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    Police Brutality

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    With the recent riots in Baltimore it would not be right not to discuss this issue of police brutality. For years black men have felt that the police have mistreated them and even killed them based on the color of their skin. With the deaths of Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Walter Scott, Freddy Gray and countless others, has brought outrage amoung many Americans. They fell that the system designed to protect them is acutally out to kill them. This Thursday at 8:00 PM live on As Real As It Gets Radio Show join my co-hosts Amber (AJ) Jones, Kristin (K'Mecca) Zuller and I as we discuss this topic.

    Also we will discuss the upcoming fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Manny Pacquiao. Who will win and why. Join us Thursday at 8:00 PM live on blogtalkradio.com/araig

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    Who will Police the Police? America Police problems continue.

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    It has become a broken record. I thought my ancestors and those that have came before me suffered enough but, the suffering continues. You seen the video of police officer Michael Blagger shooting the Walter Scott. The deaths of black men at the hands of police officers keep adding up. All the marching in the world hasn't changed enough has it? What america needs is a change in the way these police officers are being trained. Otherwise this volcano will begin to errupt soon or, The aftermath that will follow will be monumental. What is clear is that the police are brainwashed like much of the majority race and media. Why is it so acceptable that Black men to be killed?A Texas Bill will make recording police illegal unfreaking real!!!.

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    Richmond,CA Police Chief Chris Magnus

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    Richmond,CA Police Chief Chris Magnus,I will conduct an exclusive interview concerning The Baltimore crisis and his unique method of community policing. Chief Magnus, who is white, went so far as to hold a “Black Lives Matter” sign. “It seemed to totally represent what we’re trying to accomplish,” says Magnus, “which is respect: this idea that we acknowledge that the relationship between police and the African American community, particularly in many cities, has really been at best strained and at worst incredibly difficult for many, many years.”Magnus took some grief for holding the sign, but he stands by his decision: “It doesn’t mean a wholesale endorsement of attacks on police or saying that police are brutal or racist across the board. Of course I don’t feel that way. I feel like all lives matter. That’s really what community policing should be about.

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    The Community and the Police

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    President Obama came to this New Jersey city on Monday to "hold you up as a symbol of promise for the nation."Camden consolidated its city police force into a countywide police department, increasing the number of officers on the street and working to develop better relations with the city's residents. It has been designated a "promise zone," a program using federal grants to help improve public health, community policing and job creation; It is also participating in the "my brother's keeper community challenge," in which the federal government, working with state and local officials, the private sector and charities, help develop programs to keep young people in school, find jobs for the ones who graduate, and protect them all from violent crime.Jersey.com

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    It has gone to far. The police under the osprey of law enforcement shoot an unarmed citizen. They create an alibi, demonize the victim in the media, then repeat the vicious cycle over and over. We the people are paying for the war against them and they won't take it anymore. Law enforcement globally doesn't have as many lethal toys of destruction at thier disposal, is that why they don't have the same shocking statistics that people living in America have become accustomed to? It's time to take back the gloom and guns away from the enemy of the people. DISARM THE POLICE !! Antynette Houston, who has experienced Police Terrorists 1st hand in her high profile case. She speaks on her experience, her GOFUNDME campaign, and what the future holds for the falling law enforcement agencies nationwide.

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    Police Shootings, Biker Shootings in Texas. Wheres the TX solution?

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    Police officer kills an unarmed man in Garland TX.  Police may be the ones who shot 9 bikers in Waco.  Where's the solution for out of control citizen killing cops?  Should we round up the police like they did the bikers?  Don't #BikersLivesMatter?  Why did the police handle this shooting different from the rioting?  Or is there a better solution?  I believe there is, and I am going to share it. LISTEN NOW!

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    Andre Controversa Presents: Police Violence Against Blacks

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    Our show is only an hour again tonight, but this time we have a real debate going. The topic will be, police violence and murder rates in the black community.

    Facing off sparring partners will be Sam Sinyangwe with Mapping Police Violence, and the Movement.org, and Ted Hayes. Ted Hayes has been a homeless activist for decades in Southern California, and is currently crusading against illegal immigration, which he sees as an assault on the black community, specifically as it impacts the descendants of chattel slaves and Jim Crow survivors.

    But he has plenty of opinions on this topic.

    Please tune in at 10-00 p.m. Ct, at www.blogtalkradio.com/andrecontroversa.


    Feel free to call in at 914-803-4350.

    Sue you tonight, 10-00 p.m. CST.

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    In With The Knews: Police Brutality: Baltimore Raving

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    Sunday, May 3rd, 11pm est . 8pm pac ... IWTK: Police Brutality: Baltimore Raving. Well, police brutality never leaves us with nothing to talk about, and sadly next week, it'll be another case. Sad to say, that's the norm. We gonna be discussing tis topic, yet again!

    Call in at 626-414-3414

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    Program Summary: April 25, 2015

    @Naomi_Fowler produces for the Tax Justice Network the monthly "Taxcast." 

    In the April 2015 Taxcast: How just are our tax systems towards women? Plus: one of the USA's biggest corporations (and tax avoiders) is repatriating billions from offshore and re-focusing on good old manufacturing again, and remember how the UK Prime Minister was 'leading the world' in transparency measures not so long ago? We discuss the letter a former Cayman Islands lobbyist and Conservative peer wrote to reassure the tax haven that it was an empty gesture to distract from the proposed Financial Transaction Tax.

    Then from Great Speeches and Interviews, Sacramento, CA "Inside the Police State."

     Police officer Adrian Schoolcraft secretly recorded his supervisors telling officers to manipulate crime statistics and make illegal arrests from 2008 to 2009. The Village Voice series that broke Schoolcraft's story was written by Graham Rayman. Ira Glass narrates the story. "Police Officer Schoolcraft, who worked in the relatively high-crime 81st precinct in Brooklyn, was not a happy camper. Some might call him a malcontent.
    In 2009, he began to secretly tape-record precinct roll calls at which commanding officers ordered cops like himself to refuse to take robbery victims’ crime complaints. Cops were also ordered to downgrade felonies — which are serious crimes — to less serious misdemeanors so that the precinct would appear safer than it actually was. Schoolcraft’s secret tape recordings might well have been ignored, had not the police department then done something shocking.  On Oct. 31, 2009, Schoolcraft left his tour early, saying he felt sick, and returned to his apartment in Queens. What happened next tells us much about "the police state."

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