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    More from Clinton insider Larry Nichols

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    Former Clinton insider and confidant Larry Nichols explains what strategies are at work to assure a Jeb Bush v. Hillary Clinton race for the presidency in 2016. The behind the scenes machinations of both parties will be exposed as the program unfolds. Learn the real intent of Hillary Rodham Clinton, the ultimate Communist facilitator, the reason for the sudden popularity of admitted socialist Bernie Sanders, and why Jeb Bush is being so quiet. Learn the reason why Donald Trump would not and could not agree not to run as a third party ticket, and why the media has avoided that issue.

    This episode delves deep into what you were never taught in high school civics or college political science classes.

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    Rose Colombo N The Justice Club/Author-Joseph D'Antoni/Women Fight Back/

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    Listen Live Special Guest:  Every MWF - 9am-10:30am pst and 12- 1:30pm est - Rose Colombo N The Justice Club with the issues of the day that affect our lives int he USA and around the world interviewed exciting author, Joseph D'antoni, the author of "Lethal Authority, a true forensic and economic expert sharing, "Who's Behind the Secret Death Squad?" Follow Rose Colombo every Wednesday and Friday, Rose interviews prominent authors from love to law to health to corruption and more starting at 9:30am pst or 12:30 pm est - Listen Live Worldwide Online, Podcasts or at (347) 324-3704 - All shows Archived at  Freedomizer Radio/BTR - www.freedomizerradio.com or at Rose4Justice Blogs N Radio Shows at www.rose4justice.com -

    Women Fight Back with Rose Colombo N Victoria Lee Scott at Freedomzer Radio every Wednesday, 10:30am-12 pm pst and 1:30pm-3pm est - Women's Issues, Notable Women, Quotes, Health, Stress Management, Beauty Tips, Household Tips....Fun, Entertaining, and Educational worldwide online, podcasts, (347) 324-3704 - 2 dynamic conservative women who have been beauty professionals for years, radio hosts, political and social advocates and activists sharing their knowledge with their audience.

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  • The Rose Colombo Show/The Justice Club/Author-Attorney Edward Morris

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    Join Rose Colombo live on the air every MWF from 9am-10:30am pst and 12-1:30pm est-use worldwide online, Podcasts, or call in at (844) 299-4449 as Rose explores a serious issue that affects our daily lives.  She causes her audience to think outside of the box for a refreshing look at ourselves and our leaders and the world around us.  Rose enters the world known as The Justice Club because she believes there is very little affordable justice left in the USA and around the world.  Her issue of the day can be from romance to health to veterans to corruption to divorce and more.  Tell a friend, a relative, social media, or grab a stranger and a hot cup o' java and join and Bookmark - The Rose Colombo Show Live at www.freedomizerradio.com or archived as well as archived at Rose4Justice Blogs N Radio Shows at www.rose4justice.com

  • The Rose Colombo Show/ The Justice Club / Issues of the Day/Freedomizer Radio

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    Listen Live Worldwide Online, Podcasts, (347) 324-3704  - MWF - 9am-10:30am pst - And, everry Wed. and Fri Rose enters the world of "Author's Corner" with prominent guests - Rose is known as a "Crusader" who pulls back the curtain on many issues that most will not dare to peek and provides outside the box dialogue and food for thought that is controversial.  She's an award-winning author, poet, producer and host of local cable TV shows and radio shows on MSM and On-line.  Bookmark, Rose Colombo N The Justice Club - Tell a friend, grab a friend or a stranger - pour a cup of java and sit back and relax - All shows archived at www.freedomizerradio.com or at Rose4Justice Blogs N Radio Shows at www.rose4justice.com - Follow Rose on Social Media and Facebook/Rose Colombo or Facebook/The Justice Club and Twitter@Rose4Justice

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    The Rose Colombo Show/ The Justice Club/Notable Americans/Freedomizer Radio

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    The Rose Colombo Show Live Worldwide Online MWF - (exception 8/17/2015 at 9:00pm-12am pst and 12:00am - 3am est-usa) airs regularly every MWF 9am-10:30am pst and 12-1:30pm est - Rose speaks her mind and thinks outside of the box on the issues of the day from politics - injustices - love - health - food  -beauty- divorce - corruption and more.  She enters into the corner of injustices vs. justice on The Justice Club and in the last half of the show reveals the story behind a notable American or business. Follow - Like - Share - The Rose Colombo Show - with friends, famly, social media, co-workers and strangers - grab a cup o' java and sit back and relax - Listen Live Online Worldwide, Podcasts, (347) 324-3704 - All shows archived at www.freedomizerradio.com or Rose4Justice Blogs N Radio Shows at www.rose4justice.com (Every Friday and Wednesday Rose enters into the world of "Author's Corner" and interviews a pominent guest on their expertise on a myriad of topics.

  • Turn It Up! w/ Larry LAK Henderson, Smart Music Entertainment

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    Larry "LAK" Henderson, The Hiphop Educator, is the founder and CEO of Smart Music Entertainment, and the creator of a new sound of educational Hiphop music that uniquely inspires people of all ages. His album, Lesson One: Hip-Hop & Education, has hit Amazon bestsellerlists (#1 in Hot New Releases and #8 in Educational Music), and has received airplay on major radio stations around the world, due to his combination of deep insights and authentic Hiphop sound.

    Lak travels the country sharing his educational Hiphop soul music, offering "lessons" on topics that are rarely discussed, including current events, history, empowerment, political science, money management, and more. CBS calls Lesson One "creative, innovative, and informative." Dominion of New York Magazine says, "Most people who use Hiphop to educate do so badly. Lak does it so well."

    Lak is a youth activist, social critic, history and religion intellectual, and 
    an innovative education advocate. He is a Hiphop ambassador, and a noted speaker on the impact of the Hiphop culture. He holds degrees in Africana Studies, Communications, and Labor Studies from Rutgers University, and studied studio engineering at the Institute for Audio Research.

    Lak has been featured at a host of youth and college events, Hiphop conferences, festivals, and on major radio and television programs, including London, UK's BANG 103.6 FM, CBS, BET, Houston's 97.9 FM, Chicago's WVON, Tampa's 88.55 FM, Minneapolis's 89.9 FM, North Carolina's 101.9 FM, New York's 103.9 FM, LA Talk Radio, Princeton University's 103.3 FM, Rutgers University's 88.7 FM, and on the nationally-syndicated show, "In Black America," to name a few.

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    Black Pastors Protest Sanger, On The Campaign Trail & Latest Movie News

    in Politics

    Paul Kengor-He is a professor of political science and executive director of The Center for Vision & Values at Grove City College. His latest book is The Communist: Frank Marshall Davis, The Untold Story of Barack Obama's Mentor.  The professor talks about Black Pastors Protest Margaret Sanger at Smithsonian.

    Alexis Levinson-Senior political reporter at National Review, where she covers the 2016 presidential and Senate races takes us to the eye of the GOP Presidential storm.

    Steve Evans-The Movie Guy reports live from Hollywood, CA  on the weekend's box office, with Straight Outta Compton and MI5 coming in 1 & 2 once again.  Plus, this week's coming attractions.

    Barbara Tako-The breast cancer and melanoma survivor, author, organizing/de-cluttering genius and motivational speaker discusses Cancer Survivorship Coping Tools.

    Stacy Washington-A member of the National Advisory Council of the Project 21 black leadership network, and a local talk radio host in St. Louis, Missouri talks about the bitter black reporter who gunned down white ex-colleagues live on air and posted the video online.

    Horace Cooper- Adjunct fellow with the National Center for Public Policy Research, co-chairman of the Project 21 National Advisory Board and a legal commentator, asks, "Is the activists narrative that blacks are treated unfairly leading to disgruntled blacks who ultimately go off the edge?"

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    CAROLINA BIO presents NSELA's president , Omaha Zoo Education Director  Elizabeth MulKerrin and President Elect Keri Randolph

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    Rose Colombo N the Justice Club/Women Fight Back

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    Listen Live to Rose Colombo N The Justice Club wed August 12, 2015 9am-10:30am pst

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    Not So Mad Science #HaroldMuhammad 323.927.2913

    in Science

    Hosted By: Harold Muhammad

    Harold, an eclectic and voracious reader, began his venture in the world of the written word as a child of 2 years.  Scraps of paper, candy wrappers, dictionary's right through the entire encyclopedia Britannica. Yet Harold was driven to books of the sciences. Physics, Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, he met them all with great wonder and fascination. He delved into each discipline as if his very life depended upon understanding its depth.

    It was not until the words of The Hon. Elijah Muhammad that the essence and understanding of the sciences began to have true purpose and meaning. He said, "all there is to know is written in a book, read".

    Harold began his collegiate pursuit at Hampton Institute; he then forayed to Fairleigh Dickenson University. At FDU the practice of the Social Sciences, public activism, and public speaking became a trusted part of mental fabric.

    Harold is the husband to Celestine Muhammad, and the father of 10 extraordinary children, and 8 grandchildren. Harold has the benefit of having the most exceptional and wondrous teachers to whom he owes all that he has learned, will learn and knows to this very day, The Most  Hon. Elijah Muhammad, the Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan, his Father Alfred Eatman, and his Grandfather  the Late Captain, Harold D. Hook. 

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    Pan-African Journal: Worldwide Radio Broadcast

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    Listen to this edition of the Pan-African Journal hosted by Abayomi Azikiwe, editor of the Pan-African News Wire. This broadcast features our regular PANW dispatches dealing with the 500th day of captivity for over 200 girls from the Chibok school in northeastern Nigeria; the African Union will hold a joint summit with India to discuss mutual interests between the two geo-political regions; Sudan is attempting to settle border disputes with neighboring Ethiopia while President Bashir is hosting the ousted fugitive president of Yemen who is backed by Saudi Arabia and the United States; South Sudan's government and rebels have signed a peace deal; and finally the homeless crisis in New York City has outstripped the worse days of the 1970s through the 1990s. Our second and third hours highlight our continuing commemoration of Black August which recognizes the contributions of Africans in the struggle against racism, slavery, colonialism, neo-colonialism and imperialism.This program reviews the assassination of George L. Jackson and the often controversial role of Eldridge Cleaver, who served as Minister of Information of the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense.