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    The flag down...you mad... 9 people dead ...you mad....families forgive....you mad.... What exactly do you want.....

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    TNT with Dale the Truth

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    Listen to Dale "The Truth" on MVM, Tuesday nights at 7 pm, with his uniquely Constitutional views on today's political landscape. Dale regularly discusses the real news that “they” don't want you to hear. He is trying to expose the machine with the unvarnished truth about our politicians, political parties and legal system.

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    Powhatan Cherokee Herbalist Ila Hatter: The Lady Of The Forest

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    Ila (pronouced Eye'-lah) Hatter (website) (blog) is a descendant of Pocahontas whose mother was a Cherokee woman named Amopotuskee and whose father was Wahunsunacock a/k/a "King Powhatan."

    In this program, a lot about Snowbird (Eastern) Cherokee culture is discussed.

    Ila Hatter’s mission is to tune people in to the many ways they can make Mother Nature’s pantry and medicine cabinet their own. Hatter does not forage the woods in the hope of making a profit. “In my case, I’m not gathering things to sell but instead am using them for education – teaching people what these plants are, how to identify them, what the traditional uses are, what the potential market might be for them. I combine my knowledge of the flora with folklore, telling interesting stories that go with the botany of what I do.”

    Ila, known as THE LADY OF THE FOREST, is an interpretive naturalist, artist, wildcrafter, and gourmet cook with more than 25 years experience teaching the cultural heritage of native plants. She is a staff instructor for the Univ. of Tenn.’s Smoky Mtn Field School, guest instructor for the Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont, the John C. Campbell Folk School (Brasstown, NC), The Mountain Retreat Center (Highlands, NC), Snowbird Mtn Lodge (Robbinsville, NC), Charter Board Member of the Yellow Creek Botanical Institute; and Storyteller for Elderhostels in 3 states. She has been featured in major newspapers, magazines, and TV shows. Her distinctive skills were even sought out by CBS for the TV series “Christy”. 

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    Random Radio Revolution: Rebels and Rainbows

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    A new day has dawned in 'Murica! Take down the Confederate flags and let your rainbow fly! By using four words "It is so ordered," Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy authored the landmark decision that allows same-sex marriage in all 50 states. Meanwhile, the Confederate flag is taking a hit for its perceived association with racism and bigotry. Join Extreme and the RRR crew for a lively discussion about this and more. And don't miss the epic return of one TPPV (Tommy "Picture Perfect" Valentine) as he makes a guest appearance on the Random Radio Revolution!.................Viva la Revolution!!!!

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    A House Divided Can Not Stand

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    Israel handed over to the wolves by Rome, this nation handed over to the UN with the passing of the TPP Bill, the confederacy uprooted, the sovereignty of marriage dissolved, Russia telling the EU prepare for war, Supreme Court in favor of Obamacare, 7pm Central Tonight.

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    America is Now Fundamentally Transformed

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    At UC Berkly, Janet Napolitano is working to ban phrases like "America is a melting pot,” “Why are you so quiet?” and “I believe the most qualified person should get the job". Politically correct “useful idiots” are working hard to erase the existence of the Confederacy from history. And now there are four branches of our federal government and all four have the power to legislate. We have to change Obamacare to SCOTUScare since the SCOTUS has now protected the "law" twice going to the length of what amounts to re-writting the law to protect it. Let's talk about the SCOTUS outcomes this past week.

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    SCOTUScare and Stars & Bars

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    The King v. Burwell decision has been made public. The effort to erase all traces of the Confederacy is under way and it's just a distraction folks.

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    Spokane to Charleston: The Effects of White Privilege and Supremacy!

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    Down South and Dirty taking on this controversial topic. After Rachel Dolezal is exposed as a white woman living as a black woman, the question is what is black? Can we now just pick what ethnic group we belong too. What is ethnic idenity who deterimines what ethnic group you belong. Down South and Dirty will dig deep into this question of ethnic idenity and how we classify. So Down South and Dirty will #AskRachel Updated Content: Due to the Terrorist Attack in Charleston we will also talk about how all this ties togther and where we are going as a nation 

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    Is this really about Confederate Battle Flag or something much deeper?

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    What is even more disgusting is that Liberal racist hate groups are bringing up the Confederate Battle flag issue on the heels of the tragic murders that took place in a Church in SC. Liberal ideologues can never let a good tragedy go to waste. Their committed goal is to stir up hate and division, in order to further their agenda, and stifle the 1st and 2nd Amendments.

    The Confederate Battle Flag has been under the gun of groups that tend to lead people in the wrong way to its inception. These groups, which place forth, the ideas that the flag represents hate and slavery. In fact all the documents found show the contrary to be true. I must point out that the Confederate Battle Flag never flew as a State Flag since its sole purpose was to distinguish the two armies from each other. It has become the most misunderstood and abused symbol in our great nation.

    These groups that claim the Confederate Battle Flag to be a flag aligned with such “HATE” groups as the KKK,Neo Nazis, Skin Heads, and others really do not know what they are talking about. To them they can only remember what happened back in the 50’s and 60’s. They cannot fathom the facts when presented about the truth of the flag as it was born in 1861. Many people call the Confederate Battle Flag the “Stars and Bars”. The Stars and Bars came to be on March 4, 1861 when the Committee on a Proper Flag for the Confederate States of America wrote;

    “That the flag of the Confederate States of America shall consist of a red field with a white space extending horizontally through the center, and equal in width to one-third the width of the flag. The red space above and below to be the same width as the white. The union blue extending down through the white space and stopping at the lower red space. In the center of the union a circle of white stars, corresponding in number with the States in the Confederacy.”

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    Guest:Philip Johnston/Screenwriter/Wreck-It Ralph/Grimsby

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    Philip Johnstonis a screenwriter and producer.  Wreck-It Ralph was nominated for an Academy Award as Best Animated Feature Film. His screenplay for Cedar Rapids was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for Best First Screenplay. He did uncredited rewrite work on Alexander Payne’s Nebraska —also Academy Award nominated. He has numerous other films and television shows in development, which may or may not be nominated for awards in the future.  Among them, Johnston’s collaboration with Sacha Baron Cohen, Grimsby, will be released early in 2016. Other projects include: the long-awaited adaptation of the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, A Confederacy of Dunces (Paramount, producer Scott Rudin), Wreck-It Ralph 2 (Disney), Wise Men (Sony, producer Scott Rudin, director Adam McKay), an animated series for Fox called My Deer Wife and Harve Karbo, a television show written by Johnston and created alongside Joel & Ethan Coen.Johnston holds a B.A. in Journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and an M.F.A. in film from Columbia University. You can email your questions to 123filmeasy@gmail.com or follow us on Twitter @123Film

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    POLITICAL ANIMALS---Willie Brown--California's Kingfish politician--audio extract  RT Russian TV :Larry King show--"Willie select Jeb Bush as the republican presidential nominee

    POLITICAL  HISTORY--The Tallest candidate wins the presidential election--The surprising "tallest candidate"

    Jefferson Davis--President of the Confederacy--One of the most remarkable public figures in American History

    The $5,050  ent for a  month small renovated apartment located in a yuppiefied district of San Francisco

    June 3rd Births-Deaths & Events relevant to US(a)

    June 5th--6th D DAY--Some of the historical things little known or publicized about the Normandy Invasion