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    The Power of Words

    in Culture

    Words are universal agents. They are eternal tools invested with monumental power and unfathomable consequences. They are the building blocks with which we construct language structures or castles for men and generations to live in. They are the tools by which we create enduring legacy for the world, powerful organs by which we construct universalizing narratives connecting varied cultures and people groups. The word, whether written or spoken, is the real power that rules the world.

    -  Moses Oludele Idowu -

    We'll talk about the power of words and how to awaken the genius of the Griot in all of us.

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    The Power of Words ....Plus Angel Messages for Our Callers!

    in Spirituality

    On today's show, Hosts Pamela Jones, Susanne Warnett, Rose Fulhorst and Dax Carlisle discuss The Power of Words - Positive/Negative Thinking!   ...and, Angel Messages for their Callers! 949-203-4840

    ...plus, filling you in on the latest News, about AngelPractitioners.com, the Certified Angel Practitioner™ Course, the International Association of Angel Practitioners and MORE!

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    The power of words

    in Atheism

    Join Kevin & Karen as Liam takes us into the meaning of words and how some are using them incorrectly (including the hosts ). We are also joined by Jeff Gruban of FVASH to help us analyze why we say things like we do and the misconceptions that arise from them.

    Kevin tells us about his encounter with a "witness" in his rant; and a new app against the devil?

    join us for more

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    The Power of Words BroadCast

    in Motivation

    Whether you are facing a health challenge, financial shortfall, family or relationship challenge, recognizing the power of words and changing your vocabulary and outlook in life will get you on the right road.
    Are you frustrated and eager for a fresh start now?
    Do you really want to become a better person?
    Are you tired of life passing you buy?
    Ready to take control of expected circumstances?
    If you answered you to any of the above question, this broadcast will bless you and be the answer to many of the above questions.

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    "CleftCast" -- The Power of Words

    in Health

    Many children and adults within the cleft and craniofacial community are quite familiar with spending time in speech therapy. Sure, some in third-world countries may not have the privilege of receiving such help. All of us, though, can agree that merely speaking words and having them come out of our mouths properly has been a hurdle many have faced. Host Joe Rutland, in this week's "CleftCast," talks about the power of words, speaking them, hearing them from other people (not always a nice thing, either!), and having the power to speak for ourselves. Download "CleftCast" at iTunes and Blog Talk Radio. Also, make sure and pick up a copy of "The Christmas Smile," now available at Amazon.com. Every minute counts ... and you are loved.

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    The Power of Words

    in Family

    We welcome a great one to the VOM show. Sister Lateta Jackson of Common Sense, Common Knowledge & Accountability, is an activist, speaker, advisor, vocalist and a master of words. Please join us as we welcome this dynamic sister and favorite of the Village!!!!! 

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    The Power of Words

    in Self Help

    The words we use when we are speaking about our stuff can either empower or disempower us greatly. Today we are on week 13 and we will be talking about how words can be so powerful and affect our lives. Come join us.

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    The Power of Words II

    in Motivation

    We continue our topic from yesterday about being conscious of words and the power that they hold. Words can uplift and words can break down. Choose words that uplift. Choose words that build. Choose words that stay with others. This how you can become memorable.

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    The Power of WORDS

    in Women

    Words are POWER-ful!

    I had no idea how powerful the words we speak were, until my husband died seven years ago. God revealed to me how that his words played an integral part in his death. 

    I had an idea that we could use words for affirmations and speak positvely over our lives, but I had no idea that negative words spoken could result in HUGE consequences. I hope that as I share this powerful example with you, you will consider it in YOUR life.




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    The POWER of words and Prayer, Have The Right Heart and Posture!

    in Christianity

    The power of words are so important and our posture when we pray. It amazing how how we feel and what we think and what we say inside and out affect the way we talk and pray.

    This in turn affects the prayer life we have altogether and that is where we want to be on our guard against negative forces that work against us having a thoughtful and effective prayer life in the HOLY Spirit. 

    So then when we think right and pray fervently or with energy and right posture really makes a huge difference. 

    Prayer is so powerful and it so epic when we draw close to the LORD and stand, truly stand on and in HIM  His word and we wrestle with the enemy and stomp on his lies we gain dominion and win the warfare.

    The beating of the devil is the place we need to be daily to see JOY and kjeep it.

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    The Power of Words

    in Spirituality

    Come, be with Edith Namm and myself as we explore the power of words. Edith has 25 years experience as a counselor and educator, over 20 years experience as a Certified Specialized Handwriting Analyst. She has authored 6 books on stress management and is dedicated to sharing simple, safe, specific self-help strategies that empower one to activate a Positively Energized Lifestyle filled with hope, health and happiness, regardless of one’s age, gender or economic background.

    Words are not benign by any sense of the word. Benign meaning not harmful! On the contrary, certain words can be extremely harmful when used. The intent behind the word is only part of the force of the word; the energy of the word its-self is what creates the outcome of its use. Learn which words cause harm and which words have the power to positively energize your body and heal your mind.

    We are looking forward to sharing with you and allowing Spirit to bring Love & Light into your life.

    Journey On,

    Rose Louise

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