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    Does Poland Get Sex Right?

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    "Dr Robert", the founder of SexCoachU, joins me for this worldly and sexy conversation. He'll be sharing SexCoachU's experience in training and spreading sex coaching around the world.  
    In fact, the two countries which are hottest on bringing SexCoachU's extensive body of work to their people are Poland and China. Listen in to find out why, you might just learn what the future of sex is going to look like soon.
    Would you like to win a complimentary Discovery Session with me, Mai Vu? Email me at mai@maivucoach.com, in the subject line write: Pick Me!  And you will be entered into my monthly drawing to win the coveted prize.  this gift is worth $350

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    Deepertruth: Totus Tuus! Eucharistic Miracle Krakow Poland 1345

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    In the year 1345, King Casimar III the Great of Poland gave orders to build a church named Corpus Christi in honor of the Eucharistic miracle that was verified that same year. It had taken place in the village of Wawel, near Krakow. Some thieves broke into a little church(The Collegiate Church of All Saints), which was a short distance from Krakow. They forced their way into the tabernacle and stole the monstrance, which contained consecrated Hosts.

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    Money...Money...Money...in Poland

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    Money... Money... Money...
    Now we are going to POLAND!!!!!
    What will it take to contribute to a lot of Change & Possibilities....?
    What if creating money was lots of JOY?
    Kamila Dolota & Ewa Pieczarka are joining us to talk about the upcoming classes and tools to change things NOW!
    Jonas Svensson & Lisen Bengtsson
    Access Consciousness Facilitators
    Right Voice for You Facilitators
    Body Process Facilitators
    Cert Coach

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    Saturday Afternoon with Carolyn: Eric Hunt on his newest film "Majdanek Myths"

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    Carolyn Yeager talks with Eric Hunt, creator of the Holocaust Hoax Museum where you can go on a virtual tour of all the most important National-Socialist concentration/work/transit camps in Poland and learn "everything you ever wanted to know and then some" about the Holohoax.

    Our topic will be Majdanek, an ordinary camp very close to the city of Lublin and the subject of Eric's latest film, The Majdanek Gas Chamber Myth, which he has made available to watch at his Holocaust Hoax Museum website ... for free!  Eric tells us all the latest information he has discovered and has put in the film, but that has not been updated at the "virtual tour" yet at the time of this show. One thing is sure, Majdanek was not a death camp.

    Call-ins welcome in the 2nd hour at 323-642-1206.

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    Wednesday, December 3, 3 pm ET, The Halli Casser-Jayne Show is taking a look at World War II through the eyes of two well-known writers of historical novels, the award-winning author Pam Jenoff and James MacManus.

    Pam Jenoff has written several novels, including the Quill Award nominee, THE KOMMANDANT’S GIRL. Jenoff is a graduate of George Washington University, Cambridge and Penn Law. She served as the special assistant to the Secretary of the Army. In 1996, after moving over from the Pentagon to the State Department, she was assigned to the U.S. Consulate in Krakow, Poland where she developed an expertise in Polish-Jewish relations and the Holocaust. THE WINTER GUEST is her latest book, the story of twin sisters fighting for survival in Nazi occupied Poland and the mysterious American pilot that lands on their doorstep.

    London born James MacManus was educated at Westminster School and graduated from St. Andrews University.  He has worked for the Daily Express and the Guardian first as a reporter and then as a foreign correspondent. He moved to The Times where he serves as Managing Director of the Times Literary Supplement. He is the author of several novels including BLACK VENUS and OCEAN DEVIL made into a film starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers. His latest book SLEEP IN PEACE TONIGHT takes place in 1941 London, and brings to life the tale of Harry Hopkins, the adviser to Franklin D. Roosevelt dispatched to London on the eve of the Second World War and the history-making relationship he forms with Britain’s Prime Minister Winston Churchill. 

    History, romance, World War II with respected authors Pam Jenoff and James MacManus on The Halli Casser-Jayne Show, Talk Radio for Fine Minds, Wednesday, December 3, 3 pm ET. For more information visit Halli Casser-Jayne dot com. 

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    Formor's fight against heart disease

    in Health

    ForMor International is an innovative, total life-wellness company that is a worldwide leader in the development of breakthrough health and wellness products.

    FMI has earned a tremendous reputation in the field of nutrition and wellness products. We have formulated and marketed over 100 state-of-the-art products. FMI’s formulation team has over 50 years experience in developing breakthrough products.

    We also provide outstanding and personalized customer service. We maintain service and distribution points in the United States and Poland.

    Formor Medical Advisory Board

    Dr. Sandra Denton is practicing Medical Doctor who founded and serves as the Medical Director for the Alaska Alternative Medicine Clinic. She served for over 13 years as an emergency room physician and has over 21 years of experience in the field of alternative medicine. She is a diplomat in chelation therapy accredited by the American Board of Clinical Metal Toxicology, and she is Board Certified in Heavy Metal Toxicology. She is an expert in using natural therapies, including chelation therapy, to improve the health and well-being of her patients.


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    POLITICAL ANIMALS Famous World war 2 Generals born in November--George S. Patton 11-11-1885(US Army) -died/killed? 1-221-1943 Bernard Montgomery 11-17-1899(British Army-died 3-24-1976)Charles De Gaulle11-22-1891(French Army) -died 11-6-1970 Erich Von Manstein aka Lewinski/lewinsky Born in Poland 11-24-1887-  Jewish Heritage--died 6-0-1973 

    Monica Lewinski   --Field Marshall Erich Von Manstein aka Lewwinski--Was adopted as a baby by Aristocratic Prussian military Family.  Erich had an uncle named Avrum Von Manstein--converted to Christianity

    Jewish Heritage of major Nazis--Hitler-Heydrich--Goering--"When accused of having Jewish heritage--

    Audio extracts--Field Marshal Erich Von Manstein tried at Nuremburg War Crimes Trials as a "war criminal"

    British Field Marshall Montgomery addresses his British 8th Army on the eve of the El Almein Battle 

    German Field Marshall Rommel speaks about his Afrika Corps

    Audio Extract General Charles De Gaulle--DeGaulle's birthday fell on 11-22---Assasination of President John Kennedy

    Manstein's attitude toward Russian Boshevik Jews

    encore Historical audio extract  on  General Patton & the Lippanzaner stallions rescue featuriing Captain Helmberger Vienna Spanish Riding academy Vienna Austria

    MABEL & (CHARLES) MANSON--Corrupt San Francisco Politician Mabel Poon Teng claimed that MANSON  Made a political campaign to her

    November 21st Births-Deaths & Events relevant to US()a) Vice President Garrett Hobart died

    UPCOMING FEATURES--Is Pope Francis --doing the Vatican Rag-Is Francis-the most liberal Pope since John 23rd?   

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    POLITICAL ANIMALS--James Garfield--Civil War Hero  & Assasinated President( Ohio) Presidential dynasty

    German World War 2 Field Marshall Erich Von Manstein  born "LEWINSKI"  in Poland---Adopted by aristocratic German Family named VON MANSTEIN---Is Monica Lewinski related to Erich Von Manstein /Lewinski--Jewish Heritage?

    Field Marshall Von Manstein was tried at the Nuremburg war trials as a "war criminal"

    Historical audio archive extract of Prosecutor Telford Taylor questioning Von Manstein about atrocities in Russia

    Jews who fought in world war 2 in the German Army--half Jews called Mischlings

    EASY PICKINGS--Bogus Non profit scams


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    My Cousin, Joey and TBT

    in Lifestyle

    JS discusses the special people we have in our lives who support us. We will also be discussing the hidden gems in movies like Good Will Hunting, and getting real with the people in our lives.  And, as usual, it's TBT with trivia, music and the good old days.

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    Coming Apocalypse

    in Current Events

    Heidi Begley will join Pastor Paul Begley as Muslim Friday Prayers at the Washington National Cathedal is "Blasphemy or Abomanation" unto Ameirca's Cathedal. Also ISIS Al-Baghdadi is not dead but sends out a 17 min audio and calls on all Muslims "Erupt volcanoes of Jihad everywhere". Also could there be a response by Muslims in Israel after the torching of a Mosque in the West Bank. Also the Vatican will host a Conference of all Religions including Rick Warren, Russel Moore, Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Buddist, Hindu's, Sikh's, Guru's, Toaist, and others. Also President Obama visit in China and met with Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Putin. Also a 91 year old women raises from the dead in Poland. Also the Grand Jury in Ferguson, Missouri will release their descison any moment and "Ferguson Could Explode". These and much more current news events and bible prophecy and the powerful Word of God. Your Host Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana. 

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    The Color of Courage

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    The Color of Courage is a rare and vivid day-by-day eyewitness account by a young boy who becomes a man far too soon under the brutal Nazi German occupation of Poland. Julian is a 10-year-old Boy Scout when the Germans invade his native Poland to start World War II. At an age when most boys are still playing with toys, Julian Kulski begins his own private war against the Germans with small acts of sabotage. At 12, he is recruited into the clandestine Underground Army by his Scoutmaster, and begins training on weapons and military tactics.

    By 14, he is holding up German soldiers at gunpoint, has gone on a secret mission into the Warsaw Ghetto to liaise with Jewish resistance leaders, is captured by the Gestapo, beaten and interrogated, sentenced to Auschwitz, rescued, and joins a Commando unit of the Underground Army. At 15, he fights in the Warsaw Uprising, ending the war as a German POW.


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