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    The Poets Without Limits Radio Show

    in Entertainment

    Join host Charles Gentry and guests for interviews, performances, open mic and brilliant conversation with the greatest poets on the planet. Tune in each Thursday to the flagship show that launched The Poets Without Limits Radio Network. Tonight's guests are El Hakim the legedary and provacative poet from Memphis, Tennessee, and Rewop the talented and seductive poetress from Atlanta, Georgia. The words will fly and the mic will burn all show long. This fast paced two hour show is sure to inform, motivate, and inspire listeners from start to finish. The second hour of the show is dedicated to Lovers. The Poets Without Limits Radio Show airs each Thursday 10pm-Midnight eastern, 9pm-11pm central, and 7pm-9pm pacific time. To hear the show or participate in open mic call 516-453-9906. The show can be enjoyed on your smart phone, mobile devices, or on your computer.

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    The Poets Without Limits Radio Show

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    Tune in to the show that launched The Poets Without Limits Radio Network. Join host Charles Gentry for interviews with and performances by the greatest poets on the planet. Call in and read your piece during Open Mic. Thursday we will have an All-Star lineup of call-in guests. Join us Live to hear these amazing poets. The second hour is dedicated to Lovers. Be motivated, informed, entertained and inspired. The Poets Without Limits Radio is Radio Worth Listening To. Call in at 516-453-9906 to listen in or participate in open mic.

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    Kreative Kulture's A Panel of Poets Show

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    In the art world, there are often blurred lines and grey areas between poets and rappers. Tupac was a poet. Kendrick Lamar is a poet, Mos Def is a poet. But every rapper IS NOT a poet. Let's just put it out there. MOST of the rappers in today's music have NO conscious content. People get the impression that poetry is a sub category for rappers in which they just automatically get to claim! HELL NAW! Not today's music! We ain't goin' for it!

    BUT, as independent artists, we run across all kinds of artists and we have nothin' but love for one another!! Don't get it twisted. There are some incredible rap artists out here in our community and we love them, and support them. Are you or a rapper you know one of those artists?!?! Are you one of us or one of them? Let us be the judge of that!

    On this show, Three brave, independent rap artists are taking the hot seat to recieve opinions of their work from a panel of poets! It's really simple. We play a track, and you call in to tell us what you thought about it. No script. No bullshit. Just be as real as real can be! The opinions are not just for poets, everyone is encouraged to call in and let their voice be heard. But, since this is The Poets Without Limits Network, we keep the poets 100% involved in every show. 

    This months rap artists are Mr. Young and Hungry aka King Pen, New Jersey's own Jay Math, and Kreative Kulture rapper Grapesoda! They are all rising stars in the rap game. They deserve the chance to be featured and to know what you think about their stuff!! Everyone should have a voice in the kind of music we listen to, but THIS IS NOT THE BASH A RAPPER SHOW so if you come on the line with some mess, and their Goons seek revenge...it's not our problem. Just like any showcase, open mic, or any walk of life...have respect!

    Call in and be involved! 516-531-9644! 

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    The Poets Without Limits Radio Show

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    Host Charles "Tensiongentry" Gentry, brings you the best poets on the planet through interviews, performances and open mic each Thursday night 10pm-12 midnight eastern, 9pm-11pm central, and 7pm-9pm pacific. This lively call in radio show brings together a multitude of talented poets and artists who will inform, motivate, captivate, and inspire you with their mastery of words and compelling life stories. Don't miss this fascinating show. The second hour is dedicated to LOVERS, so the romantic and sometimes erotic lines and rhymes will be flowing. In studio guests this week are amazing poets and artists So Unique, and Kameelah Montgomery

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    Poets Unedited

    in Hip Hop Music

    First episode is a meet and greet. Guest

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    Karama Sadaka & Friends: Welcome to The Poets Without Limits Radio Network!

    in Social Networking

    Are you a poet or spoken word artist? Are you tired of struggling to find ways to get paid what actually deserve for your art? Are you ready to take your craft to the next level? Tune in Monday night as we discuss that and so much more! Karama Sadaka & Friends have teamed up with The Poets Without Limits Radio Network to bring you exciting shows about health, wealth, relationships and current events from a unique perspective! Stop waiting and start tuning in now to learn what all the fuss is about and how this exclusive information found only here can be yours instantly!

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    A show for poets and authors

    in Books

    A platform for creative people to be discovered, especially poets and authors.

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    Poets on Poets!

    in Poetry

    Last Saturday each month,Lady Khadijah,Epiphany Castro and Lyrical~Toye bring you some newness.  Poets on Poets is a worldwide live internet poetry discussion show.  Each month we choose a poet to focus upon.  This month we get down with the work of legendary artist,Gil Scott Heron.  Please join us for a very lively discussion and oh so bomb chatroom.. Good times ahead...See ya at the show..

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    The Poets Without Limits Radio Network April 1st Launch Party

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    Join us as we cover a variety of topics and break ground on our new network and store and get to know everyone omn the team! We'd love to hear from you tonight!

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    Karama Sadaka & Friends Presents: The 48 Laws of Power

    in Self Help

    Have you ever felt like you were incredibly close to your goals, only to find failure instead of success? Do you wish you knew the reason other succeed where you falter? Tonight we will be discussing ways to change that when we share the 48 Laws of Power. These laws, or priniciples, have helped many achieve what only the few knew were possible throughout history: from righteous rulers, powerful presidents, enigmatic emperors, conniving con men, hard working hustlers, vital visionaries and so many more... Tune in tonight and learn the secrets and wisdom of the ages exclusively on Karama Sadaka & Friends and your Favorite Family: The Poets Without Limits Radio Network!

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    Celebrating God's Poets, Kayvonna Stigall

    in Poetry

    Sister Kayvonna Stigall is one of God's poets residing in Detroit, MI suburb.  She is an annointed woman of God.  Praise Jesus for her gifts to reach the urban culture.  Her talents have increased by her newly released hard copy publiation, The Rise Above the Clouds.  Listen to her testimony and be very encouraged.

    Acts 17:28 is God's reality as He sends out His servants to share the Gospel of Jesus!

    Kayvonna K. Stigall is a native of River Rouge, Michigan. She is married and has two children. She is a teacher, poet and author and believes wholeheartedly that writing is what God has called her to do. Writing and sharing her writings with the world is her passion and she hopes it will inspire others to rise above their situation; no matter what chaos or distractions may be in their way. The Rise above the Clouds is not only the title of her book but it is also the name of her business. Kayvonna conducts poetry workshops and classes during the summer for school districts in the Metro-Detroit area as well as summer camps. In addition, she writes poetry for special occasions and participates in spoken word events. Look out for her second collection of poetry in the fall of 2016. For more information contact her at: www rise above the clouds.com