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  • Red Brick Town Radio Podcast - Episode 6

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    On this episode of the Red Brick town Radio podcast, we're LIVE talking the latest developments during election 2015 in Alexandria, Virginia. We'll talk about Mayor Euille's campaign and the race for Mayor as well as the Washington Redskins who play tonight! We'll also take your calls at (347) 838.8513.

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    Red Brick Town Radio Podcast - Episode 3

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    On the next episode of the Red Brick Town Radio podcast, on Thursday, September 3, we're broadcasting LIVE from First Thursday in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria, Virginia where we'll be talking about the new Giant Food store in Alexandria, Virginia opening Friday, back to school, and with Republican City Council Candidate Fernando Torrez. We'll take your calls, and more!

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    Red Brick Town Radio Podcast - Episode 5

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    On this episode of the Red Brick Town Radio podcast, we have a recorded, 90+ minute + long podcast where we interview the Alexandria Gazette's awesome reporter Vernon Miles, City Councilman John Taylor Chapman answers questions and we play exclusive audio from Vice Mayor Allison Silberberg's speech from her kickoff campaign for Mayor of Alexandria, Virginia.

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    Everything is HERS podcast debut by Nexxlegacy Radio

    in Women

    Hosts: Nikki B and iambranded

    Call number 713-955-0720

    Podcast centers in on Relationships and social awareness conversations.

    Talk show that focuses on what impact it's has in homes, outside of homes and more.Nexxlegacy Radio is a broadcast station dedicated to bring people together to discuss issues.




    Call in and be a part of the show

    Nexxlegacy is a global multimedia brand dedicated in providing direction to help strengthen aspiring artists in growing & enhancing personal goals, and aspirations. Attached will be efforts to educate the children and young adults across the globe in hopes that a step toward building a Legacy is carried out with pride, and with a commitment that is limitless. 
    Legacy Now – An online interviewing platform that focuses on established and aspiring artists of all genres, designed to share inspirational stories and insights in attempts to educate and inspire. Working in concert with YouTube exclusively.
    Legacy Live 365 – A 24 hour online music station that plays music from some of the today’s rising stars, and established musicians of all genres.
    Nexxlegacy Recording Group – A music liaison for up & coming artists dedicated in creating a unique sound and musical body of work to embrace and revitalize creativity of all genres.



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    Red Brick Town Radio Podcast - Episode 4

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    On this week's episode of the Red Brick Town Radio podcast, we're LIVE at 7:00 PM talking about Mayor Euille's write in campaign as well as spend time interviewing City Councilman Tim Lovain who is running for re-election in 2015. We'll also discuss other hot button issues and take your calls.

    Listeners can call in LIVE to the podcast at (347) 838-8513 starting at 7:00 PM. You can leave questions below in the comments, on our Facebook page, on Twitter, and via email.

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    Sasha's Podcast of Darkness- Sasha's Pre-Stupor Boll Podcast

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    Early Podcast at 10:00 am this time to talk about Uwe Boll before the Big Stupor Boll Party... the Rest of you can watch football, I'm watching shitty Uwe Boll movies, playing Super Dodgeball via Live Stream on PSN and Party Converation- Open to anyone, all day.  Join us for the early podcast if you dare and join our party later.  It's sure to be a blast.  Look me up on the Playstation Network - kmowen1138!  As always you can see the live stream on YouTube at www.youtube.com/c/sashatheprincessofdarkness, while you follow us on Twitter & Facebook!  Check out!


    Cruelly Yours & Wishing You Unpleasant Screams,

    Sasha, the Princess of Darkness

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    Red Brick Town Radio Podcast - Episode 8

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    On this episode of the Red Brick Town Radio podcast, we're going two (2) hours for a REALLY BIG show! Tonight, we're LIVE talking Lena's Wood-Fired Pizza & Tap, election 2015 in Alexandria, Virginia with Republican City Council candidate Bob Wood at 7:20 PM. At 7:40 PM, we're talking Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) with School Board chair Karen Graf. At 8:00 PM we discuss school issues with District A candidate Hal Cardwell, and District B candidates Kelly Carmichael Booz and Margaret Lorber. We'll also take your calls at (347) 838.8513.

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    EFS Podcast Mini-Course Introduction

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    A podcast for the Educating for Success Podcast Mini-Course participants. 


    Instructor: Jennifer Navarrete has been podcasting since 2005 and is an award-winning social media community event organizer. She believes that her tags describe her best: Living the Dream! Entrepreneur | Podcaster | Social Media Gal | Recreational Cyclist | Event & Community Organizer | Shiny Object Syndrome Fan

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    DoubleDown Radio Shoot Junkies Supershow Podcast....

    in Wrestling

    Tonight 11:30pm est Doubledown Radio and Shoot Junkies Return to the air with one hell of a podcast. your host's Nathan Karn and Dave Robinson Will bring you all the Latebreaking news,rumors and spoilers from around the Wrestling world. plus i will take a look into this dog tappeing and animal abuse prolbem dave has been throwed his way in the last few days. plus we have alot of great guest lined up. Our Female correspondent Dalis Ortiz will be hear to give us pro wrestling news from a females eyes plus we have some great wrestlin on tap. Rabet Applewhite will be joining us plus we will have returning after a year Captain Comic Con or now he is called Captain Revelation with his Revelation members to be named that night. you dont wanna miss this there is sure to be peanuts everwere.....

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    Slipsity Radio is back in full effect. Kicking the hottest and newest East Coast sound, along with some updates, on upcoming events, and how you can et your chance to win free studio time.

    Slipsity Radio: Powered by Slipsity Music and Blogtalkradio, letting you know whats hot, and whats New coming from New York City Hip Hop, and the World Wide Underground Movement. 

    Make sure to follow slipsitymusic on all social networks, and visit http://slipsitymusic.com for more info 

    Mostly Hip Hop & Urban style music, talk radio & a few ads, check us out everyweek.









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    Podcast 459

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    Rolling The Dice In Iowa. This was a day in which Donald Trump pulled out of the 'sanctioned' Republican debate. Des Moines was beset with a plague of TV trucks, politicians and rallies. Drake hosted two of these events, and after The Bob Davis Podcasts were denied media credentials for the 'sanctioned' Republican debate, we took to waiting in line for our tickets like everyone else. Rand Paul's event at Drake was smaller - no lines snaking around the block - but no less enthusiastic. Paul appeared, and spoke for about 25 minutes about liberty, freedom and The Bill of Rights, saying ideas bring people together, and the concept of freedom seems to be very effective in this effort. Aly Eichman, volunteering for Paul joins the podcasts to talk about Paul's impressive precinct organizing effort, which has netted the Senator as many as one thousand precinct chairs statewide. Remember the Iowa PRECINCT Caucuses? Will that kind of organizing make a difference? Then there's Donald Trump who made sure thousands of people had tickets to an event in an auditorium that accommodates somewhere around 750 to 800. Was it a brilliant move? Will it mean Trump will win Iowa? Standing in line for two hours with Iowans was an eye opener, as well as a hand and feet freezer. Many of the people waiting to see Trump don't plan to caucus for him. It seems they just want to see Trump, like they might come to see Justin Bieber. Here again, we'll see. The more time spent here, the more one concludes this really is rolling The Tumbling Dice. Sponsored by Ryan Plumbing and Heating of Saint Paul and X Government Cars! 

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