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    Listen LIVE tonight! Is Powerlifting a sport or just an activity? TUNE IN!

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    Listen LIVE tonight as Strength Talk's host Anthony Pastorello is joined by guest co-hosts Brandon Lilly and Ernie Lilliebridge Sr. to discuss if powerlifting should stop trying to be a sport or should it be considered a "strength activity?"  What will it take to bring powerlifting back to the glory days it once was?  Between the clickes within some federations and the close minds have or hope or does it even matter?   


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    VPH Presents, Powerlifting Round Table

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    June 14th at 6pm PST, VPH will be bringing some of today's best together in a round table format to answer questions and discuss anything and everything in powerlifting.  No subject will be off limits, listen as we bring powerlifting elite under one roof.  Brought to by
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    Strength Talk Interviews, "The Bench Monster", Ryan Kennelly

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    We are back, B*&ches!!!!  Unlike any other show, we are Strength Talk Radio try to bring you the best in powerlifting, we call ourselves “powerlifting voice” for a reason; It is because we are the only radio show that brings you the best in powerlifting and powerlifting only!!  So how do we prove that we are powerlifting voice?  We get the one and only Ryan Kennelly, for a one and only interview he will do answering the questions about his recent past.  Never again will he talk about what happened.     

    Ryan has been out of the game for a while and we all heard why.  But was it all true?  Not one website, not one radio show or podcast and not even one article explained Ryan’s side of what happened, all the information out there was completely speculation, views from others that did not know the whole story and for all of us at STR, well that’s just unacceptable!!  So because of that we reached out to Ryan, to give him the opportunity to explain his side, what he was fighting for, and most important, to kill the rumors. 

    Ryan without a doubt is one of best of all time bench pressers.  His 1076 was without a doubt without controversy one of the best multiply benches ever.  We have seen the videos, we now know Ryan is back and wants what is his, the all-time multiply bench, the biggest bench ever.  But will he get it?  Does he have enough to come back and hit an 1100+ bench?   And most important, at what event will smash this record.  And not to mention, will he ever challenge Tiny Meeker, to finally set to rest, who is the best?!?!    

    Find out all these answers, the only true powerlifting radio show!!

    DON’T MISS THE BIGGEST SHOW OF STR HISTORY, Ryan “The Bench Monster” Kennelly!! 


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    Interview With Powerlifter, Natural Bodybuilder, & YouTube Star NICK WRIGHT #333

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    At only 23 years old, Nick Wright has posted 781 videos on his incredibly popular YouTube channel to date. His videos have been watched over three millions times. The powerlifter and former bodybuilder has created an amazing life in which he inspires people all over the world, documents his journey both inside and outside of the gym in videos, and travels all over the United States proudly representing the iSatori supplement brand.

    The articulate, passionate, and confident fitness authority cares about his followers--and it comes through in every word that he speaks. During this podcast, Nick Wright offers some awesome advice about following your passion in life and successfully selling yourself and your ideas to others. He discusses how to present your accomplishments in the most empowering ways--that are still always 100 percent accurate at the same time.

    Get the "The Mindset and Actions of a Powerful Alpha Male Leader" 11-hour audio seminar program and workbooks FREE by clicking HERE.

    Six-time national champion bodybuilder, one-on-one peak performance coaching specialist, Mass Machine Nutrition supplement company owner, and speaker, Skip La Cour, offers his expert advice on training, nutrition, and motivation that will help you take your efforts to the next level. 

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    Interview With Fitness Authority, PhD, and Natural Bodybuilder LAYNE NORTON #327

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    LAYNE NORTON describes himself as a physique architect, natural bodybuilder, powerlfiter, coach, and scientist. During this podcast interview, you'll discover that he's much, much more than just those impressive sounding titles . He's an influential leader, visionary, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Norton earned a PhD in Nutritional Sciences and created an effective "step-by-step model for success" within the bodybuilding and fitness industry that has influenced legions of people around the world to follow.

    Layne shares many of the amazing life lessons he learned from his parents and the man he calls his hero, his grandfather. These success strategies that were passed down not only helped make him into a successful fitness authority and entrepreneur, they helped shape him into the man of purpose, passion, and integrity with a tremendous work ethic that he is today. So, if you weren't fortunate enough to have positive, supportive influences in your life growing up, you have the unique opportunity to learn from the elder Nortons too.

    Dr. Norton offers his thoughts on who you should take advice from, priorities in life, work ethic, passion, risk taking, balance in life while attacking your ambitious goals, the importance of measuring balance in life over longer periods of time, working toward the life you want with a sense of urgency, how you are judged by the people you associate with, and the importance of speaking your mind.

    Get the "The Mindset and Actions of a Powerful Alpha Male Leader" 11-hour audio seminar program and workbooks FREE by clicking HERE.

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    Episode 12: Interview Sean Katterle, Hardcore Powerlifting

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    Interview: Sean Katterle, Hardcore Powerlifting
    Sean is no stranger to controversy and if you know Sean you know he is not afraid to speak his mind.  Some people disagree with his view on "geared" lifting, but one thing you cant disagree with, is his passion for the sport. 
    Why has Sean experienced so much hatred? Is it the type of questions? Are the questions he is asking brining light to the problems that powerlifting faces to truly advance the sport? And if it is, why?  Is it because he is stepping on toes? Or, is he truly rotating the clock backwards taking away further advancement of strength?  And if all Sean wants is to make this sport creditable and for our elite athletes to finally get paid, what is the controversy?  
    Listen as we discuss what Sean thinks of the future of powerlifting as he answers the questions.  Also, listen as we discuss his next promotion Kings of the Bench 8 Invitational, Oct 20th at the Rivera Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas NV...
    Will his ideas be what powerlifitng needs to finally get respect it deserves and get out of the "fringe" title? 
    Listen to find out!!
    Sean Katterle is the owner of Hardcore Powerlifting and has worked as a color commentator and technical analyst for benchpress competitons aired on Fox Sports Net and Comcast Sports Net nationwide. His company has produced and promoted professional, raw, powerlifting meets at the Olympia Expo, Europa Super Show and, most recently, at The Ronnie Coleman Classic. Sean’s also served as an announcer and master of ceremonies for the powerlifting stages built at The Arnold Classic and Los Angeles FitExpo.

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    Interview With Natural Bodybuilder, Powerlifter, and Coach JEFF NIPPARD - #319

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    During this podcast, Skip La Cour interviews JEFF NIPPARD. Jeff is a professional natural bodybuilder, national-level competitive powerlifter, and successful contest preparation coach. Jeff talks about the support he received from a very early age and why he credits it for much of the success he's earned so far in his life. He also discusses the mindset people need to have in order achieve their goals and what he looks for in his ideal clients. Jeff also shares his scientific approach to bodybuilding and powerlifter and how it helps he and his clients get to the next level.

    Six-time national champion bodybuilder, one-on-one peak performance coaching specialist, Mass Machine Nutrition supplement company owner, and speaker, Skip La Cour, offers his expert advice on training, nutrition, and motivation that will help you take your efforts to the next level. 

    Get the "The Mindset and Actions of a Powerful Alpha Male Leader" 11-hour audio seminar program and workbooks FREE by clicking HERE.

    This podcast is brought to you in part by Skip La Cour Coaching. Exclusive, next level, one-on-one life coaching that will give you the sense control and direction you need to succeed at the highest level. One-on-one peak performance coaching specialist, Skip La Cour will help you channel all of your hard work, discipline, and abilities to build a life filled confidence, passion, and purpose. 

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    2nd Powerlifting Round Table! Tune In June 24th

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    Join us as we discuss today's powerlfitng topics with todays elite lifters
    Round Table Panel This Week:
    Donnie Thompson
    Henry Thomason
    Ernie Lilliebridge Sr.
    Ryan Celli
    Dave Hoff
    Fred Hatfield
    Adrian Larsen

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    Breaking the Rules With Charles Staley, Ep 6

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    In this podcast episode, Breaking Muscle Radio speaks with iconic strength coach Charles Staley. Charles is known as a visionary and a rule-breaker. His clients call him “The Secret Weapon,” as he possesses a keen ability to recognize strengths and shortcomings.

    Charles has amassed over thirty years of experience both under a barbell and as a top coach. Along the way he witnessesed many trends of the industry come and go, while he often took exactly the opposite path to the majority. As a result, Charles's outlook on the industry is intuitive and intelligent.

    00:53 - How Charles got started in fitness
    05:29 - The good and bad points about being a personal trainer
    07:30 - Frustrations about the strength training industry
    10:00 - The issues with trends and setting client expectations
    12:40 - What people should be doing in the gym
    15:03 - The role of steady state cardio in a training plan
    17:32 - Focusing on process and behaviors to achieve desired outcomes
    20:23 - Helping clients to focus on the attainable
    21:30 - How being non-athletic and a slow learner helps you become a better coach
    24:00 - Thoughts on nutrition, caloric deficits, restrictive diets, and paleo
    28:00 - The real reasons a low-carb approach works
    29:43 - Where Charles's reputation as a rule breaker and pioneer comes from
    34:00 - Training hard and heavy as a mature athlete
    37:34 - Staying the right side of the intensity versus consistency line
    41:15 - How to get the younger generation to understand the concept of longevity
    43.25 - Having an understanding of your capabilities
    44:43 - Update from his performance at the AAU World Powerlifting Championships
    46:42 - Charles's details and upcoming projects

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    Strength Talk Interviews The Dominating Daniel Tinajero.

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    Don’t miss Sunday Sept 28th at 5pm PST, 8pm EST as Strength Talk’s Anthony Pastorello interviews the dominating Daniel Tinajero. 

    Dan is coming off of a huge performance with a 2500 total at the Westside Pro, losing becasue of body weight to Jimmie Pacifico; then he had a monster comeback with a win at that USPA Olympia, beating number 1 ranked Ben O’Brian, with a 2276 and earned the best lifter award. 

    Listen as we discuss training methods, competing singly ply vs multiply, what's coming up next and the direction of powerlifting. 

    Don’t miss our first, of many, interviews with Dan!



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    NATURAL STRENGTH NIGHT - Old-School Natural Strength Training - Guest Tommy Kono

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    Host Bob Whelan, Guest Tommy Kono (Please visit MindForceRadio.com for more info.)

    Natural Strength Night is an informative, humorous, sometimes a little raucous, good-time of myth busting and honest training information from the trenches. We strive to help everyone involved with old school strength training (without steroids) to not make some common training mistakes. Along with great information, you'll hear a fair share of steroid bashing, flamingo sightings, breaking goons, iron game history, and honest drug-free training information from various leaders and strength coaches in the field to help you get real results!  If your primary training information comes from reading "Muscle & Fiction" magazine we'll help get you straightened out. If you love high-intensity strength training, dinosaur style training and just like lifting heavy weights ... or loved Jack Lalanne, Sandow, Grimek, Peary Rader's old Iron Man magazine, Brad Steiner's articles, Stuart McRobert's Hardgainer, Iron Nation, Osmo Kiiha's The Iron Master, you will love the show.