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    Does Poland Get Sex Right?

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    "Dr Robert", the founder of SexCoachU, joins me for this worldly and sexy conversation. He'll be sharing SexCoachU's experience in training and spreading sex coaching around the world.  
    In fact, the two countries which are hottest on bringing SexCoachU's extensive body of work to their people are Poland and China. Listen in to find out why, you might just learn what the future of sex is going to look like soon.
    Would you like to win a complimentary Discovery Session with me, Mai Vu? Email me at mai@maivucoach.com, in the subject line write: Pick Me!  And you will be entered into my monthly drawing to win the coveted prize.  this gift is worth $350

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    Money...Money...Money...in Poland

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    Money... Money... Money...
    Now we are going to POLAND!!!!!
    What will it take to contribute to a lot of Change & Possibilities....?
    What if creating money was lots of JOY?
    Kamila Dolota & Ewa Pieczarka are joining us to talk about the upcoming classes and tools to change things NOW!
    Jonas Svensson & Lisen Bengtsson
    Access Consciousness Facilitators
    Right Voice for You Facilitators
    Body Process Facilitators
    Cert Coach

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    Deepertruth: Totus Tuus! Eucharistic Miracle Krakow Poland 1345

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    In the year 1345, King Casimar III the Great of Poland gave orders to build a church named Corpus Christi in honor of the Eucharistic miracle that was verified that same year. It had taken place in the village of Wawel, near Krakow. Some thieves broke into a little church(The Collegiate Church of All Saints), which was a short distance from Krakow. They forced their way into the tabernacle and stole the monstrance, which contained consecrated Hosts.

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    Sports Talk with Benson

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    Tonight on Sports Talk with Benson we'll discuss many topics inlcuding UCLA-Gonzaga, Women's Tourney, Durant Out, After Linsanity, Vikings Add Giant, and more! Gary Bell Jr. is a quiet but key part of Gonzaga's defense. For the second year in a row, North Carolina and South Carolina meet in a Sweet 16 showdown. The Thunder announced Kevin Durant will miss the rest of the season, saying the reigning MVP needs another foot surgery. He is expected to return in the next 4-6 months. It isn't Kobe's taunts or humiliating viral videos that have made this the toughest year of Jeremy Lin's life. It's the feeling that, as hard as he tries, he just doesn't fit in. Babatunde Aiyegbusi is a 6-foot-9, 351-pounder from Poland who did not play college football, but due to his eye-popping size, speed and YouTube footage, got a contract from the Vikings anyway.

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    Ask Ms. Bodacious Presents Rap Artist ShellBe Raw

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    ShellBe RAW is mostly known for her audacious rap style that is often described as pretty but gritty. She officially began rapping in 2004, but has been writing poetry and songs since she was a young child. After gaining notoriety in the Baltimore Hip Hop community for numerous features, and performances from 2004-2005. She released her awaited mixtape "Do You Like it RAW?" in 2006. That year she also was voted "Best Female Rapper" by the Baltimore City Paper. From 2006-2013 ShellBe focused on traveling the world (Egypt, Germany, The Netherlands, France, Poland, Dominican Republic, etc.) and reconnecting with family. In 2014, she decided to release a few songs, and work on features with other artists. In this same year she began hosting "Cool Energy" an online radio show that covered current events, pop culture, controversial topics, music, and sports. She continues to look for hosting opportunities, but in the meantime she has an active Facebook community that participates in her topics.

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    Gabrielle Glaser Live from New Jersey- The Atlantic article- The Daily Beast

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    Live with Gabrielle Glaser Journalist and Author of Her Best Kept Secret. Gabrielle is making waves with her articles on The Daily Beast and The Atlantic this past week with hard hitting stories about Doctors and suicide and why AA sometimes does not work.

    Gabrielle Glaser started her career as a news assistant at The New York Times in Washington D. C.. She worked as a reporter at the Associated Press in Baltimore, Maryland, and Warsaw, Poland. From Eastern Europe she repeorted for The Economist, The Dallas Mornig News, The Village Voice and National Public Radio. Since the 1990's Gabrielle has examined social, cultural, and national health trends for The New York Times, The New York Times Magazine, Health and The Oregonian in Portland, where she was a staff writer. 


    She appeared in the Episode-The Sober Truth on CBS 48 Hours and Recently on CHRIS HAYES MSNBC Live. 



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    The reason why skinny active people are getting diabetes

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    In late 2010 Lathe Poland, a slim build man in his mid 30’s, was diagnosed with Type2 diabetes. 

    He was blown away. He held the same misconceptions that most people had when it comes to type 2 diabetes…Either it’s hereditary and it’s not your fault, or you eat junk food like it’s going out of style and end up diabetic.

    Lathe’s general practitioner wanted to start him on three different prescription medications, IMMEDIATELY. He wondered is this the way it is for everyone? 

    Determined to take control of his health, he decided to set out on a mission to uncover the reasons behind the shocking rise in diabetes over the last two decades - and so was born the film Carb Loaded: A Culture Dying to Eat

    Join me as I interview Lathe himself about this fascinating film and we explore what leading nutrition scientists, doctors and researchers will weigh in on this unparalleled epidemic.

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    Meet and Support Chontelle Crite

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    Radio show call in number 310-861-2349

    Chontelle Cynthia Crite – Up and coming Classical Opera and Performing Arts Artist 25 year old - Attends San Diego Christian College - Music Vocal Major Graduating – June 2015. San Diego Christian College’s musical group, VISIONS ministers locally during the school year in churches and outreach programs. VISONS travels abroad; in which the members sing music in the language of the people they visit. They have ministered in Brazil, South Korea, Spain, China, Romania, Turkey, and the Ukraine. 

     A Benefit Recital to Send “The Velvet Voice” to Poland is planned for April 11th, 2015, 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM 10679 Westview Parkway San Diego, CA 92126. The genres of the song selections are: Classical Opera, accompanied by Professor Ken Anderson, Broadway Tunes, and a performance with SiX>Ten Musical Group. RSVP by April 9th,  2015 to Deborah Vazquez-Crite (C) (619) 727-1757 (E) tpgsolutions@yahoo.com

    In order to send Chontelle on this missionary trip, she needs to raise $5,000 by March 31st. For your convenience, monetary donations can be given via PayPal at www.paypal.com and Chontelle.Crite@gmail.com.  Cash, credit, and check donations will also be accepted on the day of the event. RSVP go to : Evenbrite.com – “The Velvet Voice”   


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    Greg Archer: Grace Revealed - Memoir

    in Entertainment

    Celebrity interviewer and respected author, Greg Archer, returns to the show for Part 3 of his journey in writing Grace Revealed - a memoir which follows his families journey from Poland to Stalin Work Camps, to Africa and ultimately the United States.

    Call 323 567-1493 to ask Greg a question about how he traced his family tree!

    Purchase Grace Revealed on Amazon today by clicking here!

    Visit Greg's website to check out everything he's involved in by clicking here!


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    Konrad Jerzak vel Dobosz, representative of the Spiritist Movement in Poland, talks about the latest news on the movement in Poland, while discussing the importance of preserving life at all dimensions. Send your questions or comments at kardec@kardecradio.com.

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