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    Talking $ALE$ with Steve Tomaszewski & CEO SPACE

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    Gail Brown Presents: Engaging Speaker$ and Earning the Sale @    http://wwwEngagingSpeakers.com

    Berny Dohrmann founded CEO Space International more than 25 years ago. Mr. Dohrmann has embraced his vision for entrepreneurial collaboration by giving prospective business leaders the tools and education they need to succeed.

    Through the values of partnership and cooperation, CEO Space has been working to foster a new generation of enlightened business leaders around the world. Mr. Dohrmann uses his vast knowledge to upgrade CEOs today into educated, skilled leaders with higher global integrity standards.

    As CEO Space continues to grow into a force for future economic innovation, Mr. Dohrmann encourages anyone who is confident in their ideas and ability to grow constructively to discover how CEO Space can give them the tools they need to meet their full potential. Mr. Dohrmann is a radio show host, movie producer, frequent guest on national television and radio shows, and bestselling author.

    Raised as a fifth generation San Franciscan, Berny grew up when the Macy Building on Union Square was the Dohrmann Building dominating “the square” into the 1970’s. The Dohrmann family operated Dohrmann Hotel Supply; the largest global resort-outfitting firm now owned by Holiday Inn. The family also owned the Emporium store chain from the 1800’s, as one of the larger department store chains 

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    Whoa Whoa Whoa: Johnny is ready to rumble!

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    Facebook told Mandy to unfriend Richard.

    Vince McMahon is a bigger asshole than anyone alive. (Royal Rumble Recap)

    The amazingness that was the NHL All Star game selection show. Reaction from CBUS' All Star Weekend.

    Greg goes Loco on Dota

    Venom's new suit (Comic - GOTG http://ca.ign.com/articles/2015/01/23/results-your-thoughts-on-venoms-new-costume)

    Sansa Stark is Jean Grey

    Flashback The Pied Piper arrives!  

    Horror news - Wolfcop showing in Toronto (http://www.rue-morgue.com/events/cinemacabre) 

    Horror Hound Weekend - Cincinnati

    New to Netflix in February (http://ca.ign.com/articles/2015/01/23/new-to-netflix-for-february-2015) SPARTACUSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

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    Everything Wrong With AMC Movie Talk And That Pile of S**t Named John Campea

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    Enough is enough, someone must finally tell it like it is and explain how the unethical AMC theatre chain and it's obnoxious host are discrediting entertainment news.

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    Red Maryland Radio

    in Politics Conservative

    It's an all new Red Maryland Radio tonight at 8 PM on the Red Maryland Network.

    On tonight's show:

    Governor Hogan chaired his first Board of Public Works Meeting yesterday. We'll discuss that and the evolving reaction to this budget;
    Some people in Frederick County aren't letting the District 4 situation go. We'll talk about the latest;
    There's a drama in Carroll County regarding a County Commissioner and a former Delegate;
    While Annapolis is trying to close off the marketplace to Uber, a liberal town in New Hampshire is going another direction;
    And we'll talk about the Super Bowl this weekend.

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    Procurement Unplugged: The Three Most Important Questions For 2015

    in Business

    Over the coming weeks, I will be doing a series of what you could call informal, off the cuff interviews with a number of executives and experts from various areas of the procurement world, regarding what I would consider to be the three most important questions in our industry for 2015.

    Joining me today are Buyers Meeting Point's Kelly Barner and, the founder of Cottrill Research Jeanette Jones.  Barner and Jones have teamed up to write the recently published book Supply Market Intelligence for Procurement Professionals.

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    Wake the Hell Up Wednesdays!!!! w/Dr. Yaffa Bey

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    Join us every last Wednesday of the month @ 8:00 PM MST, 10:00 PM CST, and 11:00 PM EST as we kick off our new show on Dynasty Network 1382 ""'WAKE THE HELL UP' WEDNESDAYS".  Join us for a round-table discussion as we scope out and dissect the different posts on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter (just to name a few)....This show is off the chain, and ANY TOPIC can fall victim to becoming the center of the discussion.  This is a live call in show so come engage with us in conversation as we discuss the most ridiculous posts ever seen.

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    WVSports.com Radio 1/28/15

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    West Virginia and head coach Bob Huggins won two games this past week with a thrilling overtime victory over TCU and a big time road win at Kansas State. On WVSports.com Radio, host Greg Madia along with staff writers Keenan Cummings and Marc Basham will chat about what propelled the Mountaineers to victory. You'll also hear reaction from players on the wins. Additionally, with National Signing Day just a week away, Keenan will give his predicitions as to how the Class of 2015 shapes out for West Virginia and head coach Dana Holgorsen.

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    Break Every Chain With The Golden Panther Sis. Misty

    in Current Events

     All aboard the "Misty Train" as WE Break Every Chain that is holding us back from being a free and independent people!

    Nobody will ever change the condition of a people until they change within themselves. Family the burden is on us to change our behavior; to build love, trust and confidence in each other and in our people for us, then, 95% of our problems will be solved. We, as leaders must declare that we will never sell out the aspirations of our people for personal wealth, position and advancement in the society of our former slave masters and their children. We must make a covenant with our people to work and sacrifice and be willing to be the good shepherd (leaders) who will lay down our lives for our people. Let us accept our responsibility and change our behavior to that, which will make us more than comrades and brothers and Sisters, but a behavior that will make us friends and companions in the struggle for the total freedom of our people here and wherever we are found on this earth.

    Our word must be our bond. When we break our word we destroy the life of this covenant or the agreement that we have made. It is absolutely necessary that as leaders we must build trust among ourselves. We can only build trust when we strive to keep our word, particularly a solemn agreement or covenant that we make with each other and with our people. I PLEDGE that from this day forward I will keep this covenant. I pledge that I will work to accomplish our mission to make our vision a reality so help me God.

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    Procurement Unplugged: The Three Most Important Questions For 2015

    in Business

    Over the coming weeks, I will be doing a series of what you could call informal, off the cuff interviews with a number of executives and experts from various areas of the procurement world, regarding what I would consider to be the three most important questions in our industry for 2015.

    Joining me today are Kate Vitasek, who is one of our industry's top experts and the author of the five books including Vested and Getting To We, and Phil Coughlin President, Global Geographies and Operations Expeditors International.

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    TKRS Presents: Rumble Reaction 2015

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    A special edition of The Ken Reedy Show as Ken & Dave address the HUGE fallout following the Royal Rumble. The Beast retains the WWE title in a classic triple threat match up. Controversy and chaos surround the winner of the Royal Rumble as #CancelWWENetwork trends worldwide. We'll try to sort it all out and of course we wat to hear from YOU

    347-838-9815 is the number to cal

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    Fantastic Four Trailer Debuts

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    -Trailer Reaction: Discuss my thoughts on the trailer, what direction the movie is heading, and fan reaction across the web. 

    -Civil War: Discuss possible casting of Daniel Bruhl as Baron Zemo. And Scarlett Johansson returning for the film. 

    -X-Men Apocalypse: Discuss the casting of Alexandra Shipp, Sophie Turner, and Tye Sheridan as the new Storm, Jean Grey, and Cyclops.

    -Fight of the Day: Doctor Strange vs Loki

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