecution of her brother and father, who are currently serving federal prison sentences for activity allowed under Michigan law.

    Kari Boiter former activist of the year, WA State Coordinator for ASA, and Lead Advocate for Kettle Falls Five, Jerry and Jeremy Duval and others who find themselves caught in conflict between state and fed law

    Michael's rant, news, current events and more!

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    Episode 235: Best of "Unbroken" and the Intrepid Project

    in Military

    Louis Zamperini passes away earlier this week, so I can see of no better best of show for the July 4th weekend.

    This nation has been served by those who come home, and those who never make it back.

    Some have had their stories preserved and celebrated within living memory, some are almost unknown.

    This weeks episode will cover both sides of our military experience.

    For the first half hour our guest will be best selling author Laura Hillenbrand to talk about her latest book Unbroken; an incredible story of survival of Louie Zamperini - olympic athlete, B-24 Liberator bombardier, survivor of being adrift at sea for months and the as a POW under the Japanese.

    Our guest for the second half of the hour will Michael R. Caputo of  The Intrepid Project. He is here to talk about 12 Sailors who have been abandoned in a mass grave in a mass grave in Libya.

    After dying at sea after a failed mission, when their bodies washed up on the shores of Tripoli on 04 SEP 1804, the bashaw had dogs to devour them as other American prisoners of war looked on. These 13 heroes are buried in two mass graves in Libya. One of those graves is unmarked and underfoot on the Tripoli plaza where Gaddafy held anti-America rallies for decades. They want to bring them home.