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    Obama, The Ugly Politician

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    Does the President of the United States play fair with others in the political realm? Or is he just another typical  "Do what I say, not what I do" politician? 

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    We Need Jobs, You Need a Job Now, Ask Every Politician, Where are the Jobs

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    We need jobs. You need a job now. Get the ball rolling. Ask every politician, "Where are the Jobs". They make laws. They are paid to make laws. Politicians have to job to keep US with jobs. Politicians need to be forced to  defend why they made laws to outsource American jobs, yet they can't make laws to bring back those American jobs. Politicians need to be forced to put a moratorium on bringing in foreigners to do American jobs. Once Americans are back to work, then proceed with giving job opportunities to foreigners. And less you be deceived, the US job problem has nothing to do with persons from Mexico who have been welcomed by employers to come and work in America without documentation. It's time for Politicians, CEOs, and Employers to pay up.

    Everyone need to be more giving.

    We all need to be receptive of others.

    Job seekers need to be willing to seek out the help need to get hired.

    The pride needs to go job seekers.

    Practice makes perfect. Eliminate the negative and Accentuate the positive

    As American some of us need to do a little bending, while others need to stand a little taller. We need to collectively pull ourselves up out of this rut

    This country is in a political, politician made, CEO paid for rut

    And only the masses can fix this jobless situation.

    We might not ever get rich, but we've come a long ways from digging a ditch

    I can say to you today from experience, you'll get what you want when you want it bad enough

    Are you ready to get a job? Are you ready to admit you need help?

    Get up, Go out, Knock on doors, Don't stop til you get a job

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    Exposing Agenda 21 with Ex-politician Ann Bressington

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    “People only lie for 2 reasons, the first reason is because you’re ashamed of what you’re doing, the second is because you don’t want people to be warned just before you screw them.”

    S.A. ex-politician Ann Bressington is one of the few Australian politicians with integrity and guts enough to voice how politics is used against the public, and to what end. Bressington, who recently quit the game of Australian “polytricks” in disgust at the systemic corruption within her former profession, came into the awareness of alternative media not long ago with a jaw-dropping speech exposing Agenda 21, as she implored the public to take action and say no to the encroaching transnational tyranny insidiously impacting us all.

    Ann’s incendiary Agenda 21 speech went viral on social media, and opened many minds to the grim realities we now have a chance to transform through awareness and informed choices. Even Pauline Hanson has subsequently spoken out against Agenda 21 with her own YouTube video, so it seems Ann has started a valuable ball rolling—even if she can no longer stand the stench of professional politics, and even if the original video has apparently “mysteriously” disappeared. Other uploads of it have been viewed in the hundreds of thousands.

    Join Ann, Brendan Murphy and Aimee Devlin to learn what the “secret government” doesn’t want you to know: the Club of Rome; Agenda 21; so-called “sustainable development”; manufactured threats of “global warming” and other “crises” to unite the public in a call for global governance by an unelected transnational oligarchy; the plan for massive global depopulation at the bidding of the “Elite.”

    Tune in Sunday, 9pm Sydney time as Ann Bressington exposes Agenda 21.


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    Join us Saturday 16th August 2014 at 7am BST , 08:00am Zambian time when we feature Politician Ms Dora Siliya as we discuss politics in Zambia and the way forward for her political fortunes.

    We also feature Zambia Union of Nurses  Organisation as we host the President Mr Tom Yung'ana who has been facing allegations of of financial mismanagement from his whistle blower Vice President .

    We look at the future of the organisation and how it will be beneficial to the Nurses in Zambia .

    Call in and skype ... on mueti2004 or  call on 0013478388065

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    Politician vs. True Statesman—Transforming the Earth, With Harcharan Bains

    in Spirituality

    It is an honor to announce this new broadcast on BlogTalkRadio, SAGE CROSSROADS. The broadcast will be dedicated sages interacting from around the world.

    Mr. Harcharan Bains will join us to follow-up on our interactions from last week and will also be a co-host from this point forward, which is we are most blessed to have him agree to do so.

    Please join us Sunday, 10.05.2014 at 11:00 AM ET—10:00 AM CT—09:00 AM MT—08:00 AM PT (Those in countries other than the U.S., please check www.worldtimezone.com ).

    [Harcharan Bains is from Mahilpur, a village in Hoshiarpur District of Punjab in India and famous as the country’s soccer nursery.  He graduated from there and did his Masters in English from the Govt. College, Hoshiarpur.  Later, he taught English as lecturer at several colleges, including the famous Baring Union Christian College, Batala, which was then run by American academicians .  He later taught English and journalism at the Punjab Agricultural University, which had an amazingly popular and successful Department of Languages and Journalism.  The Department had cradled the literary genius of Professor Mohan Singh and Surjit Patar.  While in the University, he wrote extensively in newspapers and magazines on art, literature and social, educational and political issues.  Also, some humour of the romantic variety.  In 1985, Mr. Bains was picked as Media Advisor (the post was then designated as Press Secretary) to the Chief Minister of Punjab and is still on that job.  This is his third tenure to the post.]

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    To The G.R.I.T. of it ALL; "OBAMA" any better or worse than the others???

    in Entertainment

    Well now ,let's take a close look at this guy and the work he has or has not done for the community of like people.

    Also we must take in consideration that a politician is just that ,no matter what side of the table he/she is sitting on.

    Stop being fooled by this BULLSHIT illusion called "GOVERNMENT"

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    Bitchy Mitchy Puts Out

    in Entertainment

    Yeah, that's we said. Good ol' BM puts out this Sunday night, and probably to the chagrin of his girlfriend. What? We're not really sure what he'll put out yet, but we know he'll put out something, and you know Mad Mike will sitting off in the wings trying to reel BM back in to some semblance of reality. Now that the Democrats are out, we have a whole new set of politicians to beat up on, and God only knows what kind of stupidy will rumble out of DC now that the Republicans are in charge of Congress. We call ourselves Middle of the Road because we take no prisoners. Everyone, every single politician is fair game. Tune in Sunday night at 6 pm central time, and hear what these two misfits have to say about the state of the world, or the lack thereof. You never know, they might make you take a look at the world from a different perspective. And who knows, they might actually make you smile once or twice.

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    JFK Assassination Conspiracy

    in Paranormal

    John Fitzgerald Kennedy, commonly known as Jack Kennedy or by his initials JFK, was an American politician who served as the 35th President of the United States from January 1961 until his assassination in November 1963. 

    Tonight Voices From The Dark discuss John F. Kennedy assassination conspiracy theories.

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    SPORTS Chat On Location In Jamaica Live!

    in Baseball

    SPORTS Chat On Location In Jamaica  Live! Live on Location in Jamaica the Sports Chat.This is a very serious issue which we will address aggressively,” Paul said in a statement. He added that the union would be expanding its relationship with Kevin Johnson, the mayor of Sacramento, who is the chairman of a committee of businesspeople helping the union fill its vacant executive director position.

    For his part, Johnson said, referring to a disturbing racially tinged conversation Sterling was said to have had with a female friend that was made public by the gossip website TMZ, “If the reports are true, there needs to be strong and swift action taken.”

    Related Coverage



    Remarks Linked to Donald SterlingAPRIL 27, 2014

    Paul happens to be the point guard and leader of the Los Angeles Clippers, owned by the octogenarian Sterling, a longtime behavioral embarrassment to the N.B.A. who now also looms as a business impediment. It was Paul who recruited Johnson, a former star player turned politician.

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    Linda Wood Rondeau and Sally Meadows!

    in Books

    Linda Wood Rondeau has just released another Christmas story "Snow On Eagle Mountain".

    Colin O’Donnell becomes restless at Dinsmore Street, not realizing that God has another life lesson for him to learn. When Ginny announces her pregnancy, he takes a job as caretaker to the Riggs estate, El Corizón, stretching the massive face of Eagle Mountain, in the heart of the Adirondacks. Soon both Ginny and Colin become attached to the land and its reclusive, elderly owner, Jennifer Riggs Sullivan, the widow of a famous educator and politician. Mystery shrouds the estate as both Colin and Ginny wonder about the three photographs displayed on the fireplace mantel, one of a distinguished middle aged man, another of a World War II soldier, and the third of an impish child. As the family befriends their generous employer, El Corizón beats with new energy until a Christmas blizzard and an early delivery brings Colin to his knees once again.

    Sally Meadows is a two-time national award-nominated singer/songwriter from Saskatchewan, Canada, and contributor to the #1 bestselling book “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Christmas in Canada”, released in October 2014. Sally has three professional degrees and a long career in scientific & technical editing and education. She has been singing and leading worship in church since the mid 1990s, and has been writing freelance articles since 2006. In 2011, she entered a recording studio for the first time with a single song, “You Can Reach Mountains”, written for the northern Saskatchewan students with whom she had been working.  She walked out with a full album entitled “Turn the Page”, the title track of which was shortlisted in 2013 for a “Word Award”, Canada’s largest and most prestigious awards for those writing from a Christian perspective.


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