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    Potty Training Support E75

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    Today's episode is THE LAST RADIO SHOW we'll be doing. We are moving to a YouTube channel that will launch in October of 2014.  Thank you for all the call ins and questions. But Video did indeed kill the radio star :)  .

    This show included the following topics:

    *Mom from last week who did the "poop camp" reported back with GREAT success. The child is still pooping every few days but mom feels very on track. YAY!

    *Mom in desperate need of advice for potty training a child on the autistic spectrum.

    *29 month old boy, 2 and a half weeks in. He doing great but parents have questions about 1) he's getting up around 2 hours earlier than normal.  2) is experimenting with throwing toys, etc. into the potty and dumping pee from pot right in front of the toilet. 3) insists on sitting on the porcelian part of the toilet, without the seat. Mom is particularly worried about this and public restroom use.

    * 23 month girl has been potty trained since July. Out of the blue, she's having accidents both at daycare and at home. Daycare is insisting on a diaper. Mom sees no molars coming in and no UTI. It doesn't feel behavioral but they don't know what to do.

    *23 month boy is doing great. He's been almost 100% at home and at daycare.  However, poop is an issue at daycare. He poops in his pants there almost every day. Is Mama stuck waiting this out or is there something else she can do to help?

    *Mom is "desperate" and thinking of alternative medicines for her 3 and half year old. He does great for a few days and then it all goes down hill. Spoiler alert: YES! chiropractic, in particular, but also acupuncturists, naturopaths and allegists are all recommeded particularly if you are struggling with an older child and it's not behavioral (this case doesn't sound behavioral)


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    Potty Training Support E71

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    Today's episode included the following topics:

    *Night training: Child wakes himself to pee but it's often and Mama is 37 weeks pregnant and TIRED. 

    *Another night training question: child is still in crib and has a very strong reaction when anyone even enters her room at night. Parents are NOT ABLE, at all, to wake the child. However, she has been staying dry at night almost all time. Is it best to start going without a diaper? Or should the parents wait until child is in a bed?

    *Child is doing great with potty training but still freaks out when releasing poop. When/how can this be resolved?  Should they move onto to undies?

    *Mom of twins who need to be potty trained for preschool. Boy twin regularly poops in his pants and girl twin refuses to sit on the potty. Help! Mom has tried EVERYTHING.

    *Little girl is doing great. She's still in block 2 and has no accidents at home. Daycare insists on a pull-up and she consistently pees in the pull-up.

    *28 month old boy who is going to TOWN with fruits, creating messy diapers. Mom is gearing up to start potty training and wondering if she should wait till poops are back to normal.

    *Mom is strung out on night training. No discernable patterns of pee and no discernable progress.




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    Potty Training Support E69

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    Today's episode included the following topics:

    *Child is on day 3 and is doing great and even self initiating. However, she's peeing a little bit very frequently. How can that be fixed?

    *Night training question: 3 year old STILL is not making any progress. Mom is waking 3 times a night and is DONE. Of note: she has a younger child who is showing night time progress.  So clearly, it's the child and not what mom is or isn't doing.

    *Child was about 70% there for potty training and then moved backwards. Lots of accidents and he won't tell anyone when he has to go. There's the added fact that he needs to be trained for preschool in September.

    *Another night training question: Never ANY consistency. All catches seem to be random as do the accidents. Mom wonders if the wakings are actually making it worse.

    *Child is doing pretty great with potty training but seems to have an intense fear around the moment of release.

    *Parents have chosen a reset due to poop withholding. Child has a history of extreme holding/constipation. How to set up success for the go-around.

    *Child having a few accidents a week, mostly due to being very afraid/unwilling to use public restrooms


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    Potty Training Support E68

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    Today's episode included the following topics:

    *Child is 30 months, starting again after a reset. He's doing great so far but confuses the word pee and poop. Should the parents try to fix this? He poops in night time diapers...Mom is unsure what to do. Suggestions for keeping the success going.

    *How to deal with behavior issues while potty training. To be clear: NOT potty behavior issues. Parents utilize time outs, but they result in accidents. Mom is unsure if this is revenge or just high emotions.

    *Nap/night training: Mom is unclear. 1. If you want to do both, should you start both day and night training on the same exact day? and 2. Should child be completely naked? Or commando? Or undies?

    *Dad calling in: Child needs to go to the toilet up to 15 times before she releases pee. They are on day 4...how can he help her release in a more effecient manner?

    *A list of parent recommended books related to pottying to use while child is on the toilet.

    *Child is 22 months, day 1, block 1.  Did okay in the morning and in the afternoon hit major resistance.

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    Potty Training Support E72

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    Today's episode included the following topics:

    *Child is making some good progress, even after some bumps in the road. He has pooped in the potty a few times but suddenly won't. He does an extensive "poop dance", mom prompts him but he'll sit for a minute, pop up, and then poop on the floor. Is this normal in the process? Does he need more time to "get it"?

    *Child is having severe constipation issues. She's had a enema at the children's hospital and prescribed laxatives. She doesn't want to poop in the potty and she doesn't want to poop in a diaper. Pooping itself causes a lot of drama. This child has what I call "butt trauma."

    *Family on day 3 with a 20 month old boy. Mom is definitely seeing progress but not a ton. Biggest problem is child won't sit to pee for any length of time.

    *Techical question: how to download OCPT to the iPad.

    *Child is doing great with pee. But with poop, she almost seems to get no warning. She will tell parents immediately after she poops but every poop seems to catch her by surprise

    *Night Training: why we do it. Why you shouldn't just leave your child to wet the bed. Why you shouldn't use undies/trainers with rubber pants. And other random questions about night training.

    *How to talk to your friends about potty training. (spoiler alert: you really don't)

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    Potty Training Support E65

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    Today's episode included the following topics:

    *Child was is doing great with pee and was doing great with poop. After some daycare accidents, she now regularly poops in her pants. There's no fear or resistance to pooping in the potty. She just got off track.

    *Day 3, Block 1 with an 18 month old. Resistant and crying when put on the potty and will consistently pee on parents laps. 

    *Child is doing great during the day. Parents aren't night training but child wakes up when her diaper is wet and wants to be changed. She's dry at naptime. What to do?

    *Child is 4 and completely day trained. Consistently wets the bed at night.  She's a sound sleeper who doesn't even wake once she pees. What can the parents do besides wake her up at night to go?

    *Day 2, Block 1 with 19 month old son who's not too happy about the whole thing.

    *35 month old boy who had one self initiated poop and then started to withhold. Won't even poop in nap/nighttime diapers.

    *Potty training is going great but child is suddenly showing all kinds of acting out/limit testing. Could this be related to the potty training?





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    Potty Training Support E61

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    Today's topics included the following:

    *Child who is a hard sleeper. Wake up pees at night time are difficult.  Child also was doing great during the day and suddenly is having accidents.

    *Day 4 of potty training 27 month old. Going great but pooped in his sleep and it was everywhere! What can the parents do?

    *Day 2, block 1 with a 20 month old. His comprehension is good but still only babbling. Should the parents try again in a few months or proceed with potty training?

    *Child has done great with OCPT and now can hold it for hours and hours. He'll only go at key times during the day and will drop everything when he really has to go. Mom fears he will have an accident.

    *Almost 3 months in with a 27 month old girl. She's done great and now suddenly is having accidents. 

    *Night training: child was doing well then suddenly started massively rejecting wake up pees. She planks her body and THEN pees getting pee everywhere. 

    *Are pull ups okay to use if it's taking up to a year to potty train? (Spoiler alert: if it's taking you a year to potty train, you're doing it wrong and need to adjust something)

    *Child had a bout of diarrhea last week and now that he's well, he's still having poop accidents

    *Would I recommend getting a "potty training doll" to assist in the process?

    *Mama unsure if it's time to start with panties on her 28 month old girl.


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    Potty Training Support E70

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    Today's episode included the following topics:

    *What does nighttime success look like? Is it the child staying dry throughout the night? Or the child being able to wake themselves to go in the middle of the night?

    *Child is doing pretty great at night training but always has an accident very early in the morning, close to wake up time. Mom thinks she is still asleep. Child is also having accidents, only at home with mom. All other situations are great. Mom thinks she forgets about having to pee at home.

    *Boy/girl twins, almost 3 yo; girl is doing great however, the little boy is a major dribbler...enough to have to change clothes each time.

    *25 month girl who does wonderful outside of the house. While home, she isn't bothered at all by accidents.

    *2.5 yo boy who did fantastic at first. Mom went right to block 2 but now child is having accidents and isn't bothered at all by them.

    *26 month old girl previously had big fear of release. She is now over that and will pee once she starts "dancing". The problem she will NOT go when prompted. Mom wants to start night training but can't wrap her head around how her daughter will take to the night time waking/prompts.

    *Trouble with transitioning to clothes.

    *Homeschool question: how to balance homeschool and a business?




    Read more: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ohcrap/2014/07/29/potty-training-support-e68#ixzz38iMu4z00

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    Potty Training Support E67

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    Today's episode included the following topics:

    *Block one went fantastic but when Mom puts pants on the child, he pees in them.

    *Mom with an 18 month old. She's seeing progress but still very confused. The child seems to get it sometimes but not other times.

    *Child is not having accidents at preschool but won't actually pee either. He's holding it until pick up.

    *Child seems to think that everytime he sits, he needs to poop as well as pee. 

    *Child is fully potty trained. Started pre-school in May and started pooping in his pants.

    *Mom started potty training with a 17 month old with a different "method". She ended up rediapering. Has she caused any damage? And when would be a good time to start again?

    *How to handle the newly potty trained with all the backyard water play?

    *Mom casually ECed all her childs life and was starting to graduate to fully potty trained. Then a move and a new baby happened. Now, there's zero catches in the potty.

    *Day 4 and poop struggles.

    *4 year old who refuses to poop in a potty. Currently in a pull up.

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    Potty Training Support E64

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    Today's episode included the following topics:

    *Child has trouble falling/staying asleep. Freaks OUT when woken to nighttime potty. He's still in a crib and still completely soaked in a cloth diaper. What to do about night training?

    *A week of block 1 and just starting block 2. Child is soaking through pants without a care in the world.

    *Parents are planning to start potty training but have a long car trip in a month. There will be over 24 hours in the car. Should they start now or wait till after the trip?

    *Child started having an accident at least once a day, out of the blue. Previously, she was absolutely potty trained.

    *Starting next week. Parents plan on being out in the yard. Is having the potty chair out there okay?

    *What do you do about meal time in block one?

    *Tips for leaving the house when moving forward in the process and actually LEAVING THE HOUSE :)

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    Potty Training Support E62

    in Parents

    This week's episode included the following topics:

    *Parents are doing one or 2 wake ups at night to great success. Will doing this create a dependency? How do they know when to move on?

    *Night training 2 kids who share a room. One is a deep sleeper and one is a super light sleeper.

    *First day of block 2...parents did a slightly longer outing and it was a full blown disaster. What to do...naked, at home potty trained is not potty trained.

    *How do you stop kids from popping up off the potty? These twins have been EC'd and are starting to see the potty and pottying as a toy/joke.

    *Tips for nursing and pottying, especially first thing in the morning.

    *15 days in and child was doing great. All of sudden had some accidents and mom went back to block 1. Child peed on the floor like she was clueless. Help!

    *Child is indicating that he'd like to start pottying but Mom is about to give birth to Child #2...jump into potty training? Or wait for maternity leave?

    *Parents started "nap trainining" and child is dry 50% of the time. Should they start night training even though child still pees a TON at night?

    *Can potty training release a crazy, tantrum child?