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    Ask Poli: Politics Today

    in Current Events

    Fed up with all the political hype especially during the election season? Well, tune in to Ask Poli: Politics Today with Professor Carol Pretlow as she helps break through the rhetoric and all the crap. Professor Pretlow, her students and guests will offer a formula for picking the right candidate for the job. The Ask Poli team will also talk about how politics is handled in today's 24-hour, seven day a week media cycle. Join the conversation or just listen at 914-338-1541.

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    Genesis Be plus DJ-CON, Rapacon and 125 DJs on 125th Street

    in Music

    Genesis Be is a hard-working, talented, beloved member of the New York City independent artist community, and she is releasing her 7th full-legnth project, Poli Trap, with a Live Nation-backed show at Santos Party House on November 20. Her blend of style and substance is exactly what many rap fans have been clamoring for for years, and we're excited to have her join us.

    Genesis Be will join us to talk about her Mississippi roots, her time here in New York and what Poli Trap: The Escape Tape is all about.

    But first, wee speak with Curtis Sherrod from the Hip-Hop Culture Center in Harlem, who has developed a new mega-event kicking off November 19. A simultaneous celebration of hip-hop and holiday spirit, DJ-CON and Rapacon will be going down right on NYC's famous 125th street. With 125 DJs spinning outside of the Apollo, setting a Guinness World Record in the process, and Rapacon, a series of panel discussions, artist showcases, karaoke, networking and an after-party just down the block, the 2015 Harlem Holiday Light ceremony will be a great way to kick off the hip-hop-holiday spirit.

    Tune in as we speak to Genesis Be and Curtis Sherrod.

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    Leading Yourself in Fitness: Angelo Poli Joins Dave

    in Management

    Angelo Poli, trainer to elite athletes and busy execs, joins Dave

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    Ask Poli: Politics Today

    in Current Events

    Join NSU political science professor Carol Pretlow, some of her students and community activist and retired professor Gwen Pharr as they examine grassroots political movements in Hampton Roads. The Ask Poli host and team will discuss the relationship between the NSU academic community and the extended Hampton Roads Community. They will examine the academic climate of the university, the specific goals of professors and students- similiarities and differences; the compatability with the demands of the global community; the challenges for the 21st Century. Interpretations of community involvement from the perspective of the academic community. This team will also discuss social activism with NSU student Richard Tran who has been described as a 21st century version of the 60s activist. You won't want to miss this episode of Ask Poli: Politics Today. 

    Join the conversation by calling in at 1-914-338-1541.

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    Michael's Soldiers of LOVE - Poli Bruckner

    in Spirituality

    Join Heal Your World host Heaven Leigh as she welcomes Founder of Michael's Soldiers of LOVE, Poli Bruckner. Poli's specialty in life is bringing people together in beautiful TEAMWORK to reach out and Heal the World in many different ways! Poli discusses how she got started in charity work, how Michael has inspired her, and how miraculous circumstances have led her to meet and work with many key people in Michael's life. Michael's Soldiers of LOVE are inspired by the work Michael Jackson did, and committed to helping others. Random acts of kindness, and coming together to accomplish BIG THINGS to change the world, this is the group's goal and heartbeat. 

    Michael's Soldiers of LOVE on Facebook: http://bit.ly/MichaelsSoldiersOfLove

    Poli's Website: http://islandpillow.com/

    Satin Kisses Website: http://satinkisses.org/

    Michael's Dream Foundation MAY Project: http://bit.ly/MichaelsDreamFoundationNewsHeavenLeigh


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    Ask Poli - Politics Today

    in Current Events

    Ask Poli, a new talk show under the auspices of the Stovall Communications Network, is a conversation about politics and political happenings. Tune in for a lively discussion with Professor Carol Pretlow and the associate research scholars from Norfolk State University's Consortium for Strategic & Global Studies as they enlighten and inform and engage each other and the public in conversations aboutlocal, national and international politics.

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    Ask Poli - The Media Meets the Road - Politics and the Media

    in Current Events

    In this episode of Ask Poli-Politics Today on the Stovall Communications Network, Professor Carol Pretlow and her students from the Consortium of Strategic and Global Studies at Norfolk State University will talk about how politics are treated in the media. Show hosts will talk with students from NSU's political science and mass communications and journalism departments to get their views on the topic. You won't want to miss this discussion. Tune in and log on to Ask Poli-Politics Today on the Stovall Communications Network on Blogtalk Radio. 


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    Spin This

    in Politics Conservative

    Halls Of Valhalla has current events with a Conservative and Constitutional viewpoint.

    Loki, Wilson, Smokie and iggymom discuss the days issues, with a lot of Irreverence!

    If you would like to help keep Halls Of Valhalla Shows on up and running, please consider a small donation via paypal @ wilsonpd42@gmail.com. Thank you.

    Loki's Legacy https://www.mediafire.com/folder/8vv1rcox1d933/Loki%27s_Legacy


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    Better Person For President Is On Blog Talk Radio At 5:30pm - Curtis Clinton

    in Elections

    The Title says it. Why? It makes sense. I come from your place, or very close to it, Even if we are at odds we are closer than others. I am not campaigning for your money, am not a Politician, will be among the best smart Commander-In-Chiefs, even protecting our military men and women. What are your problems or worries. They are many of mine because many of them touch me or have touched me, touched my family and people we know and don’t know. I know an unknown person has no chance to be seen by you. I know that its stupid to do this, and it even looks more stupid. But it’s not that stupid when you consider all the stupid things that are going on right now or that have just happened. Please see me in a better smart light. I say things that you may not like or want to hear. But they are for our own good, They need to be said and brought to light and right. There are some fancy people running for President. I am not one of them. I am one among us, if you can understand that in all its fullness. It is surmised that when you reach the White House, things change you. Except for becoming better, I will not change the good, right, smart within me or what must and should be done. For all, I want much better for you: people, animals, our earth. The White House belongs to you, with a person of the people, ordinary if necessary and not to a Political Party. If you see it that way, could you and will you put together 120,000,000 Write-In Ballots for a Presidency being for us, with just one of us in there seeing to a better United States and for Americans of all blood types of O's, A's and B's. If that many are cast, we will not have a divided country or Congress. One willing caring for all doing person can start a better world. You can begin with such a President. This idea is for you, not me. thanks, bwell, c2it, i am called c2, Curt Clinton

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    Living, Caring, Learning and Sharing W/Don Durant

    in Writing

    Wealth in Politics is turning it into Poli-Tricks.  Money is buying our political leaders so easily that the new TPP is being forced down our throats and the wishes and desires of Israel is taking a front seat even against our own President.  Congress manufactures millionaires based on simply belonging to a select committee and selling your services...

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    Sylvia Hooper & Dorin Matthews: Foster Parents Advocacy Foundation

    in Family

    Guests: Sylvia Hooper & Dorin Matthews

    Co-founders of Foster Parents Advocacy  http://www.fpafoundation.org/ 

    FPA Foundation is taking on the system in an effort to stop the forced drugging of foster children.  It works to change the U.S. child welfare system (child protective services, family courts, and foster care ) from one of abuse and neglect to one of protection and support.

    ?Among the topics we will discuss is the involuntary drugging of foster children, Foster Care Corruption-Misconduct, false documentation.

    Violating parents rights and due process.??

    Foster care agencies fail to follow poli?cy & procedure??

    Abuse of power over the clients

    Over site Monitor is needed to take complaints and investigate complaints made about  ACS and foster care agencies.
    Family court needs to monitor the treatment of parents by agency personel, attorneys and the courts??.

    Attorney's assigned are not helping the parents

    FPA-Foundation The people’s movement works to advance the civil and human rights of people through advocacy, training, education, and public policy and legislative development.