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    “The assassination of Malcolm X upset a good part of the American public. We were upset, and we tend to remain a bit on edge, not because Malcolm was a martyr to the cause of civil rights or because of any inherent contributions. he may have made to the solution of our race problems, but because he was the no compromising symbol of resistance and the spokesman for the non-nonviolent “black man” in America.  We were uneasy because the murder of Malcolm X could have set off a Chinese type “tong war” within the black nationalist factions striving for leadership of the masses in the Harlem’s of America

    We were aghast and dismayed by the 1964 Summer riots, by the looting and the wanton destruction of property, but the riots were not organized and led by any recognized leader, and they were riots against property  rather than against people.  They expressed the resentment and the hatred of the frustrated, pinned up Harlem lower class, but there were few instances of attacks against the human objects of this furry, which included the Negro middle class no less than the hated Jew and the “blue-eyed devils” whose commercial presence in Harlem is exasperatingly ubiquitous and so bitterly resented.”

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    WebbWeaver Books Proudly Presents: Author Leonardo Wild

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      The Galapagos Agenda: A Paradigm Shift Thriller Book 1~

      Max Villalobos is the gifted son of a corporate tycoon. His dream is to make it on his own, even if that means going against his powerful father who has far different plans when it comes to Max's future.

      In order to prove who's "boss" the infamous billionaire, Roy Villalobos, stages Max's own kidnapping using their personal Chief of Security. The plan backfires with a near escape, and an explosion that kills Max's girlfriend, turning the tables on Max's original plans.

      With the cloud of murder hanging over his head, Roy Villalobos offers to sort things out for Max, suggesting his son disappear until the air clears. But when Max arrives aboard the Galapagos Treasure on his way to the Cook Islands, he discovers that not only has he become Suspect #1, but his murdered beloved just happened to be an undercover MI-5 agent on a mission to infiltrate the family and investigate Max's father for multiple crimes.

    Yet the biggest crime of all is about to occur....

      Three Latin American political powerhouses have arranged a secret meeting to take place aboard the Galapagos Treasure. Working on a potential transfer of the Galapagos Islands into the hands of the U.S., their intention is to reset the military balance in case of a future confrontation with China. However, Roy Villalobos's 'World War' is good for business, and provoking a conflict between two dominant nations is just what Roy has in mind to increase his wealth and reach the epitome of power.

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    Wait Upon The Lord

    in The Bible

    Jesse Posts will be our guest to discuss the wrath of storms to hit Texas in the past weeks

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    Jenny Stewart On Paranormal Filler

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    Jenny Stewart is a paranormal investigator, psychic, medium, radio personality and writer. She is recognized as one of the country’s leading authorities within the study of Real Time audio ITC with her extensive research, and knowledge of equipment she coined the ghost box.

    Jenny founded Paranormal Research and Resource Society in 2008, with over a decade devoted to paranormal research she wanted to create an organization to provide education to anyone seeking it. She is the director of PRRS with Chapters throughout the country.

    In the fall of 2008 Jenny alongside her team conducted a residential investigation in Waldorf Maryland that became one of the most compelling cases in her paranormal career. The case later became a subject of Animal Planets hit series The Haunted. The episode titled The Ghost Box prophecies, shared the three warnings Jenny received from the ghost box while conducting the Waldorf investigation. All three warnings came true within six months of receiving them, including one that warned of murder. The Ghost Box Prophecies was the highest rated episode in the life of the series.

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    The Movement: Plans, People and the Future

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    The last couple of weeks we have been bashing the party and well we think yall got the idea. So now what's is being done to change the situation. Down South and Dirty in this episode explores the movements and people and the plans being laid to move forward. We will looking to the "Southern Movement", BrandNewCongress a little more. Tallk about some of the Candidates Running at the National and Local levels. Some of the issues that have come to the forefront and the plans to make them come to life. We also have Anoa Changa who will bring us all things Bernie and The Revolution from the world of Social Media. Stacy is hanging out on CNN today talking BrandNewCongress!!!! so we have Kenyette "The Legislative Empress" Barnes guest Co-Hosting!  We also are bring back the Dirty List yeah...The Dirty List is Back!! So join us on the Porch and sip on something something. Remember we want to hear from you so call in starting @2:30 EDT @657 383 0995 (Limit 2mins please) It's Down South and Dirty Y'all!




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    HEALing THrough Hurt Welcomes Lynne Cockrum-Murphy, Ed.D

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    Her sisters died in the house fire

    Her sisters died in the house fire; the only reason she lived is her father carried her out first before running back in for her sisters where they all perished. Lynne Cockrum-Murphy was three years old and living in an idyllic family in Northern California. Raised by a mother whose life was shattered by the tragedy and today would be called a victim of PTSD. Cockrum-Murphy’s childhood was jolted again when her step-father died in a logging accident a few years later and culminates in the murder of her mother. The book "Living Hope Steps To Leaving Sufering Behind" follows Cockrum-Murphy’s life from those tragedies forward to today.

    Lynne is an intuitive consultant specializing in supporting her clients to achieve freedom from limiting beliefs, to change work and life conditions to a happier state, and to embrace an expanding sense of self and possibility. She uses ThetaHealing, Access Bars ®, channeling and counseling skills to support clients in all their personal goals.


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    Rogue Talk Radio with Sheila and Drew!!

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    Between us we have over 50 years of Paranormal and Spirtual Experience ...YES we are Old...WISE...i meant WISE!!

    We are both part of the North East Texas Paranormal Society (NETPS)

    You can find us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Northeast-Texas-Paranormal-Society-10653904276168/?pnref=lhc

    Drew's personal website for you to contact directly is http://www.theravenspath.com/


    Originally from Sacramento California relocated to Northeast Texas in
    1999.  Shortly after, she began independent paranormal investigations
    as a hobby.  She quickly learned she has a talent for interpreting
    ambient energy through images and sound.  Her passion for Paranormal
    inquiry led her to become a founding member of the Northeast Texas
    Paranormal Society in 2009.  She has participated in over 100
    investigations of residential and commercial locations including
    historical sites such as the Stanley Hotel, Waverly Hills Sanatorium
    and Villisca Ax Murder House.

    And now Drew :

    Through the fact that i can only type a certain amount of characters here...to see Drew's Bio....click on the link and have a read......http://www.theravenspath.com/#!bio/c1ktj

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    Talking with Raylow and Wendi show

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    Current talk about Life, and current event that deal with today and tommorrow. What is in our goverment today why justice is not served our cops gets away with murder. which our forum speaks about life and others.

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    G14 Classified

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    Welcome back to Re-Evolution Radio for tonights show we gone take you back to a classic. Thats right we're bringing you back G14 Classified with your host brither Malik. For tonights show the topic of conversation is the one on everybodys lips Prince. Thats right Prince and the talk about his death. Natural, aids, suicide, accident or murder? You will find out tonight and hey you can call in and offer up your opinion. Let your voice be heard 347-855-8862. Catch G14 Classified every Friday night on Re-Evolution Radio Tune In and Drop Out.

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    Episode 42: Death Row Interview with Morton Ordwell and Visit With Peggy Wheeler

    in Entertainment

    Welcome to Wicked Little Things! Join us as we delve into an extra special episode.

    Tonight we have an exclusive interview with Morton Ordwell, a man sitting on death row for the conviction of two murders of women in the prostitution industry. The interview will dig deep into his mind and draw the listeners into his world at the time of the murders.  This is a a once in a lifetime interview.  You won't want to miss it.

    Afterward, we will speek with Peggy Wheeler about writing and what inspires her to conjure her creativity.

    As always, stay smooth