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    Eliminating Public Poisons

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    Public poisons are a major aspect of the depopulation agenda purposely administered by the criminal cabal that runs the world. This is one of the most serious issues we face. These ubiquitous toxins undermine health and shorten life. Mind-numbing, cancer-causing fluoride has been in most public water supplies for 50 to 60 years. More than 2/3 of the U.S. population is on some type of drug. Chemtrails fill the skies multiple days a week. GMOs are very difficult to avoid, especially without labeling. There are hundreds more environmental toxins in our food, water, air and living spaces. We must get together and organize to stop all this and survive.

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    Strengthening Health to Withstand Public Poisons

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    Public poisons and engineered microbes weaken the immune system and undermine health. Detoxification, super foods and emf protection in addition to key knowledge and a natural lifestyle are essential to strengthen and maintain health. Without such action, reduced  intelligence, severe illness, and early death are likely.

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    Stop The Public Poisons

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    PublicPoisons.com lists a number of poisons harming us routinely. The fluoride that has been in our water for 60 years, the mercury in vaccines, the aspartame in diet foods, etc., are all brain toxins. GMO’s, chemtrails, medicines, etc., are ruining health and killing people early. I have followed this for nearly 40 years, since the days of DDT and Agent Orange.

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    Protecting Your Health From Public Poisons

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    Public poisons weaken the immune system. Antioxidants and enzymes found in super foods like flaxseed, turmeric, edible algae, herbs, mushrooms & flower pollen protect you.

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    Poisons Undermine Health

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    Today we are unknowingly exposed to many poisons. Small doses of toxins from pollution and chemicals in foods, medicines, water and air, are contributing to a variety of degenerative diseases. Some believe this is part of a eugenics agenda for reducing population.

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    PNN - Poisons, ISIS and the DEP Petro-Enablers

    in Politics Progressive

    Tune in Sunday the 22nd for News Director Rick Spisak's interview with Jeanne Economos and Dale Slongwhite as they discuss the POISONS USED to Grow our FOOD and the impact on Farm Workers and Consumers.

    We welcome Ms. Emine Dilek of Progressive Press.NET as she discusses her article on the background and funded of ISIS/ISIL and the hands behind the instability of the Middle East from the Mediterranean to the Mtns of the Hindu Kush.  

    And welcome Progressive journalist and sage Ms Gwen Holden Barry of Here Be Monsters who will share her insight and wisdom, on issues of peace and war


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    Psy Op Signs of Trouble

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    There are signs of psychological operations old and new that indicate a crisis purposely being unfolded all around us: poisons in food, water and air, chemtrail Xs and stripes in the sky, a troubled economy, including major problems with debt, fraud, money and jobs, social disorder, checkpoints and tracking cameras in cities and on highways, loss of freedom, false flag events, tyranny being openly implemented, and numerous earth changes in progress.

    If we are to survive, with crisis upon crisis unfolding, with life as we have known it undergoing dramatic change, preparedness in a cooperative community support system is crucial.

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    Hoodtalkradio... What's in your food?

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    we are eating poisons in the name of nutrition...did you know? a major corporation is leading the way in GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISMS...646-478-0944 is the call in line... press 1 to talk...9-10:30 hosted by emaxxtheemijj

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    Why Is Coral Being Used For Fashion & Home Decor?

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    In 2010, when the Gulf Oil spill happened, the public was outraged. There was a worldwide outcry of concern for marine life and marine preservation as the Gulf Oil spill contaminated miles of pristine ocean and its surrounding areas. However, there is an even bigger problem affecting marine life. It is being done for the sake of fashion and exotic home décor. An estimated 70-90% of marine aquariums are collected illegally using poisonous cyanide. Other poisons such as bleach, formalin, and gasoline are also used. This not only reduces biodiversity but also removes key components of the reef ecosystem, including algae grazers, which help maintain ecosystem health. Coral reefs contain some of the largest diversity of life in the world. They are home to thousands of different plants and animals. For example, coral reefs in the Florida Keys sustain 500 species of fish, more than 1700 species of mollusks, five species of sea turtles, and hundreds of species of sponges. In this segment of The Organic View Radio Show, host, June Stoyer will speak to Dr. Dan Thornhill, Coral Reef Marine Scientist from Defenders of Wild Life about what we need to do to protect our precious coral reef. 

    Today’s show is sponsored by Austria’s Finest Naturally Authentic Pumpkin Seeds and Pumpkin Seed Oil from the Steiermark available at OrganicUniverse.com. Listeners of TheOrganicView can receive $1 off their purchase by using the coupon code "orgview".  For more offers, please visit our website at www.theorganicview.com


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    Avoiding Depopulation

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    The top elites want a major reduction of the world's population to less than a billion people.
    These world criminals undermine our health with stress, poor food choices, public poisons in food, water and air, fluoride, GMOs, chemtrails, biological weapons, radiation, electromagnetic pollution and toxic chemical medicine such as vaccines, leaving many debilitated with diseases that preoccupy attention and bring an end to people's lives as soon as possible after their usefulness to the corporate system has subsided.

    Social chaos may also be used to stress and diminish the population. We are on the verge of economic collapse, a food crisis, social unrest and martial law.



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    Growing Food for a Time of Shortage

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    On the brink of potential disaster that could interfere with the food distribution system, growing your own food is now essential. It is time in the northern hemisphere for selecting the non-GMO heirloom seeds, and for preparing to feed the soil for an organic garden. Plan to save food and seeds for the future. You can grow sprouts, lettuce and other crops indoors in winter, even build a greenhouse.

    If we are to survive economic collapse, earth changes, social changes, public poisons and the implementation of tyranny and Agenda 21, cooperative preparedness in a community support system is crucial.

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