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    Tell the Truth about Life & Love with Sharon Pope: The Reason Why He Left

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    30 minutes of truth telling about life and love lessons every Sunday night.

    Tell the Truth. Show up in Love. Live in Freedom.

    This week, we'll be discussing The Reason Why He Left.

    If you've ever had a breakup and wondered what happened, then you won't want to miss this episode of Tell teh Truth with Sharon Pope. 

    After speaking with hundreds of women about their love lives and their breakups, I have a theory about why some men leave some relationships…

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    Pope Francis on Free Speech

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    In this episode, Sacerdotus comments on the Pope's recent comments stating that free speech is limited and should not be used to offend others.  The comments have been interpreted as controversial.  Others claim that the Pope was blaming the victims of the Charlie Hebdo tragedy.  Sacerdotus elaborates on the comments and shows how the Pope was not blaming anyone and was simply stating that we should use free speech responsibly.


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    The Pope to Meet with Autistics

    in Education

    The Pope says he wants to meet with autistics to help end some of the stigma.

    But many advocates are concerned about Autism Speaks' presence at the events.

    Autistic activists have long denounced Autism Speaks as sort of a hate group which has created much of the hurtful stigma.



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    Why The Papal/Pope Is Not Married

    in Music

    The pope cannot be married because homosexual church laws prohibit him. The vicar of Jesus Chris

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    Tell the Truth about Life & Love with Sharon Pope: Life Will Never be the Same

    in Lifestyle

    30 minutes of truth telling about life and love lessons every Sunday night.

    Tell the Truth. Show up in Love. Live in Freedom.

    “Transformation is never easy or painless, but essential to the growth of our soul.” Elizabeth Gilbert

    For some of us, we instinctively know that where we’re at in our lives at that moment isn’t right for us, but change is difficult. We know there’s a greater calling for our lives than the one we’re living in, but we’re not sure of the path or the destination. There is no map for this sort of thing.

    So, we’re stuck in this place of not being able to go back and not being able to move forward. Because we know instinctively that once we take that step, life will never be the same. 

    So it is with the sacred thresholds of our lives.

    If you’re standing at your own threshold, if you hear your life whispering and if you’d like someone to help guide you along the journey, let’s get on the phone for a free 30 minute Truth & Clarity Session. This call will help you:

    Get a crystal clear vision for your life,
    Know what’s keeping you from having the life and love you desire, and
    An understanding of your best next steps.


    Tell the Truth. Show up in Love. Live in Freedom.

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    Was I getting Fired or Being Freed? - with Sharon Pope

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    30 minutes of truth telling about life and love lessons every Sunday night.

    Tell the Truth. Show up in Love. Live in Freedom.

    Tonight, we're talking all about struggles at the office....

    “Anything or anyone that doesn’t bring you alive is too small for you.” David Whyte

    It was around this time last year last I was called into my CEO’s office on a Monday morning and released from my position.

    Getting fired is traumatic. Going home to tell your future husband that you just bought a home with that you no longer have a job, an identity or an income is sobering.

    But here’s the truth….

    My life had been talking to me for years, but I hadn’t been listening.

    That job may have paid the bills, but it never fed my soul. It might have looked glamorous and impressive to others, but it actually made me smaller and dimmed my light.

    What I couldn’t see then that is so crystal clear to me now is that on that bright, summer morning last year, I wasn’t only getting fired. I was being freed.

    I was freed from the idea that in order to make a good living, I wasn’t permitted to make a good life.
    I was freed from believing that I had to be miserable in my job for some period of time until I earned the right to be happy…someday.
    I was freed from the belief that because this is all I had ever done that this was all I could ever do.

    What happened on that Monday morning one year ago happened FOR me - not TO me.

    That firing led me back to myself.
    That firing led me to more meaning, more passion and more abundance in the last year than the last 20 years combined.
    That firing led to my freedom.

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    Pope Francis Battles Radical Islam

    in Politics Conservative

    Ambassador Francis Rooney contends that Pope Francis and the Holy See are most suited to weigh in diplomatically to help build an international alliance opposed to Islamic extremism.  He argues that Pope Francis is now aggressively continuing the work begun by Pope Benedict to devise theological and philosophical constructions to bring Islam at large into accord with the modern world—and to promote a climate of peaceful coexistence and mutual respect among different religious groups.  This work is just beginning—but it’s absolutely critical to defeating the threat posed by radical Islam.


    Tags:  Pope Francis, Ambassador Rooney, Islam, Holy See, Pope Benedict, diplomacy, soft power, ISIS, Obama

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    Pope Francis News

    in Christianity

    An older show regarding Pope Francis and his activities during the early Summer of 2014.

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    PIJN News: Pope Says That Gay Marriage Disfigures God’s Plan

    in Religion

    Dr. Chaps reports on these important issues:

    * Pope Francis says that “gay marriage” is disfiguring to God’s plan for Creation.
    * The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to take up a “gay marriage” case.
    * A transgender teen commits suicide but “gay” activists blame his Christian parents.

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    Is The Pope Laying The Groundwork For A One World Religion?

    in News

    On this episode - The Pope prays in a mosque in Turkey is this the first step towards a one world religion? The next big tech fad appears to be people buying drones. Ray Rice suspension lifted, but will anyone sign him? What are the hottest deals this holiday shopping season? and for profit colleges coming under even more scrutiny.  

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    FCG-- The Pope, Ebola, and the Imprisoned Marine is free

    in Politics

    Rick and Dave are back together again after a bit of a break. Today they cover the recent creation of the new parent network that hosts their shows.  Also today The Pope is back in the news, love him or hate him he seems to be bringing new attention and new life into the Catholic Church. Next up the whacked out nurse who seems to think it's ok to risk getting everyone sick, and we seem to have a president that agrees with her.

    Finally our top story of the day. Retired USMC SGT Andrew Tahmooressi was released by order of a Mexican judge yesterday! Semper-Fi Marine! Rick will give his thoughts on this.

    All this and more on today's Finding Common Ground   

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