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    The Power of Faith

    in Spirituality

    When many of us think of "faith" we think of religion.

    But whether or not you are religious, faith can be a powerfully, positive force.

    Do you have faith?

    Do you have faith in a higher being?

    Do you have faith in the inherent good of human beings?

    Do you have faith that your life will be a wonderful adventure?

    Do you have faith in your dreams?

    Do you have faith in yourself?

    Join Growing Consciousness co-hosts, Coach Seah and Dr Chan as they explore how faith can positively transform the course of your life.

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    Super Soul Sunday Aftershow-The Power of Faith and Character

    in Self Help

    Join us for another exciting Super Soul Sunday Aftershow about how having faith and character can add value to your life. Oprah will interview Pastor Wintley Phipps at 11am and 7pm on OWN. Our LCRN host will continue the discussion from her show at 8pm. 

    Telecia Ellis is a Certified Wellbeing Coach and Transformational Speaker. She believes every part of your being wants to feel alive and live out its potential fully. She helps clients connect/reconnect with themselves so that they can align their life with who they truly are. Clients experience a life that is fulfilling and full of continual moments of success. Visit her online at experienceanew.com. 

    Tiffany Mayfield, Master Coach, Speaker, Best Selling Author and Business Consultant. She helps successful executive women remove the fog and haze of life’s most intimate breakdowns to gain clarity – addressing the whole woman, beyond her body, mind and spirit but bringing her out of her current place of a “murky” existence and into her untapped potential. Contact@tiffanymayfield.com, P:713-730-9678.

    Danica Trebel is a Perspective & Family Dynamics Coach who knows first-hand the power of the spoken and unspoken word. It was through her own personal and professional experiences that she was led to this place of healing, restoration and passion to help others. She is an expert in helping people live their lives to the fullest through faith, communication and vulnerability.

    Linda Stephens-Jones, CCLC, ACC, provides faith-based coaching to individuals & small groups via teleconference & Skype across the U.S. & globally. Her specialty is helping women to successfully manage major life challenges.  Her clients discover their strengths & gifts & gain clarity so their time is focused on what matters most to them.  www.lindastephensjones.com or call 703-887-9096 for more info.



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    The Power of Forgiveness, Faith, and the Flag

    in Politics Conservative

    Nothing is more powerful than forgiveness. Forgiving is something only you can decide to do for yourself. When its power occurs publicly, people react quite differently. However, calmness and clarity of thoughts, actions, and reactions occur when we choose to forgive. When we choose otherwise, chaos ensues and tensions rise. 

    Join The Right Voice as we discuss the shooting at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church and Gov. Nikki Haley's call to remove the Confederate flag from the grounds of South Carolina's State Capitol. We will also talk about race relations in America, overcoming evil with good, and so much more.

    Tune in to The Right Voice for the live show with Glo Smith and Adrienne Ross from 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Eastern every Tuesday. Become part of the conversation by calling in at (646) 200-3715 to comment and ask questions.  If you miss the live show, remember that each show is archived, so you may listen at a time that is convenient for you.

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    Power of Grace, faith and the Holy Spirit

    in Christianity

    The power of grace in your life is transforming. Let God change you in a powerful way. Several other things are also talked about. For the whole program go to the church website and search for Podcast 223. 


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    "The Power of Faith and Forgiveness" on "All About God with Jerry Blase"

    in Christianity

    Hello everyone welcome to Reaching out Radio where we are reaching out to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ. 

    On tonight's show your host Evangelist Jerry Blase will be having two special guest on the first hour ,Your host from Tuesday morning  show "Be Encouraged With Brian & Leah Foutz"  They will be sharing a teaching on forgiveness with the loss of their only daughter they know first hand the power in forgiveness. 

    In the second hour I will join Jerry for a teaching on the power of faith. Right now I am in one of the biggest walks of faith in my life. My mom is fighting cancer and though it seems an impossible battle we know God has got her in His hand. The power of faith and prayer have kept her and we believe she will overcome this battle through Him.

    Tonight is going to be a powerful show hope you can join us and share in our journeys.

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    Faith for the Journey: Mike Fischbach

    in Prayer

    Mike Fischbach

    Mike Fischbach is a 69-year-old retired engineer, married to Ann for 46 years. Ann was "officially" diagnosed with dementia in 2007, and placed in a full time care facility in 2010.  Mike shares the fascinating journey of dealing with a spouse with dementia. With his Faith and Love as his cornerstone, he takes us on a the series of events that are challenging, heart wrenching, and ultimately lead him close to Ann and to Christ.  

    His story will be a Godsend to all who have loved one with this agonizing disease. His articulate, authentic sharing is sure to touch your soul.  Enjoy.  

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    Panther Power Chat (A Community Dialogue)

    in National

    This group follows the original philosophy's of Brother Huey Newton and Brother Bobby Seale including, Self Defense, The 10 Point Program,and The New Black Code. Here we will speak about the issues in our community and invite the People to dialogue with us and bring solutions to our community. It's time for us to be the leaders we have been waiting for no more waiting for what the people want and need now is the time to STAND UP!!! POWER TO THE PEOPLE NOW AND ALWAYS! Happy BlacksGiving!

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    The Purpose for the Temple of the Holy Spirit: Refreshing Moments: with Dr. Barbara of Faith Restora

    in Religion

    Cleansing the Temple Continues
    Tune in to Refreshing Moments on Blogtalk Radio Monday and Wednesday at 8:30 am with Dr. Barbara of Faith Restoration Ministries Int'l. This is a short inspiring program to help you face the day ahead. No one knows what each day will bring, and sometimes - an inspiring word, a thought, a new concept is all we need to face the trials and tests of life.

    Refreshing Moments reminds us that no matter what our circumstances might be, God is still our refuge and strength and present help in the time of trouble. Whatever your problems might be, you can trust God to help you and He will make a way where there is no way. God knows everything and despite what might seem tardy with His way, yet He is always right on time.
    This is a short 15 minute program to help you refresh your mind concerning God's goodness and His promises.

    For prayer, counselling, or speaking engagement, dial
    678 964 4096

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    Panther Power Chat (Open Rant)

    in National

    The Movement Won't Move without you! The People Need your Time Your Energy Your Donations! Your Voice is important to us we invite you to speak your mind always! This is live uncensored dialogue where we expect you to voice your opinions and concerns that you may have with the movement and it's Direction join Brother Kevin and our Panel in a open discussion about the State of Emergency our people are in! Bring your voice bring your Ideas! Black Power! 

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    Real Life Real Faith Soul Searching Saturdays: Reclaiming Your Power

    in Self Help

    Have you given away your power to others? Are you allowing them to dictate who you are? Listen to this training call by Cheryl Lacey Donovan and take back your power!

    To become part of Cheryl's group coaching or to receive resources from from Cheryl contact: cheryl@coachingwithcheryl.com

    To book Cheryl contact: booking@cheryllaceydonovanspeaks.com