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    Toxic Relationship Pow Wow Series w/Bruce Starr, THE Original LUVcoach

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    CL3 Toxic Relationship Power Pow-Wow is built around the theme “Improving Relationships and getting Desired Results".  Having strong, healthy and meaningful relationships with self, partner, children, (extended)family, co-workers and community are key components to maintaining one’s quality of life.  When one is happy within, it seems to positively affect all aspects of their life.

    The Platform show invites a variety of experts to the show who know how to teach self-love, esteem and respect as well as how to recognize when a relationship is not healthy and how to transform to having happy, healthy relationships.

    Today's Guest: CL3 Exclusive Member Bruce Starr, THE Original LUVcoach who has a unique mind and heart stimulating approach to love, relationships and how it affects our world and environment.  His enthusiasm, wealth of knowledge, and his obvious exploration into the causes to why people are so unhappy in love, or without relationships at all, will encourage your listeners to submit their questions to Bruce or invest in their well­-being by securing private or group coaching with Bruce.  Read more.

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    Americans as POW in America

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    Americans will soon have little recourse against a government bent on controlling every aspect of their lives, and the way our country is headed freedom will be on the endangered species list.


    With the passage of the NDAA our government is operating with impunity, overriding Posse Comitatus, and allowing the military unchecked power to arrest, detain, interrogate and even assassinate its patriots. Including detaining them indefinitely without cause. We are losing our freedoms by the minute and have arrived at a critical breaking point. America is unrecognizable in this state and we have hit the nightmare scenario.


    From July 15th to September 15th, 2015, the U.S. Army Special Operations Command is conducting a massive military drill in an area covering the entire American   Southwest. At first glance, I thought this drill was a response to the massive military drills being conducted by Russia. I wrongly assumed that Jade Helm 15 was a drill designed to protect the Southwest from an invasion by Russian-backed Latin American military forces (i.e. Red Dawn). However, after reading the operational plan of Jade Helm, it is clear that this drill is about the brutal martial subjugation of the people of Texas, Utah and Southern California who have risen up against some unspecified tyranny. Further, this drill is also about martial law being used as a preventative measure in states which “might” lean towards civil war against the United States government (i.e. California, Nevada, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico).

    The operational elements and impact of Jade Helm 15 cannot be considered in isolation. A careful analysis reveals how this drill is connected to Army policies associated with the confinement of detainees in what is commonly called FEMA camps! This drill is undoubtedly the most frightening thing to occur on American soil since the Civil War.

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    Pow Wow Radio and Afternoon's Schools Out Special

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    Join Collin, Brandon, Rachel, and Morgan for the hour long Schools Out Special brought to you by Pow Wow Radio and Afternoons!

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    Awe, Wonder and a little "WOW" - Put some "wow" in your world

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    Feeling kinda "ho-hum" about things? It happens to all of us at one time or another. How about putting a little "wow" back in your perspective? Choose to see things differently and notice all the "wow-worthy" things around you! Tune in and hear some ideas for turning "ho-hum" into a big ol' "wow"!

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    This month WOW Inspiration is celebrating Women’s History month by honoring young RISING STARS! These inspiring young ladies are our future and it is definitely looking bright for them.  This month I have the privilege of interviewing Ms. Gabrielle Jordan. Gabrielle is the owner of Jewelz of Jordan, a booming of jewelry business that she started at the age of 9.  How amazing is that? This young lady does so much more but to find out more you have to tune in Wednesday March 4, 2015. So, Wednesday, gather you’re your sisters, aunts, cousins and all of the young ladies that you know and have them tune in to WOW Inspiration on Wednesday, March 4, 2015 at 5:30pm. www.blogtalkradio.com/wowinspiration or dial in to listen to 718-664-6996.

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    Korryn is an innovator who saw the need to create a community of like-minded young ladies to become their best selves. Korryn is the founder and president of Poise for a Purpose.  She enjoys mentoring girls in middle through high school.  Korryn believes all girls need to know that they are beautiful and their lives have a purpose.  Her goal is to show young ladies that they are valuable, smart, beautiful and remarkable in their own way. How does she do this? She conducts weekly interactive workshops with girls of all ages, backgrounds and ethnicities. Korryn is a straight "A" honor student that believes in praying, working hard, showing love towards others and the importance of serving her community.  This young lady is definitely POISED FOR A PURPOSE!


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    Speaking YOUR Truth!

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    Speaking YOUR Truth! What does that mean? How often have you been in a situation and someone says, “How are you?” and you reply “fine,” knowing that this is not true, yet we are so caught up in thinking about what other people may want to hear rather than what is True for us in that moment.  Speaking YOUR truth is crucial to living a life of fulfillment, authenticity and passion.  So, if you are tired of feeling that your voice doesn’t matter, feeling like you are living a lie and you are you tired of reliving the same painful feelings then make sure you tune in Wednesday 2/18/2015 at 5:30pm to WOW Inspiration Radio to hear how you can begin speaking YOUR truth.


    Are you ready to experience inner peace, joy and happiness? Are you ready to start living and stop hiding? It’s time to start loving yourself unconditionally by Speaking YOUR truth as only YOU can! Your voice matters!  Join us for a candid discussion as we discuss “Speaking Your truth” With Ms. Sequoia Gillyard, "The Word Worshiper CEO of Empowering Ink LLC. Ms. Gillyard is a published author, playwright, poet, actress, blogger, and speaker. She recently published her first book titled Pillars of Hope.

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    Duluth Politics radio show episode 40. WOW look at us go!!!

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    LOL tonight it episode 40 already of our little internet radio show.  

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    Smooth Skin for Spring! L'Dara's Anti-Aging Serum Will Wow!

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    If you've grown tired of old, rough, dry, wrinkled, uneven skin this winter and are ready to learn how you can look you, vibrant, smooth, rejuvenated, velvety and YOUNG - tonight's the show for you!

    Deb with L'Dara International and Sara Jane from Saks 5th Avenue ill be my Special Guest Star to talk about this award winning anti-aging serum. 

    Not only will Deb talk about the product benefits, she will also share how L'Dara may be a business opportunity you would like to explore while helping others look their best!

    Call 323 657-1493 to ask questions!

    To find out more about L'Dara or to become a customer or Marketing Partner click here!

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    Tänk om livet är WOW!

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    Tomas Lydahl, Martin Järnland, Rasmus Carlsson och David Andersson pratar om hur livet faktiskt kan vara WOW! oavsett omständigheterna när vi förstår hur vi fungerar.

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