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    The Ed Boston Podcast - April 16th 2015

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    In tonight's broadcast, SEGMENT 1 - I will discuss the latest on A.D. The Bible Continues to include the Beyond A.D. feature that can be seen on NBC.com. SEGMENT 2 - will be the latest in Christian News from around the globe. SEGMENT 3 - will be discussing some upcoming interviews here on The Ed Boston Podcast. SEGMENT 4 - I am leaving open for the leading of the Holy Spirit. 

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    The Ed Boston Podcast - April 9, 2015

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    Ed Boston's weekly podcast. I talked about Christian news stories for the first 30 minute segment, including how a nuclear Iran is not in the best interest of Israel, and how ISIS is demanding ransom money to release Christians. Segment two was a recap of A.D. The Bible Continues episode 1. Lots of good information and Bible questionsduring that spot. The 2nd hour and segments 3 and 4 were mostly talking about how the Christian Entertainment industry is doing wonderful things, and we wish Jackie Evancho a happy 15th birthday.  

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    always moving up

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    #8 - Rabbit Hole Podcast, Dynamic Women in Hollywood

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    #8 - Rabbit Hole Podcast, Dynamic Women in Hollywood - We are interviewed Heidi McGowen, she is a Production Manager on one of the most successful comedy's on network television today, Black-ish.  Listen in and hear about her prospective of what it takes to be successful in as a Production Manager.

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    Applewhite Production Saturday Special

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    Applewhite Production Saturday Special 

    Hosted By-Edwin J Applewhite From Applewhite Production!

    Guest Interview With Derek Damian Who  singing background comes from his father Harry Elston which was part of an old school group called the "Friends of Distinction" whose hits included the original "Going In Circles", and “Grazing in the Grass”, which has been used in many movies and commercials. He is constantly producing new R&B songs and hip hop tracks. Music is Derek Damian’s life, passion, and heart.

    n December 2011 Derek Damian's Album "Destined For Greatness" was released to the masses, his music is available on over 35 different online music stores including itunes, emusic, and amazon.com, various reviews from buyers have also given Derek Damian compliments like, He has a Golden Voice, He is a New Revelation in music and his vocals are the truth! In March 2011 Derek was contacted on website ReverbNation.com The UK Soul Charts with Mr. JL Jamz,Independent Radio in the United Kindom, who informed Derek Damian that he was on the charts and requested an interview, and from this broadcast Derek has soared up the charts and surpassing some great names in 2 months from #30 all the way to #5 ( March to April). During that time Derek Damian has shared the charts and with R Kelly, Eric Benet, Mint Condition, Kelly Price, Glady's Knight, and Marcia Ambrosias.
    In March 2012 Derek Damian landed an instrumental he produced called "Mind Xntrol" on the 2011/2012 Snowboarding DEW Cup World Champion Louie Vito's Nike Shoe Collection Video! Amazing instrumental that captures the essence of sports. Recently My his "Watcha Wanna Do" Was nominated for an MP3 Music Award JSB Award in the Soul/Jazz Catagory October 2012. Thank You to all the fans and music lovers who voted. Thank You 

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    Applewhite Production After Twelve! Is A 15min Show,That Consist Of Music,Plus Information On Events,And Industry Opportunities! Hosted By Edwin J Applewhite aka Edw1n From Applewhite Production

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    The Ed Boston Podcast - March 12, 2015 #PrayingForMark

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    This week we are dedicating the show to praying for the lead singer of Casting Crowns, Mark Hall. Mark had cancer surgery on Wednesday and we will be praying, asking others to call in and pray and playing music from Casting Crowns. 

    There will be a total of 50 lines available and fans, musicians, and Christian leaders are all invited to call and talk about Mark, the power of prayer and to join us in prayer.

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    III% Patriot Podcast

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    III% Patriot Podcast is a podcast dedicated to those who are holding the line against tyranny. Our show is politically driven with the usual amount of Rabble Rousing. What are you doing to move our cause forward? Get involved in keeping your Liberty safe! Email me at patriotpodcastiii@gmail.com

    Today we will have Lewis Shupe on the Program for the USFA to tell us all about them and their mission. Tune in!

    Want to be a guest on our show call us at (646)716-7074

    Our live show will be here starting at noon tomorrow and will always be at noon unless otherwise noted.







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    A Podcast of Funny Stories or Stories That Make a Funny Podcast

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       It all started a week prior to July 17, 2010. I had been thinking that it would be nice to start a podcast. I talked to a couple of friends of mine, and they said that it would be fun to do. My idea was going to be a different podcast with a different friend every week, and then they would cycle through again. Well on that first day of my podcast, nobody was going to be available and I thought that I was going to have to do the first show all by myself. My friend Joe said that he might be able to call in and be my co-host. I waited and never heard from him. The show was about to start. I had the phone ready to start my show. It started, and boy was I nervous. I called the show A Possible Gay Inception becuase I was going to talk about Grease that I had just seen in the theater and the movie Inception that I had seen a couple hours before that. After about maybe 3 to 5 minutes my friend Joe did call in. What a relief that was. We discussed movies and whatever else. The show was ok, but not great. The next show I invited my friend Serjio over to record a show. We did good, but not great. The next week he came back and this time we had a format. the show was great. We had laughed and had a good time, and that's all that matters. We were off and running. We did several shows unless Serjio had to do something with the kids. When he wasn't available then Joe or Shawn would step in. It was such a blast. After about forty something shows, it was getting costly 40 bucks a month. So then I went to Godaddy.com and was fine there, but didn't know if anyone from blogtalk was listening to us. We did about 6 or 8 more shows and occasionaly did a teaser on blogtalk, but then life got in the way and we slowly stopped podcasting. That was in 2011. Then we met Kevin Smith in L.A. and that made us want to do it again, but alas we did not. Now it is 2015 and I am ready to do it again. This time with a different friend every week. So excited.

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    The Ed Boston Podcast - March 5, 2015

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    Tonight I will be breaking down Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech given to a joint session of Congress. I will also talk about the growing unrest in the country, as well as give a tribute for someone special and a shout out to someone who had a baby this past week. All this and more on The Ed Boston Podcast. 

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