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    Correcting Posture in Raleigh, NC

    in Health

    http://www.greaterchiro.com.  Dr. Jeffrey Roistacher and Dr. Christian Werness host an informative radio show on posture.  Posture is one of the key indicaters of health! Did you know that your entire body is run by your central nervous system? Your Central Nervous System is composed of your brain, spinal cord, and nerves.  If you have poor posture due to your work or home ergonomic station it can have devasting effects.  Listen to our radio show next week and learn what it takes to correct your posture.  http://www.greaterchiro.com/posture


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    DETERMINED TO LIVE FOR JESUS-"Posture,Time,Place,Approach"- PART D

    in Religion

    My desire to live for Jesus, to walk with Him consistently is dependent upon my understanding of the power of a solid prayer-life. One might pose this question:"How do I establish a solid prayer-life?" Others may be be confused about what Posture to assume? Time of day to pray? The Place of prayer? And finally, what Approach to use when coming into the presence of this Great God? These are legitimate questions that will be addressed in today's Lesson. As we enter The Learning Center, I encourage you to add to what you know and learn about the things of God in order that you may grow. For there is no greater knowlege to be sought after than what is found in God's Word, the Bible, that assures the seeker of a thorough understanding of all things that pertain to The Creator of all flesh, whose desire is for His blood-bought to know Him and that they may inherit eternal life! As your teacher, I may be reached at: (209) 817-5087 TEXT/PHONE, E-MAIL jiveysmith@att.net

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    From Poor Posture to Shark Tank - One Entrepreneur's Story

    in Business

    In 2006, Matt Franklin quit his day job doing marketing for a high-tech company and started his own video production company, that he still manages today, specializing in the creation of sales, marketing and training videos for tech companies. Matt is also an inventor. His most notable product, PostureNOW, was a collaborative effort between him and a friend, both of whom were suffering from poor posture that resulted from long days hunched over a computer. That product led them to a Shark Tank appearance and has brought in nearly $2 million in sales. Matt recently completed a successful Kickstarter campaign for another invention, the GripSnap, which is a phone stand with an ultra-powerful neodymium magnet base. Today, Matt divides his time working on his various business and has also developed an online course in posture improvement and workplace ergonomics, called Automatic Posture.

    We're going to talk with Matt about his experience, what he learned and what we can learn from him. 

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    How to have posture in your business, even if you haven't had any success yet!

    in Entrepreneur

    It's not generally WHAT you say, it's HOW you say it. Develop the art of posture so that you can share your product or opportunity with others without it feeling weird, needy or fearful.

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    The POWER of words and Prayer, Have The Right Heart and Posture!

    in Christianity

    The power of words are so important and our posture when we pray. It amazing how how we feel and what we think and what we say inside and out affect the way we talk and pray.

    This in turn affects the prayer life we have altogether and that is where we want to be on our guard against negative forces that work against us having a thoughtful and effective prayer life in the HOLY Spirit. 

    So then when we think right and pray fervently or with energy and right posture really makes a huge difference. 

    Prayer is so powerful and it so epic when we draw close to the LORD and stand, truly stand on and in HIM  His word and we wrestle with the enemy and stomp on his lies we gain dominion and win the warfare.

    The beating of the devil is the place we need to be daily to see JOY and kjeep it.

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    What is the Correct Posture for Prayer?

    in Christianity

    The Bible talks about several postures to use while praying.

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    The Global Church Live "Grace Posture" With DrFaye

    in Christianity

    Tired of Church as usual?  Missed church on Sunday?  Want to get a jump start on Sunday's message?  Then you are where you need to bookmark and thrive.

    Join us right here every Saturday morning at 10:30AM EST with DrFaye and The Global Church Live!

    The Global Church is a multi-media ministry with outreaches in the UK, Africa, Trinidad and other points of power.  Call your cousins and listen in as the Word of God comes alive right here on internet radio!


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    Empower Me Now "Grace Posture" With DrFaye

    in Christianity

    Welcome to the all new "Empower Me Now" broadcast, hosted by DrFaye.

    We bring your product and/or services before our live and thriving audience.

    For information on how you can be a guest, contact our office at drfaye@drfaye.com or call 215-621-8694.



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    Posture & Presence - Kevin Hunter & Stacia Christenson

    in Business

    Host Kevin Hunter and featured guest host Stacia Christenson discuss how people view each other based on appearances. Kevin and Stacia's insights into work relationships and work attitudes are dynamic. First impressions play a big role in the hiring and promoting process. Your physical posture affects how people perceive you, and your attitude or mental posture can either help you succeed or hold you back in business,


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    Republicans and Democrats Unite!

    in Self Help

    United we stand...divided we fall. Is there enough good in each of the national political parties to salvage what we have nad create something greater? Is there a redeeming quality to the Republicans and Democrats that, without the present adversarial posture, could move this country in a more positive direction?

    Tonight's exciting and inspiring topic!

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    Strengthen Your Body and Your Mind Wednesday with Tracey and Friends

    in Current Events

    If you are not healthy you will never be able to acheive your dreams and ambitions.  Today we will focus on healthy living.  Did you know that by just sitting and standing upright can improve your health?   Dr. Matt Mason from Mason Wellness Center will be here to talk to us about Spinal health and Chiropratic Medicine.  

    The conversation will continue to Mental Health and then Living off the Farm

    Join in the Conversation 347-945-5229