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    NEVER trust a politician...

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    There is a group of people who have been absolutely screwed by the govt in our state. Some dimwit got it in their head that they could trust Matt Shea who went after a citizen with a gun in a road rage incident. Seriously? So he is trying to write a bill to make the WSBA (Washington State Bar Association) a "property" of the Supreme Court which means they will be accountable to NO ONE, as the Washington State Supreme Court Judges are members of the Bar.

    I keep telling people we don't need to make friends with ANY politician, we need to make friends with the citizens & make them aware of what their politicians are doing to them so they don't vote these idiots back in. If 50 of their constituents are calling or emailing them calling them on their BS they will have to listen, if it's just one person theyh can easily ignore us & carry on with thier backhanded dealings.

  • So you thought you wanted to be a politician?

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    Our last show was so well received that we are doing it again, on today's show we will catch up with our friend Darrino as he tries to get on the ballot as a Libertarian candidate. Listen in on what it feels like to be a Libertarian at the mecry of the general public who most of them have no clue what's going on in todays world.

    We will also talk about world news as a Libertarian would view it and we will also be taking your calls live.

    So join in and get involved call or join the chat board.


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    The most abused brain washing buzzwords are Radical Islam. You can read front to back the Holy Koran and not once will you see the words radical Islam. There is only one Islam.

    The word radical Moslem can only be found in the ancient book of schmucks. Usually followed by the final blood gargling words but you said.The so called self identifying western Arabists who don't know a democrat from a camels ass introduced the word radical as two planes Allah Waqbahed two buildings in New York direct from Saudi Arabia. DIRECTED BY THE SON OF A MOSQUE BUILDER.

    These warrior martyrs attain the highest level of saint hood. Their families are revered and rewarded.

    They receive 72 virgins in paradise. It started out at 4 and the media gradually increased it to 72. It is rumored the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal is giving 80 with a coupon.

    One thing is for certain when you hear some dumb ass politician say a beautiful religion has been hijacked by a handful of radical Moslems they are iceberg scouts on the Titanic.

    Shehadis are the most deeply religious Moslems. Today they die for Allah. It is hard for peaceful Moslems not to take the side of Allah when the time comes. Just ask Obama Bin Lenin.

    If a Moslem father can cut his daughters throat for dressing like a Kardashian what mercy will he show

    your daughter or son?

    When the Greek soccer team observes a muzzle of silence to honor dead :Parisians and Turkish fans shout ALLAH WAQBAH., you know it is more than a handfull.



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    Obama, The Ugly Politician

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    Does the President of the United States play fair with others in the political realm? Or is he just another typical  "Do what I say, not what I do" politician? 

  • Get an A in Country with 120,000,000 Write-In Ballots: Curtis Clinton President

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    since Politics doesn’t seem to work in Government, why not try this idea on for size and measure and for our well being… I am thinking and speaking to having a non-Politician from the population center of our country – the Middle Class – as a Presidential Candidate and nominee. It works like this: such a person is not rich in money but well acquainted with the ups and down of society, nearer to living a lifestyle like many of us and stuck in the daily routine of making money to support & provide for her/his family. I have failed in the making money career. I instead chosen ethics, honesty and integrity throughout my work of 12 years of Full Time Employment out of 41 years of eligibility, along with 8 years of PT (part) work. Being out of work without a salary is a burden and experience my family had to endure. My character is intact: worn - but not worn out. This time has been a qualifying experience to lead from the White House and be in there for all Americans and you don’t need me to single out groups of our population to endorse that idea. I am without a campaign staff, no campaign financing. I like it that way since your family needs your money as well as mine needs my SSA disability check. Can we see this, understand the power of just taking and do what Paul Revere did in warning our Country. I am warning our Country, revealing rewards if 120,000,000 Write-In Presidential Ballots are entered, offering to serve our Country from the White House and around our Nation. Putting the White House in my hands, on the part of our hands, is a natural hand-shake to support our States and Government Agencies. They have failed many of us with their budget waste & mis-management. I have worked in Government and saw many disgraces and mess. Put yourselves in my shoes and let us govern successfully being down to earth and above Politics.   bwell, c2it,  Curtis Clinton, c2

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    Overseas violence, coming to America!

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    America was once a Powerful Country, but lately our military forces have been slowly reduced and having to respond to other hot spots. The brains behind this is a not a military mind but of a politician! 

    Vienam shoud have taught the politicians to stay out of military thinking, but sorry to say it has not!

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    The Liberal Redneck (No More Professional Politicians)

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    Thank you for keeping the faith and spreading the word on Facebook. Call in or join us in chat with a free Blog Talk Radio account. Share archived episodes with your friends on Facebook. Piss off those idiot Republicans by listening every week... LOUD!

    Professional Politician?  Nice work if you can get it.  To keep the job you just have to pander to special interests so they will donate to your campaign.  The professional politicians need to quit getting a free ride on the gravy train at our expense!

    This Week:

    •Huckabee And Carson Say The Darnedest Things!  Can They Really Be THAT Stupid?  What Matters Most Is, Can Voters Be That Stupid?

    •Parisian Terrorism Survivor Says We Don't Need Your Steekin' Prayers

    •Disney Owned ABC Nixes Fairytale Dance.  No Same Sex Cheek To Cheek Allowed!

    •Will An Atheist Have A Prayer To Be President?

    Join The Discussion Live Or Enjoy The Archives

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    in Current Events

    Political Animals--Live Guest--Political Journalist Patrick Butler  Illinois experience of 50 years

    Vision Zero agenda exposed--Controversial Swedish professor

    Bicycle Agenda--More White Privilege

    New form of Auto Insurance fraud--staged collisions setup by bicyclists?


    ***Are our public transportation venues such as the Golden Gate Bridge--The New Bay Bridge--& The BART Tude under San Francisco Bay at risk of a terroist attack
    ***Are other public transportation venues around the US at risk from a terroist attack/sabotage?

    ***-Should the US Government pressure middle eastern countries-Saudi Arabia--Yemen--Jordan--Middle east emirits--to take in these Syrian displaced people?

    ***Was British politician enoch Powell right when he issued the warning about these people and "A river of Blood"

    ***Should the US offer financial aid to countries that take in these displaced people?  

    Taking Terroists and Terroism Seriously--Is the Golden Gate Bridge and other Bay Bridges  safe from a terroist attack?

    Is the San Francisco BART subway tube under the Bay safe from Terroist sabotage?

    There are Islamic frogmen--Are any of them Isis?

    What's the difference between "Isis" and " Islic"?

    What happened to public Transportation in London and Tokyo!  Part One

    Left wing politicians removed human toll bridge takers--Cameras only record license plates but not the drivers of the vehicles going across the bridges

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    Donald Trump Is Not A Politician, So Why Is He Running For President??

    in Social Networking

    Let's discuss the reasons why Trump should not be president. Let's talk out loud. Join the show at 6:30pm. Call (818)301-5834

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    Going To War Too Fast? We need to consider both sides of war and anti-war

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    It seems many media commentators -- and those on social media -- are attacking the president for his performance in Turkey yesterday.


    I watched it.  Granted, he wasn’t Churchill.  But he wasn’t as bad as most of the commentators – – – especially those on the right – – said he was.


    Just to clarify: no one has the answer for ISIS.

    All we have our actions that we in the west can take and then the unintended consequences to follow.

    So, Obama is probably wrong.  And so are his critics.

    Here's what I saw yesterday that you are not hearing from a lot of the pundit class.


    I saw a president who is an introvert and not an extrovert. Read Susan Cain’s book called Quiet: The Power of Introverts In A World That Can’t Stop Talking.  For too long, we have been ruled by extroverts who – many of us believe – just act quickly without regard for long-term consequences or really looking ahead.


    Obama is an introvert president which is what we wanted – as a reaction to the previous administration.

    But Obama is also a politician -- looking at the polls. And I think he still sees an American public that is not interested in going back to war or sending over our youth to die or get destroyed in a foreign land.

    I read a post on Facebook from a friend, Terry Prince, who said if were so anxious to go to war then will those politicians agree to send their kids over? Is that an isolationist reaction? Sure. But, like me, who has been with Marines and soldiers who have ruined their lives because of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq -- then this argument deserves some credence.  Granted, a lot of those young men and women say it was their duty to go over and fight and their commitment.


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