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    Special Guest Stewart Pearce, Master of Voice, Sound Healer, Angel Medium

    in Spirituality


    This year I am very excited to share with you  a line up of  truly inspirational and talented professionals of angelic knowledge, healing and more.  It is my commitment that you are empowered in your life as you receive messages and guidance to live your life fully with grace and ease.

    My first guest of 2015  we have the pleasure of having Stewart Pearce, Master of Voice, Sound Healer and Angel Medium share his expertise and wisdom. He has created angelic sound healing processes using the transformative energy of the voice for soul, inspiration and personal development.



    He is also the author of the books 'The Alchemy of Voice', 'The Heart's Note', and 'The Angels of Atlantis'.

    He also has published two beautful oracle cards decks.

    Listen in to learn more about the power of our voice, owning our 'signature note', the connection to angels and their own unique sounds and how all of this allows us to attract abundance, love and peace.

    Stay tuned for more details to be posted!

    Call in at 424-675-6837.

    Angel light and love, Barbara

    www.Bcalvanocoaching.com  bcalvano-coaching@usa.net

    Facebook at Bcalvanocoaching




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    A Kind Voice on Movies

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    "Bruceploitation - A cultural phenomenon mostly seen in the 1970's & early 80's after the 1973 death of martial artist and actor Bruce Lee. A portmanteau of the name "Bruce" and exploitation, it refers to the practice on the part of filmmakers in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan who hired Bruce Lee look-alike actors ("Lee-alikes") to star in many cheap knock-off martial arts movies to cash in on Lee's success after his death."

    Join us as our guest will be film maker Nick Nielsen and we will be talking about his documentary about those actors that filled the void that legendary Bruce Lee left after his passing.

    Check out his Kickstarter campaign for this documentary.

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    "A Voice"

    in Lifestyle

    Throughout history, there have always been someone or someones who have provided an inspirational voice of reason or a reasoning in their words that people claim that they live by. 

    This week, we'll talk about the people that we consider "a voice" or an inspiration to us. And the variety of people is amazing. 

    Voices of Inspiration.

    This week. "On-Air".  

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    Claim a Balanced Perspective on Power

    in Self Help

    When we hear or think about the word, Power, we all have a vision or mindset. How healthy is that mindset for you? Join me as we explore cultivating a healthy relationship with our power center and how that balanced inner power can radiate a stable, peaceful world around us.

    “What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.” -Plutarch

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    Voice of Joy Prayer Reauest Day

    in Spirituality

    .We all love to pray.  We all wait for an answer. Well let the Voice of Joy join you today in that special prayer requestwo or   Only God knows the answer. but when thwo or three join together in agreement  all forces that come to hinder and bind our belief are put to flight.  We have the viictory in Jesus name.  I pray for your healing, health and welth this very day.  Open the windows of heaven and let us together air these prayer request out. God bless and keep you.

  • The Velvet Voice Unscripted, Live Show

    in Podcasting

    Join the Velvet Voice, Dangerdoll and the rest of the UNSCRIPTED XBOX crowd as we take the community around the playing field with the latest news in gaming and entertainment.

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    The Online Power Hour Of Prayer

    in Religion

    The Online Power Hour Of Prayer
    Every Monday Morning 
    At 10:00 A.M Eastern Until 12:00 Noon Eastern

    Simulcasting And Joining In Fellowship Live On BlogTalk
    With Ring of Fire Ministries - And COT - Council Of Time's

    Both On BlogTalk Radio

    Join Us Live For The 
    Power Hour of Prayer 
    Monday January 26, 2015

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    VOICE of Yuba County DrHaymanb 15/01/24

    in Politics Conservative

    Marijuana and unintended consequences

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    A Kind Voice on Music - Randle Chowning

    in Music

    Our show this week features founding member of the Ozark Mountain Daredevils, Randle Chowning. We'll be discussing his upcoming recording project, how crowdsource funding is aiding established rock and roll legends and hear of his adventures both in and out of the Daredevils. Host Mitch Ruth will strive to ask the pertinant question,"Would you like fries with that?"

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    Lymphedema Voice & Activist: Leigh Elke

    in Health

    Leigh comes forth today talking about what brought her into the passion for the activism for lymphedema rights, what she has done with that time frame, and what her hopes are for the future.

    Leigh was diagnosed at 21 years old with lymphedema/lipedema, PCOS, fibromaylgia, Chronic fatigue syndrome high blood pressure, hypothyroidsm all on the same day. She had gained 230 pounds in one year. After reaching 500 pounds she had gastric bypass surgery, successfully losing 340 pounds in one year. After consulting with Dr Herbst in June 2014 for a "formal" diagnosis of stage 3 lipoedema she has undergone 3 surgeries for lipedema, all reimbursed by BCBS PPO. Additionally she has authorization for 6 total surgeries and 1 tummy apron removal. She is a disabled stay at home mother of 3, hoping to help others in the same situation with a non profit organization and insurance questions/answers.

    To learn more about the activism and lymphedema issues:


    Lymphedema Treatment Act http://lymphedematreatmentact.org



    and remember to keep #SharingYourVoice

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    Voice of Yuba County 150124drhaymanA

    in Politics Conservative

    Dr Hayman interview about the unintended consequences of marijuana use around children and the failuire to realize the dangers to brain growth.

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