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    America in Bible Prophecy: Eagle's Wings, Israel & Alien Contact

    in Christianity

    Join us tonight LIVE @8:00 PM CST on PROPHECY QUAKE as we identify America in Bible prophecy (one hint: The USA is not Mystery Babylon). However, America, her purpose and her fate in the last days is in the Bible. We will take a close look at Daniel 7 and Revelation 12-13 & 17-18. In fact, Revelation 12, will come alive like never before as we compare history and current events. And we will hear some clips from whistle-blower Karen Hudes that confirm Scripture and the true identity and workings of the real Mystery Babylon and her plans to introduce the world to the alien deception. This episode will open your eyes to where we are and what will happen in the days ahead. Time to get prepared! Our call in number to listen by phone or speak to the host is 347-884-8566. If you want to be on the air, then text 334-740-3692 after you call in to the first number and let us know that you have a comment or question. 

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    National Agenda, with - Savage-El and Yusef El;

    in Education


    Address of Mr Andrew Forrest, Walk Free Foundation and Global Freedom Network


    Casina Pio IV, Tuesday, 2 December 2014

    Thank you.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, we are witnessing history here today with these brave leaders from all faiths from around the world. Let us collectively give them a very big hand.

    Faith leaders, you have created history. There has never been such a journey as yours trodden before.

    Today we will have the first meeting with the senior Grand Ayatollah from Iran and Iraq with the Holy Father the Pope.

    We have almost unprecedented collaboration between Sunni and Shia, Christianity and Islam, in a worldwide effort to end slavery.

    I applaud, in particular, the Sunni and Shia who have showed to me their love and support for each other. This was so essential in making this miraculous day happen. My own faith has not fared so well. There has not been a significant public agreement between the Vatican and Lambeth Palace since prior to the Reformation many hundreds of years ago.

    I salute the representatives of Christianity and Islam, be you Sunni or Shia, Orthodox, Anglican, Catholic, sons and daughters of Abraham, and all of the other faiths.

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    The 4-1-1 show ! Where information is knowledge and knowledge is power!

    in Politics

    Wow what a show this will be.  Information on a variety of topics!  Please Join Deviant as she welcomes Ninja Scroll to join her.They will talk about his upcoming album!  Current events ,weather.! callers welcome at any time ..Dial Number then press one if you wish to talk!!! 646-668-2892.If you are a Texan,please call and give updates and let us know what we can do to help your situations!

    Abortion# how can we break this need for human cells to consume and beauty products! high demand means more need to Kill!

    And Remember

    "If you are arrested  for being a Christian, They need enough evidence against you to be convicted!" Quote from Deviants Pastor


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    Spirit Chat with Laura DiPrete, Donna DiPietro and Justin English

    in Spirituality

    Please join us for a night of great "Coffee Talk" and give free readings to those in need!

    Donna DiPietro is a psychic and paranormal investigator. She has worked on many cases including haunted houses and a haunted church, finds lost valuables, and predicted that the Pope would be shot 24 hours before it happened. She has investigated, the largest art heist in history, and has the gift of mediumship. She has spoken and written in other languages, that she does not know, to deliver messages from the other side.

    Donna has experienced a NDE and has had contact with her husband since his crossing, and hopes that by making her cases public, it will help in the advancement of paranormal research. She documents her cases at www.psychicstudy.blogspot.com. donnagroverdipietro@gmail.com.


    Justin at: infinity888radio@gmail.com and on facebook at:https://www.facebook.com/jetexas23

    Laura at: lauradiprete@gmail.com or facebook at:https://www.facebook.com/laura.diprete.5

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    Healing After Leaving Religion

    in Religion

    Hear an intelligent account of a civilized man who woke up one day and realized what was wrong with his dysfunctional life. He walked out of religion. 

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    "Soothin' Sunday"!

    in Indie Music

    Join us this Sunday, May 31, 2015 @ 6:30 p.m. as we bring you another episode of "Glorious Gospel Vibes" with your hosts Evg. Globee Pope and Min. Derrick Tuggle. Bringing to the forefront independent gospel artists from around the globe.  So sit back and enjoy the soothing melodies from the best in Gospel Music.  Also in 'da house will be Min. Lois "Candee" Vernon, right here on Blog Talk Radio!

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    in Politics

    1st Hour: Six years ago today, Dr. George Tiller was murdered in his church.

    I will play the June 1, 2009 broadcast of Democracy Now which included many clips of the voice of Dr. Tiller describing his medical practice.

    If you would like to help the last Kansas doctor to work with George Tiller please go to: Dr. Neuhaus web site.

    2nd Hour: Bristol Community radio investigative political reports "State of the City" hosted by Tony Gosling and "Old Labour" Martin Summers.

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    The 15 Diseases of Leadership, According to Pope Francis - Excessive Busyness

    in Business

    Another disease is excessive busyness. It is found in those who immerse themselves in work and inevitably neglect to “rest a while.” Neglecting needed rest leads to stress and agitation. A time of rest, for those who have completed their work, is necessary, obligatory and should be taken seriously: by spending time with one’s family and respecting holidays as moments for recharging.Join Daniel and Johnnie as they continue their conversation on The 15 Diseases of Leadership, According to Pope Francis and see where you might need to redirect your way of thinking or maybe not and keep getting the results you already have.

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    Sunday on the Front Stoop

    in Energy

        We would like to see a major change in politics.  We would like to see all political parties eliminated.  NO Republican Party - NO Democratic Party - No Green Party - NOTHING !  Anyone who wants to run for any political position can!  We will be told their names and what their ideas are - PERIOD !  We have believed for a long time that especially the two major political parties are like two GANGS.  The Republicans stand for one thing - the Democrats stand for something else.  Regardless of which party you associate with, you better not cross any lines and think for yourself or the rest of the GANG will say you're wrong.  Why do we need Political Parties???

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    Celebrate the Music Of the Early Reggae Icons ..Happy Earth Strong Keith POPPin

    in Music

    Celebrate the Music Of the Early Reggae Icons ..Happy Earth Strong Keith POPPin

    Keith Poppin’s powerful voice and conscious lyrics are complimented by fresh sounding riddims, played by some of Jamaica’s best reggae musicians including Dwight Pinkney, Grub Cooper, Keith Francis, Ansel Collins, Rod Bryan, Ed Robinson and Donny Oxman.” Keith’s latest release ‘Speak Out’ is currently in rotation across the globe, with airplay on the “Reggae Central” program on KPFK in Los Angeles with Chuck Foster, all the way to the “World Reggae Beat” reggae show with DJ Warm & Easy on BBC Three Counties Radio in the UK. Keith music has also been featured on he “Back to Niceness” reggae show on fmbrussel in Belgium. Some of the other crucial radio stations 

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    My People Are Destroyed For Lack of Knowledge

    in Politics Conservative

    Hosea 4:6 kind of seemed appropriate as I looked at some of the stories I'm going to talk about today.  As we look at what is going on in the country and the world for that matter, to a lot of us there's a number of things people stand for, defend, advocate, etc. that just don't make sense.  Today I'll be looking at 3 examples of that on our supposed epicenters of knowledge, colleges and universities. I'll take a look at why students and faculty at St. Louis University flipped out over a statue.  Also, what kind of door are we opening when we start allowing "transgender students" admission into all girls colleges?  That's starting to happen.  Who are colleges and universities favoring in California?  Here's a hint- it's not legal citizens.  And finally, more fun from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to share as well.  That's the show today at 4:30 Eastern time and archived after that.