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    which car runs the show..big tire or small tlre...

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    Big tire or small tire...which is the show stopper

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    Race Talk Live With Steve and Mike

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    From one extreme to the other. Richmond To Talladega Steve and Mike look back on the happenings of our second straight short track race then look ahead to our second restrictor plate race of the season.

    Tony Stewart and NASCAR's drama continues. Steve's Soapbox will be occupied as he says why NASCAR was right.

    NASCAR news including a new name sitting at the big table at ISC, tire testing, Nickelodeon returns for another race and brings some familiar characters to Chicago.

    All that and more as we get ourselves ready for the possibility of the big one this weekend at Talladega.

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    Rolling Toe #48

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    Mike and Kevin Beckett discuss alignment an tire wear

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    Talking Motorcycles with Gordon McCall of "The Quail" Motorcycle Gathering

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    As a Class judge at the Pebble Beach Concour’s d’Elegance and Field Coordinator for more than 25 years, Gordon currently is the Co-Founder and Motorsports Director for the world-renowned “The Quail” A Motorsports Gathering and the latest addition “The Quail” A Motorcycle Gathering, with close friend Sir Michael Kadoorie, Chairman of the Peninsula Shanghai Hotel Group.

    Gordon McCall’s professional affiliations continue to evolve around his motorsports, motorcycle, and bicycling interests. Board of Director appointments include: Member of the Executive Board of Directors for the Laguna Seca Raceway, Co-Founder and Chairman Emeritus for the Naval Postgraduate School Cycling Club, and Member of the Board of Directors for the California Highway Patrol 11-99 Foundation which assists widows and orphans of CHP officers killed in the line of duty.

    McCall continues to innovate and support other automotive and motorcycle endeavors- Most recently, Gordon contributed to the feature film "Why We Ride", a documentary on the spirit and community behind the sport and pleasure of motorcycling.

    Gordon joins us LIVE to discuss the 8th Quail Motorcycle Gathering where over 350 vintage and classic motorcycles will be assembled in one of the most beautiful settings imaginable this May on the 14th. In all probability you will see motorcycles that you didn't even know existed. The sights and sounds will resonate as the machines are fired and displayed on the grass. 

    Bryan Carroll of "Why We Ride" films will also join us in the episode of Talking Motorcycles powered by Crosley Brands to inform us all about the special award they will present and tell us all about The Ride to the Quail!



    Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys

    Dunlop Motorcycle Tire

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    Rolling Toe Show Episode #47

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    Mike & Kevin answer questions on Tire Wear and Handling issues.

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    FHS’ Race Trim MotorSports Hour #48

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    The Frat House Sports Gang are back in “The FHS Garage” on a Sunday morning – feet-up – coffee on – donuts on the counter and they’re just shootin’ the breeze over last week and this week’s NASCAR action.

    Throw all the hate you want, you can’t deny the fact that the JGR team(s) + Martin Truex, Jr. (LOL) have been positively dominant this season . . . and again, last week . . . and again THIS week.

    It was ridiculous at Texas Motor Speedway where Carl Edwards, Martin Truex Jr., and Kyle Busch teamed-up to lead 299 of the 334 laps and Kyle Busch got his second win of the season two weeks-in-a-row. (SMH)

    Cautions continued to be minimal although we did see a “Big One” in Lap 295, and tire-wear wasn’t the issue but LAST week . . . lug nuts!

    In addition, we learned this week just HOW miserable Clint Bowyer is; and, we’ll be previewing every single aspect and nuance of today’s ½-mile race at “The Last Great Colosseum”, Bristol Motor Speedway.

    Sidekick’s got some Fantasy NASCAR recommendations for today; and, it’s getting competitive at the top of the leaderboard in the Frat House Sports’ Eat-My-Dust Winners Pick.

    Tune-in to THE BEST pre-race sports talk show with Frat House Mike, Sidekick, Brandon, and YOUR calls at 347 – 826 – 9964. Check in to the Frat House Sports Garage at 11 a.m. ET!

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    Low Down and Dirty 4/12/2016

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    We were surprised to see any tracks open for business this past weekend. Cold, rain, snow seem to be in control. One track that did get there show in was the popular Linda’s Speedway in Jonestown, PA. They managed to get a four division show in with some great action.

    The man that is everything at Linda’s Speedway Mr. Michael Batz will be with us to kick off the show this week. Michael will catch us up on all the great stuff going on at Linda’s this year along with filling us in on how they got that show in this past Friday.

    We are happy to also have on the show two drivers new to Low Down and Dirty but not new to their respective racing divisions. First up the winner of RTS Chassis 270 Micro Sprints Mr. Dan Lane. Next it will be the headline division winner of the Hoosier Tire Wingless 600 Micro Sprints “TK” Mr. Tommy Kunsman. Both bringing home big wins Friday night and we can’t wait to have them on the show.

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    America's Corner Garage with Tom Torbjornsen

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    Tom interviews George Barris in part one of a two part piece, reports on Ford recalls and Mazda TSB for braking issues, and dispenses auto tips on wiper blades, tire mintenance, and filter maintanance.

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    GRUDGE INC- Grudge Inc Talk Radio with Southern California's Teo Russo....

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    "WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE" topic for Saturday Night "PEOPLE STILL DYING ON THE STREETS OF L.A. DUE TO STREET RACING??? Our Mayor and Councilman's aid's say we don't have a problem call in with your thoughts. also THE 3RD ANNUAL "VEGA NATIONALS" JUNE 17&18 NOBLE OK. @THUNDER VALLEY RACEWAY!!!! come see the FASTEST small tire vega the country the "LOST VEGA" but the TWISTED VEGA and the DEF CON 1 VEGA will be taking a shot at him to keep him on his toes!!!!!! Show starts at 7:00 PST This Saturday Night hit this link to listen in or call in at 347-215-9989

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    Coffee Shop Conversations Segment - Lessons from Walt Disney

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    Coffee Shop Conversations Segment Mondays 7:00 am Pacific, 8:00 am Mountain, 9:00 am Central,
    10:00 am Eastern and Atlantic (during Daylight Saving Time).

    Welcome Jed Jurchenko and Our Coffee Shop Conversations Segment on Faith, Family, and Friendship

    On the Coffee Shop Conversations Segment, you'll find freshly brewed wisdom to help you mature your faith, lead your family, and grow your friendships so that you and your family can live joy-filled, Christ-honoring lives. Grab a cup of coffee, tea, or other favorite beverage, and join us every Monday morning!

    Now, according to Jed, “Walt Disney is a man who led with a limp. He didn’t deny his flaws, try to hide them, or pretend that they didn’t exist. His limp was there for the world to see. Yet, he succeeded anyway!”

    Jed’s curious what was on Walt’s mind when he spoke about his “kick in the teeth.”

    The best way to blog with a limp is to begin taking action. The first few steps are always the most difficult. Everything gets easier from there. Disney stated, “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

    Momentum is like a steam-engine. At rest, a small, slanted block, under the front tire, will hold that engine in place. However, moving at full speed, that engine will crash through most any barrier.

    Let’s find out together what Jed has to say about how “leading with a limp will help us in our faith, family, and friendship.

    Visit Jed at: www.CoffeeShopConversations.com/How-to-Blog-with-a-Limp/