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    Power Points of Ezekiel 37: The Power Principles of God- Sept3, 2014

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    The Book of Ezekial Chapter 37 is a powerful explanation from God about how His power points principles bring life and victory to you. The spoken word of the Prophet Ezekial bring dead bones back to life...just as speaking and digesting the Scriptures reserect you into glory and victory from the depths of defeat. Hence, Scripture declares "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me". John 1:14 says that Christ is the Word of God!!!

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    As many of you know, we lost an awesome Spiritual leader in Dr. Myles Munroe to a tragic plane crash on November 9, 2014. His beautiful wife Ruth perished with her husband in that horrendous crash.

    *Dr. Munroe was a Bahamian Evangelical Christian evangelist and ordained Pentecostal minister who founded and led the Bahamas Faith Ministries International (BFMI) and Myles Munroe International (MMI). He was chief executive officer and chairman of the board of the International Third World Leaders Association and president of the International Leadership Training Institute as well as the author of numerous books

    *Dr. Munroe left a legacy of readings that were and still are meant to inspire you to pray and receive all that God has purposed for you.

    *We urge you to delve into the readings of Dr. Myles Munroe:  Here listed is just a few of the books written by Dr. Munroe

    Understanding Your Potential
    God's Big Idea Reclaiming God's Original Purpose for Your Life
    40 Days to Discovering God's Big Idea for Your Life a Personal Devotional Designed to Change Your Life
    Myles Munroe 365 Day Devotional
    The Principles and Power of Vision
    Purpose and Power of Praise and Worship
    Releasing Your Potential Exposing the Hidden You
    Understanding The Purpose And Power Of Woman
    Understanding The Purpose And Power Of Prayer 

    *Tonight, my very own Prayer Warrior and Spiritual Leader Marcella Moore, the creator of The Motivate and Pray Group on Facebook will bring you excerpts from the life and legacy of Dr. Myles Munroe.

    *Join I Am A Superwoman Radio and Marcella Moore as we relive and experience the greatness of an awesome man of God, Dr. Myles Munroe. 

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    The Power of I Am . . . Living with Intention

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    Are you experiencing everything that you are "intending" for your life? Whether or not you are "conscious" of it...you are.

    The Power Of Intention NEVER fails or misses it's target. It delivers to you perfectly and precisely and with unwavering certainty, precisely what you ask...without fail.

    You only need become "conscious" of how to "ask" in a way that provides "desired" results.

    Expanding your awareness with regard to The Power of Intention could prove to be one of the most beneficial and enlightening of all the Power Principles IF you discover as so many do that you are "subconsciously" creating your life. Join Dr. Darren and Master LifeLine Practitioner/Hypnotherapist Leslie Chiappetti as they take you into The Power of I Am.  This show will be Life Changing!

    The Power Of Intention Provides Outcomes Physically, Financially, Relationally, Emotionally and Spiritually Just As You Intend...Now You'll Understand How and Why. 

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    Claim a Balanced Perspective on Power

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    When we hear or think about the word, Power, we all have a vision or mindset. How healthy is that mindset for you? Join me as we explore cultivating a healthy relationship with our power center and how that balanced inner power can radiate a stable, peaceful world around us.

    “What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.” -Plutarch

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    power of perception with Paul Hume Brewster

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    had studied to be an accountant, but found the business world not to be of my liking, so became a teacher of accounting instead, and taught for 22 years before retiring at 57 to write about what I had learned over a period of approximately 25 – 30 years. I had bought many spiritual books in which I found the answers I was seeking, and spent many years studying them, particularly A Course in Miracles and Love Without End – Jesus Speaks, authored by Glenda Green. I came to understand that much of what we have been taught by the church and the sciences that dealt with the universe was open to question, and in the end, had a strong desire to put my thoughts about the universe, the mind/body relationship, ego, and consciousness into a book where I could draw all that I’d read in other spiritual books together so as to bring a more unified understanding of who we are, what our purpose is, and the reason we are here to the people, and so wrote The Profound Truth of Divine Existence – A New Modern Teaching.
    I have not openly discussed much of what is in the book I have written with people, except for my youngest son. He became a sounding board for my concepts and ideas, and I spent a number of years talking with him during the evenings at home here, in order to hear what he thought of them, and to also clarify in my own mind how to present them in a manner that could be understood by those who sought the spiritual path to life. Some of it is quite complex, and requires an open mind if one wishes to accept the concepts into their being.
    I have written my second book Innocent and True Perception, but it has not been published yet, and probably won’t be until later in the year, as I wish to see how my first book goes.

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    Paradigm Shifters--Principles for Life and Success

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    Stephen Duncanson of True Destiny Communications and Marilyn Ocasio of Helping Heal Hearts come together to help you learn valuable skills toward being the best most successful you ever.

    Their monthly segment is engaging because the hosts speak from the heart of the principles, their own experience.  Come check them out! (347) 637-2319

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    On Military Science: The 10 Principles of War (part 7, Unity of Command)

    in Military

    We are nearing the end of this particular series of On Military Science, covering the 10 Principles of War. This episode will cover the principle of 'Unity of Command', which is the coordinated action by all forces toward the objective. Join us this Saturday, January 24, 2015 at 7pm EST for the continuing discussion of these important principles of war, war being defined as "any active hostility or struggle." Get an understanding of how this important principle is applied in military missions, along with discovering how this principle can help you in achieving your personal goals or enable you to be more effective in accomplishing your business objectives, organizational objectives, or any other goals.

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    power of truth family welcomes imani to the power of truth show

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    the power of truth family welcomes imani to the power of truth show

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    Premier: The Power of Emotional Communication

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    My first show. Introducing Executive Producer Nilsa Higgins and Associate Producer Walter Davis. We are discussing the power of emotional communication.

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    "There's Power in Your Praise" with Emmanuel & Angel

    in Spirituality

    "There's Power in Your Praise" with Emmanuel and Angel. 

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