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    The Gift of Maybe: Finding Hope and Possibility in Uncertain Times

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    The Gift of Maybe: Finding Hope and Possibility in Uncertain Times with Allison Carmen

    Allison Carmen spent many years fighting a powerful addiction. It wasn’t drugs, alcohol or fame. It was an addiction to certainty. If she didn’t know what the future would bring – and who does? – she felt anxious and afraid. This decades-long struggle followed her through college, marriage, parenthood, and a successful law career. While everything seemed fine from the outside, Allison was in a constant battle that was unwinnable, sapping her energy, attention, and spirit. Until the day she discovered the power of Maybe.

    Maybe is a simple yet powerful philosophy that has transformed Allison’s life, and the life of her many clients (now that she has ditched her legal career and has become a successful business consultant and life coach). The message is this: In the face of uncertainty, Maybe opens your mind and heart. It creates a little space for hope. It allows you to take a deep breath, stay in the present, and forge your own path.

    Today, Allison works as an author, life coach, business consultant and blogger. Allison Carmen is the author of The Gift of Maybe, a book offering hope and possibility in the face of uncertainty.  Due to her popular blog, and online presence, Allison has tens of thousands of international followers all who are embracing the mindset of Maybe to deal with the fast-paced, changing economic and political landscape all over the world. Allison also writes a blog for the Huffington Post and Psychology Today. Allison has made several television appearances and is a guest lecturer at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

    For more information visit: http://www.allisoncarmen.com/

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    Scripting, The Process and Possibility

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    On this show Lisa M. Hayes and Cassie Parks are going to discuss scripting as it pertains to Deliberate Creation. They will teach you what is is, how to utilize it in your Deliber Creation practices, why it works, ways to play with it and their own experiences and success from scripting. This is a powerful too that can be untilized in many ways. 

    Both Cassie and Lisa have experienced huge shifts as a result of scripting. Cassie credits the success of her program Money, Money, Money to the alignment created through scripting. Lisa has had major epiphanies in the process of utilizing scripting. Lisa also utilizes scritping as a lesson in her program Score Your Soulmate.

    Scripting cracks possibilities wide open.  Cassie is now offering a scripting process called The Possibility Playground. Join us to learn all about scripting, it's possibilities and how to utilize it in your every day life!

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    Living In The YES... with Rev. Dr. Deborah L. Johnson - POSSIBILITY

    in Spirituality

    Join Rev. Dr. Deborah L. Johnson on "Living in the YES" on Life Conversations Radio Network.

    She brings spiritual tools you can use to upgrade your understanding about Spiritual Qualities and how you can apply them in your life as a daily practice.

    Tonight, she is focusing on POSSIBILITY. Let's hear more from Rev. D and join the conversation.  

    Call 347 426 3346 or SKYPE

    Rev. Deborah L. Johnson is the founding minister and president of Inner Light Ministries, an omnifaith outreach ministry dedicated to teaching the practical application of universal spiritual principles to all of life’s circumstances.

    She holds a vision of oneness, beyond creed and doctrine, and feels particularly called to heal the sense of separation between those adhering to conservative and progressive ideologies.

    She is founder and president of The Motivational Institute, an organizational development consulting firm specializing in cultural diversity serving the public, private, and non-profit sectors. As a dynamic public speaker, she is known for her ability to bring clarity to complex and emotionally charged issues.

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    Interstellar - Relationship Black Holes, Orbits and Possibility Jockeys

    in Spirituality

    We watched the new movie Interstellar and came back with a whole lot of thoughts about how love seeks to communicate through patterns--even the ones that look and feel so negative at times.

    If you're a "possibility jockey", join us for this ride. Buckle up! We're going into deep space and back again. Plus we get to talk about Matthew McConaughey, which is nice.

    If you would like to take a look at patterns which show up over and over again in such confusing ways, and how to recognize what they are trying to say from outside the gravitational force field of normal life, join us for the show.

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    Living an Inspired, Empowered and Joy-Filled Life w/ The Possibility Coaches

    in Spirituality

    "Living an Inspired, Empowered and Joy-Filled Life: 365 Daily Tips to Get You There!"

    Jon Satin and Chris Pattay are The Possibility Coaches™. They are master coaches with expertise in the areas of relationships, divorce and life challenges & transitions. Going beyond traditional coaching, Jon and Chris have guided hundreds of individuals and couples since 2002 to create healthier relationships and lives.  Their teachings demonstrate to clients how to gain a new perspective toward relationships & life by learning a new way of thinking and feeling.


    As spiritual teachers, they provide unique insight that gives clients the capacity to establish a healthy reconnection of mind, body and spirit.

    Jon and Chris are authors of the highly acclaimed book: "Living an Inspired, Empowered and Joy-filled Life: 365 Daily Tips to Get You There!"

    Main website: http://www.PossibilityCoaches.com

    To learn more about the book: http://www.365DailyTips.com

    About their online program: Blueprint for Living -Mastering Your Mindset...Loving Your Life!: http://www.NewInnerYou.com



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    Shifting to Visions of Possibility

    in Lifestyle

    Overcoming self defeating behavior and shifting from limiting thoughts to visions of possibility. Dr CJ Vennard talks with Co-Host Stephine Martin about the way we think, and how our habits/paradigm affect our daily life. Dr CJ will focus on sharing how we can become an even better communicator inner and outer by listening with intent and understanding and relating to the key personality traits. More > www.HelloDrCJ.com

    She also talks about plans for her new website and network for Healer launch this fall 2014. Book mark www.emotionalhealer.com


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    Bring the Brave - Children, Parenting and Possibility

    in Family

    Mike and Phil's conversations are always in moment, unscripted, and unexpected. The topic typically says it all and they invite you to come along for the ride.

    Bring the Brave is a program about men by men. Bring the Brave is a regular exploration of topics concerning the modern man. Family, fulfillment, love, fear, joy and passion and of finding meaning in the time that we have here. Sometimes light, sometimes deep, we'll delve into topics that excite us, inspire us, fascinate us and scare us in service of seeing what's there, of getting to know ourselves a little better. - See more at: http://www.thevoiceofleadership.com/bring-the-brave.html#sthash.tm48lMI2.dpuf

    Episode 6: Children, Parenting and Possibility

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    #5 Your Young Living Business: Inspiration - Possibility Thinking

    in Business

    Really want to grow big?  Ever find yourself thinking, I really want to grow big, but my kids and my job take all my time?  What about, I really want to get to my daily mode of operation, but I don't have time?  Learn how to transform no possibility into lots of possibilities...

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    Episode 111: Tracy Saville of Possibility Media Group

    in Entrepreneur

    Join us as we sit down with Tracy Saville of the Possibility Media Group. 
    Tracy has visioned, built, and/or executed lasting, impactful businesses, social impact initiatives, and helped design and drive innovative creative and business development strategies that drive profit and game-changing impacts for people, organizations, companies, and government for more than 25 years. She believes that technology and creativity gives us the tools to think divergently about how best to re-shape the future of our children and their children’s children.

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    What if there really was a realm of Faeryesque-type nature spirits that coexisted with us on this planet? Just think what we'd be missing out on with our unbelief!  Tonight we will continue to explore the possibility with more excerpts The Magic of Findhorn about elves and the God Pan.  I will also be speaking with Dr. Millie Lytle, advocate and leader in the natural health industry, about her Food for Mood, anti-aging diet (very cool!).


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    The Possibility of Faeries & Nature Spirits, Part 1

    in Spirituality

    Inspired by the Faery realm depicted in the film “Maleficient,” I’ve dug up some old books that have very interesting tales to tell about the very real possibility of Faeries and Nature Spirits.  I will also be speaking with Helen Woo, amazing woman and host of Self Aid Success Stories on Toginet radio. 

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