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    Broken Policing

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    The thesis of this paper is that these events, in combination, confront the nation with a new kind of problem. Measures that have worked in the past, or would work for most groups in the present, will not work here. A national effort is required that will give a unity of purpose to the many activities of the Federal government in this area, directed to a new kind of national goal: the establishment of a stable Negro family structure.Moynihan Report (1965)
    Kelling and Coles advocate an aggressive, get-tough confrontation of public disorder in its various forms: vagrancy, vandalism, panhandling, etc.George L. Kelling  Broken Windows” thesis in 1982

    Mr. Bratton should not be a once-innovative general fighting the last war. Mr. de Blasio was elected on a promise of being a transformative mayor who would recognize the times we live in and respect the communities whose residents fear the police. Now is the time to show it.
    The mayor and the commissioner should also begin a serious discussion of the future of “broken windows” policing, the strategy of relentlessly attacking petty offenses NYT


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    RNN-Policing and ISIS- Tom Osborne

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    Tom addresses two of the toughest subjects of our time:

    Policing practices in our cities and states, including "SWAT", and militarization, it's intent, and concerns about outside jurisdiction command and control. Then, he'll address Islam, from it's origin, to Jihad, and ISIS; and then Islamists - their goals, and ambitions - even here!  We'll just dive in, and have the discussion...

    Policing America            The Real Threat of ISIS

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    Policing the police

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    This is my first show, we will kick things off with a hot topic: Policing the police, what can be done about the issues facing the police and the communities that dont trust them. Is this perception or reality?

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    Improving and Policing NYCHA

    in Education

    The improvement and policing in NYCHA

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    Episode 344 Community Policing VS Community Patrols

    in News

    community policing VS community patrol

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    Women In Policing : The Evolution Of Women In The Police Force

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    Today's topic is "Women In Policing".  Today's discussion will focus on how women have evolved over the years in the Police Department.  I am welcoming back by popular demand NYPD Retired Detective Sergeant John Paolucci, and Retired Police Captain of Campbell California Police Department Ron Pennington.  My new special guest joining the discussion is Retired Lieutenant Donna Perry.  Donna will focus on her career as a women in the police department and share her stories with us.  If time allows we will also discuss "Forensics And Domestic Violence" and " Identifying Missing Persons Through Forensics".  For more information about John please visit his website www.forensics4real.com One lucky caller will receive John's "Forensics4Real" autographed ball cap.  Call in your questions early for your chance to win.  I am also accepting your email questions to me to varietytopics@yahoo.com to be answered live on air.  My live chat will be open for questions as well.  All questions will be accepted the second half of the show when the entire interview is completed.  You don't want to miss this informative, interesting, and, exciting show.

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    USA Policing Is Excessive Force. They Shoot to Kill. Verbally and Physically

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    Scripture says to mankind: Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins. It is evident in the constant deaths of innocent citizens that love is the missing element. Policing is not just an occupation. Policing is a behaviour. Policing have never been done properly, not even from the beginning. Policing has been geared toward the have vs have nots. Policing has been geared toward whites vs blacks. Policing has perpetrated advancement, when in actually advancement is limited by politics. Control is the name of policing. Control is the name of politics. The two have joined forces and brutality shows up because policing has to much of a foundation in identifying suspect citizens. Translation, identifying people you already don't trust. Translation, minorities are suspects. The results is stop and frisk is lawfult, being a minority is unlawful until proven otherwise. Police brutality is the result of people with no respect for groups of people patrolling communities where they do not respect the residents. This is a job for the police, right? Wrong! This is a job for well trained human beings who want what's best for the greater good. Too many police on forces are there to prove their opinions/suspicions correct. The brutality is there when such people put on the policing badges. The people wearing badges who are not involved, become involved because they want to keep making money. Just like media lie to keep tmaking money.  Politicians lie to keep making money. CEOs lie to keep making money. And all of the above are indeed citizens that come from amongst other citizens. We have to have open dialogue without casting blame. We have to root out the problem of police brutality. Admit policing is one of those occupations without proper training. Start real neighhood policing, namely, hire my brother/sister policing. This show honors #MikeBrown's 1st day of college.

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    Episode 330 Private Policing Studies

    in News

    An extended show this evening with a lot going on and a great guest!

    And we'll tell you about our upcoming exciting Virtual Security Conference!

    Dr. Bruce Benson is our guest tonight. Professor, author and a man with an insight on private policing. He has written books and done studies on the subject.

    We'll be looking at conversions by cities to employ private police and volunteer citizens, history and the future od private policing.

    Also, we have a ton of news and information to pass along to you!


  • Policing The Black Community

    in Self Help

    In the midst of the most challenging generation of policing the United States has seen, the black community finds itself smack in the middle of the controversy! What should be changed, what can't be changed, what can be changed? Join in the conversation with the most progressive self help radio show on the east coast with Pastor Darrell Owens. The conversation that deals with Love, Sex, Faith, God, & everything Taboo, everyday from 2-3pm.

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    What Do Clergy Say Now About Race And Policing

    in Moms and Family

    With the past decisions in the Michael Brown and Eric Garner grand jury decisions, what do Clergy say to their congregations concerning race and policing of Black males. Do we join in the outrage or do we demand the citizens of this country white,black or hispanic respect the decisions of the courts and the process? Join our panal discussion.

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    Should White Cops Be Policing Black Neighborhoods And Vice Versa?

    in Health

    We'll be discussing this very controversial issue with you, the callers. In light of the Brown case and New York choke hold incident, this should be an interesting show.This topic is heated and widely debated, so let's please keep comments and opinions respectful, thank you!