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    The Power of Love with Les Jensen

    in Spirituality

    Please join us as we explore The Power of Love, with Les Jensen. Les is founder of New Human Living, author of "Citizen King: The New Age of Power," and host of New Human Living Radio.

    The Power of Love. Love is a form of power. Love has the ability to heal any situation. It can transform the world in which we live, both on a personal level, and on a collective level. Our Heart is the portal of Love. When the citizens heal, the kingdom will thrive, every time. You have the ability to expand the Love that can flow through you, as you. When you open to Love, the possibilities for your future expand. The dreams of your life grow more beautiful by the day. Learn the nature of this Divine Love. Become the brilliant beacon of Love that you can be. Love You!

    To learn more about Les and New Human Living please visit NewHumanLiving.com.

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    Karma Part 2 The Power of Love

    in Spirituality

    On today’s episode Dr. Master Zhi Gang Sha continues his teaching on karma.

    Dr. Master Sha will also teach us how to use the power of love to clear karma and blockage in any part of your life. Tune In.

    Master Zhi Gang Sha is a soul revolutionary Tao healer who brings the power of soul to humanity. Soul can heal. Soul can transform all life.

    With an M.D. in conventional modern medicine and early mastery of traditional Chinese medicine, Master Sha has long been a renowned Tao healer. He is also a grandmaster of all of the major ancient Chinese disciplines, including tai chi, qi gong, kung fu, the I Ching and feng shui. Through four-thousand-year-old lineages, he holds powerful ancient wisdom and secrets of healing, rejuvenation, longevity and the spiritual journey. Above all, he is a special chosen divine servant, vehicle and channel who brings us the treasures of divine soul power.

    To learn more about Dr. Master Sha, check out his website at www.drsha.com

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    The Power of Love

    in Goals

    Today Arthur will be talking about the power of love. It is easy to love people that are pleasant and in times that are good. But the real secret to creating the life you want is to bring love to an awkward situation or relationship. The key idea here is to bring. And you bring love through your feelings from your thoughts. 

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    The Power of Love

    in Self Help

    Join Sabrina and Luminessa in this powerful discussion on what is the Power of Love?

    1. What is love? Is it an emotion or more than that?

    2. How do we limit ourselves in feeling love for others?

    3. Can we learn to love unconditionally and without limits?

    4. What is the power of love and how can it change our relationships and our world?

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    The Power of Love

    in Self Help

    On this week's radio show we dug deep in the audio vault and decided to play an encore presentation of a show that we did LIVE (back in the day when we were on live every Saturday morning from 9am to 10am). The theme is The Power of Love and features great music, insights about the dance of relationship, and conversation with four great social change artists (and friends) who were in Uganda at the time (thank God for great phone lines). I spoke with Sally Brown Bassett, Nikki Myers, Sean Corn and Suzanne Sterling who were representing Off The Mat Into the World.


    The conversation and music begins Sunday at noon EST on 88.7FM, WICR (Indianapolis area) and worldwide atrichardbrendan.com.

    Visit www.offthematintotheworld.org

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    Praying with Power and Love

    in Spirituality

    We will pray on tonight with power and love. Thank you for tuning in to the ministry. Come expecting a blessing and with a thankful attitude.


    If you would like to be a guest on the ministry:



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    Al Diaz and co-host Estaryia Venus insights on The Healing Power of Love

    in Lifestyle

    Al Diaz and co-host Estaryia Venus share their insights on The Healing Power of Love

    Wednesday, September 30th  10am PST

    Estaryia Venus, a pioneer in Sound and Vibrational Healing, is an internationally recognized spiritual teacher, sound healer public speaker, and visionary who, for over 20 years, has helped thousands of people release stress, achieve better health, and experience a deeper mind, body, and spirit connection.  

    Featured on CBS's Eye On America, she leads vibrational healing workshops, sound healing rejuvenation retreats, and sacred site tours worldwide.

    Her one-on-one in person, or long-distance, healing sessions have produced life changing results in her clients across the globe -- transforming their lives physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. 

    Integrating her 20 years of experience in alternative energy healing modalities and techniques, Estaryia  utilizes the healing power of her multi-phonic voice, the newest in scientific sound technologies, sacred geometry, and meditation, and shares ways to use the power of sound, breath, & movement for healing and transforming one's life!  

    Estaryia's series of sound healing frequency CDs incorporate scientifically proven technologies that: 

    balance the brain hemispheres, 
    release stress, 
    awaken expanded states of consciousness, 
    and activate energy on a cellular level for greater mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual balance and rejuvenation.


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    Praying with Power and Love

    in Spirituality

    Tonight we are praying. We are praying to God for the NFL Draft and we are pray for breakthroughs in the name of Jesus. We are praying for broken hearts, minds and the need to feel God. We love God with all of our heart and want to bring him the highest praise.


    We are praying tonight, you may come and bring someone with you.

    Check out alfreda.hubpages.com-Hot articles

    alfredaloveshow.com=News, ministry, hot articles

    FB: Alfreda Love

    If you want to be a guest on the show or have a comment:


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    The Power of Love, with guest Rev. Daya Devi-Doolin!

    in Spirituality

    Discover • Manifest • Transform!

    Our episode guest, Rev. Daya Devi-Doolin, will share her empowering message about the power of Love!  Her journey is rich with self-discovery, and is a published author, Hatha Yoga Instructor, and healer trained in several modalities.

    Here's an excerpt from her blog, Inspire Me Today: "When you realize to your core of being that there is only love, you start to live life knowing that there is nothing that can harm you nor can anyone harm you. You will also not consider harming anyone with your words or deeds. Loving yourself profusely means you will not allow anything or anyone to be treated unkindly or seen as above you in any way. Everyone is a part of the Whole of God."

    You can learn more about her transformative work by visiting he links below:

    www.amberbooks.com for her Ultimate book for beginners and young at heart

    www.padaran.com for all her books on self-growth and metaphysical books

    www.akalevelseven.com for all their music as duo aka Level Seven, Chris and Daya Devi-Doolin


    Please do join the discussion with your comments and questions by calling in or reaching out through our chat board! 

    Together WE create the Shift!

    One Love!

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    Praying with Power and Love

    in Spirituality

    When we speak of praying, we are praying unto a God who can do everything but fail. When we pray until God we pray with a purpose and understand the purpose. What are you praying for? We must pray with Belief In God. We must always keep our eyes focused on our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. So come on in and pray with me!



    If you would like to be a guest-emonya_love@yahoo.com