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    Podcast #37: "Fruit of the Poisonous Tree" + Mig Macario & Jeffrey Kaiser

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    We're back with our latest podcast and we're eating the "Fruit of the Poisonous Tree!" Grab your picnic baskets and shine up your magic mirrors, it's time to head to the lakeshore and find Sidney's lamp! Zach Van Norman and Amy Hood are ready to go with their latest episode rewatch. PLUS: we'll be joined by Mig Macario (Bashful) and Jeffrey Kaiser (Dopey) for an exclusive interview about their latest project! See you on the podcast!

    Join us in the chat room or call 347-677-1653 to share your thoughts on the air!

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    Fruit of the Poisonous Tree : Biological Warfare & The Value of Black Life

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    The revolution of the mind continues...

    we have been watching the Ebola case with a curious eye for awhile now And it has caused us to reflect on the horrid and heinous history Western and European countries have with biological warfare and human experimentation... And the nefarious practice of using the powerless as guinea pigs. 

    Is a there a deliberate plan behind the recent Ebola outbreak? Can we put a case on these scientists for continuing to use Black bodies as test subjects? 

    Join us Tuesday night at 10pm as we review our country's long history of medical apartheid and discuss the current Ebola "outbreak" ravaging the Motherland.

    Call in and weigh in at 917-889-2924


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    Burn Hollywood burn: Poisonous Propaganda and Black America

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    KB AND THE REVOLUTIONARY RYDERS turn up for the revolution and get buck off the information.Hollywood has played a crucial role in the negative imagery of Black people. From the portrayal of us as maids, butlers and slaves to the depiction of theives, junkies and drug addicts. Hollywood has never told our true story. Why does America want us to have a negative self image? Whats up with blackface? What happened to Black films? Is Tyler Perry the worst black filmaker of all time? Where do we go from here? Tune in Saturday night to find out!!!!!!



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    Are You Being MANIPULATED Via a Toxic Relationship???

    in Christianity

    Due to the ratings record breaking  Are You Being LOVED or Manipulated?  First ‘cast on November 14, 2014 @10:00 AM  on blogtalkradio.com/drmsw54, Dr. Williams is now revisiting it by speaking to the issue of  TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS.  Isn’t it interesting that even the brightest amongst us can fall into the trap of poisonous/toxic relationships?

    Such SICK relationships, are, but not limited to:

    Family Relationships
    Social Relationships
    So-called “Friendships.”
    Business arrangements
    Co-worker situations

    The list is endless. It’s one thing to not know that a relationship is poisonous. However, it is another to be in one and to be trapped in it. Therein the relationship is held tighter by invisible chains that cut into the wrists and ankles of your soul!  Dr. Williams is will now speak to the issue in his customary clear, as well as succinct Biblical manner.

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    ''Foods From The Poisonous Round Table-Pt 2.-Circumvention"

    in Lifestyle

    SPONSORED BY MARK PITTMAN--Continuing our discussion on the effects of foods in modern day society on our health and in our youth, and the unique effects on Black America. Between the genetic alterations, excessive hormones, chemical additives and capitalistic agendas, has the natural nutritional benefits of our foods become a weapon of mass destruction? Join the discussion by calling 347-327-9967 at 10:30 pm EST.

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    Healing River: (121914) Are You Eating Death? Spiritual Pottage and Your Health

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    A diet of pure junk food is almost certain to end in premature death and disease.  We have learned from nutrition experts to be conscientious of our oral intake, yet our spiritual leaders do not teach us to guard our eyes and ears from what we take in spiritually.  Spiritual food is no different than physical food.  If we ingest a diet of mixed truth and lies, it is nothing more than a tossed salad of spiritual death.  Join us today for a discussion on what is in your "spiritual pottage" based on 2 Kings 4:38-42.   In the second hour we will have a round table with two very special teenaged guests, Mike and Jordan, who will be discussing the affects that being fed a poisonous mixture of spiritual lies and truth has on young people.  You won't want to miss this episode!

    Healing River will also be planning further episodes starting in January to feature topics for teens/parents/grandparents on Sundays.  Keep watch for these!

    Email:  Healingriver1511@aol.com  (Mike and Jordan can also be reached via this email for teen questions)

    Snail mail:  Deborah Lemke, PO Box 1511, Oshkosh, WI 54901


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    Holiday Proof Your Pet

    in Pets

    It's Holiday Time! A time for family (including pets), lots of good food, visiting friends, gift giving.... AND Time to Holiday Proof Your Pets!  Pet Expert Dr. Pat White, owner of the Atlanta Veterinary Skin & Allergy Clinic, discusses key issues regarding pet health care that arise during the holidays. Learn precautions to take and tips on how to keep our best friends safe and healthy. Topics include brushing up on training in anticipation of visiting guests, creating safety barriers, and preventing hazards that are holiday specific.  Think you're  ready?  Listen in and be prepared!


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    The Pet Prep Radio Show! on American Preppers Radio Tuesday *7:00pm/Est *6:00pm/Ct *5:00pm/Mt *4:00pm/Pt Live Chat while listening go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/listen-chat/ This week’s pet prepping disaster readiness journey is continued from last week on the Pet Prep Radio Show! Are you aware that we all live with poisonous spiders? Do you know how to identify spider bites on you or your pets or the symptoms to look for? I will share my recent experience with a Brown Recluse Spider; offer many more important tips, and several more recommendations on disaster preparedness that we may not have covered last time and in more depth. Sheri The Organic Pet Lady takes some time to offer some hard core wisdom that we don’t often stop to consider. It is truly important to keep our mindset in shape in these crazy and uncertain times. Worth a download and a notepad, be certain to take some time to join Sheri around her virtual campfire and stop and smell the roses. You never know when an emergency will arise! Stop by and listen as Sheri offers some interesting suggestions for Part II of the “Let’s Get Serious About Pet Prepping”  

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    Ask Herbal Health Expert Susun Weed & Terra Gifts Steve Shaft

    in Self Help

    Susun Weed answers 90 minutes of herbal health questions followed by a 30 minute interview with her brother Steve Shaft. Steve Shaft is the creator of Terra Gifts  and is the owner of LS Shaft's Farm. He is a farmer, gardening consultant,  silversmith, duck herder, dog lover, & accomplished culinary artist.Terra Gifts are made from  resources found in nature. Our skin care products contain no petroleum products, no synthetics, no alcohol & no added water. Find Steve's Rejuvenation cream at the Wise Woman Bookshop.

    this episode Q&A includes:

    • what does imbalance mean?
    • using milk thistle seed tincture as a protective and dandelion as a consistent nourisher of the liver..
    • gathering your own generous dandelion relieves anxiety of not having enough..
    • dangers of drinking raw green drinks..
    • making a tincture of cannabis for pain may be ineffective- try passionflower, california poppy and skullcap tinctures..
    • just in case potting may weaken pelvic floor and one may try squatting over a toilet..
    • thrush in mouth, yeast infections and candida..
    • is sugar disruptive to gut flora? Susun says no!
    • anti infective herbs- yarrow, echinacea and usnea..
    • herbs are western medicine!
    • learn to tell yourself the truth!
    • trying is lying- you either do or you don't!
    • rib muscle pain- detailed explanation of inadequate exhalation- meditation, pranayama, playing wind instruments, singing lessons..
    • breathing in magnifies emotion, breathing out changes emotion..
    • tinctures are not nourishing- nourishing, tonifying, sedating, poisonous herbs..


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    (#28) Guilt~Blame~Regret~Shame

    in Spirituality

    EDITED: Human Forgiveness is a spiritual/mental/emotional process designed to free the human mind/body/soul of negative energies being held toward/against a person, group, organization, based on actual/perceived violations of one’s person/property/agreements, etc.

    MY PURPOSE: Trigger desire to prove my statement above to yourself because you must recognize and eliminate whatever’s out of harmony with your Immortal Essence (if) joy, peace, health and wealth are the desires of your heart.

    MY FOCUS: Minimizing your ability to sustain DENIAL that rises when we face DARK truths about ourselves.

    THE FACTS: Because everything about the human body is about the processing and interpretation of alchemical substances, we literally are ... chemical processing laboratories.

    And since our thoughts, the air we breathe, the foods & drinks we consume, our feelings, etc are all transmuted into chemicals and processed via the brain ... realize that whatever’s in our energy systems are living breathing pockets of energy. And even when we don’t comprehend the complexity of our Human nature and body those energies within us affect everything about us.

    So, whether you’re aware of it yet or not the fact remains that unresolved guilt, blame, regret, shame, are poisonous negative energies that contaminates your Energetic Signature cripples you emotionally +/or paralyzes your ability to deeply love and trust people and life itself.

    So listen up and you be the judge.

    DONATIONS: Http://TinyURL.Com/SupportDocVaj

    SPECIAL OFFER: Http://TinyURL.Com/DocVajSoulPathPaver

    TELE-CHAT: Http://SoulPathClarity.Biz

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    Enjoy the Treasure Fruit Band on the Hay Girls Show

    in Indie Music

    Phoenix-based indie rock band Treasurefruit spikes sultry swing motifs with classic country twang in the name of rock and roll. The quartet is currently recording their first full album "Poisonous Dwellers of the Desert" in an all analog (reel-to-reel tape) format, set for a Spring 2015 release. Featuring singer/songwriter Anamieke Quinn, drummer Ehren Stonner, guitarist Matt Ventre and bassist Brenden McBride.
    Website: www.treasurefruit.com
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Treasurefruit?fref=ts
    Music: https://soundcloud.com/sidepony-music/giddy-up-by-treasurefruit
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/Treasurefruit
    Instagram: @treasurefruit


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