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    Plus Size is FABULOUS!!

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    Hello everyone your host your PLUSSIZESEXYDIVA will be on the air right after her fashion show with Catherines Clothing.  That's right I will be modeling and showing off the fashions that Catherines has to offer.


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    EXCITED!!!  I am speaking to the writer, the producer, the director of PLUS SIZE DIVA'S THE MUSICAL & MOVIE Sylvia Wilson also known as THE SYLKY DIVA.

    GOD-Fearing, loving and compassionate! SHE is a vocalist, actress, playwright; SHE wears many hats, the receipient of The 2010 YGEA Award for Female Vocalist and The 2010 Hall of Fame Inductee into The Black Essence Awards.


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    Modeling 101 - The Day In The Life Of A Plus Size Model - Part 2

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    Modeling 101

    New Models (Less Thann 1 Year in the Industry)

    1. Be Confident

    2. Undestand and know your body type

    3. Get fit and stay healthy

    4. Study your craft (know the business)

    5. Get professional photos quick

    6. Brand yourself and protect your brand

    7. Don't wear rejection like makeup

    8. Work and utilize social media

    9. Be prepared to leave your area to grow your brand

    10. Find a mentor and/or coach

    Seasoned Model (Model with more than 2 years in the business)

    1. Watch your confidence (don't get to cocky)

    2. Tone your body with exercise

    3. Know your angles and up your photo game (stay fresh)

    4. Start sharing what you have learned with up and coming models

    5. Make sure your image and fashion sense is on point

    6. Align your brand with the leaders of the industry

    7. You should have developed a niche in the industry (continue to develope it)

    8. Explore writing and/or blogging

    9. Become a mentor or coach

    10. Know when to bow out gracefully

    Follow me... Auntie





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    Urban Thick An Online Plus Size Boutique Explains Why YOU Should Be A UT Seller

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    Women Obtaining Wealth  is an online entrepreneurial website helping others stream their financial dreams using online platforms. Urban Thick is one of Women Obtaining Wealth's creation.

    Urban Thick is an online plus size boutique and consignment store. On this episode, we'll discuss why you should become one of our V.I.P. SELLERS today!

    YOU can save tons of money by shopping at Urban Thick! We carry hundreds of plus size popular and designer brands for super low prices!  All of our items comes with a 7-day return policy and quality guarantee!

    YOU can make extra cash fast! Become a Consignment, Buy-Out, or Home Seller using our website. It's simple, easy, and quick!

    YOU can become one of our plus size clothing models! We are always looking for beautiful women in various shapes and sizes to show-off our beautiful clothing! Start your modeling career with us!

    At Urban Thick, "We fit you curves, and your wallet!" - LET YOUR CURVES BE HEARD, SHOP WITH US TODAY!

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    The Million Dollar Question.... What is considered Plus Size and Why?

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    This is a question that many have asked and depending on who you ask you will get a different answer. Let's discuss what is true Plus Size to you and why?

  • Where is the Support for the Plus Size Designers?

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    Where would Designers be without models to showcase their designs? More importantly, where would models be without Designers? In this industry there is a huge lack of support for one another. Tonight we are going to focus on the Desingers becasue they are the ones that make us look GOOD; in fashions shows, in our photos, at parties, etc. So I ask, where is the support for our designers? Before you go shopping at Macy's and spend your money on the "established" brands; contact your favorite independent designer and support them. Let's Talk About It. 

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    Plus Size Divas On The RIZE

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    Will be speaking with the FABULOUS Sylvia Wilson AKA  "SylkyDiva" vocalist, actress, playwright; she wear many hats, the recipient of The 2010 YGEA Award for Female Vocalist and The 2010 Hall of Fame Inductee into The Black Essence Awards.  She is the CEO & Founder of SyklySmoove Entertainment.  We will be discussing her play & movie entitled PLUS SIZE DIVAS; among other things that Sylvia is doing.


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    Plus size is now size 10?

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    Will be discussing some interesting articles regarding what some designers are calling PLUS SIZE.  One article we will be discussing will be Calvin Klein http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2014/11/11/calvin-klein-plus-size-model-controversy/18843537/ who thinks size 10 is PLUS SIZE; really???? We also will discuss an interesting song "All about that bass" by Meghan Trainor.  Discussing these topics with me will be PLUS SIZE designer the owner of Voluptuous You Desiree Fleming

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    Urban Thick An Online Plus Size Boutique Is Celebrating 4 -Years Of Excellence

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    Urban Thick is an online plus size boutique, onsignment & resale store. elebrating 4-Years Of Excellence October 11, 2015

    Dina's story behind Urban Thick - As a plus-size woman myself, I wanted clothing that represented my many fashion moods. Meaning, wearing unique outfits with vibrant colors. My goal was to find pieces that were tasteful, exciting, and fun to wear.  I wasn't finding these variations at my local  department stores. As a matter of fact, when I moved to my new home in Georgia, my community had one dedicated plus size clothing store. This particular store closed it's doors a year later. Currently, we have two dedicated commercial plus size stores but I refuse to pay high prices for low quality clothing. Hence, solving the problem with Urban Thick! Urban Thick is an online women's clothing store. We sell and consign plus size clothes at thrift store prices with the quality of an upscale boutique.

    At Urban Thick, we sell and consign a wide range of "quality" clothing and accessories. Our store symbolizes an ACCEPTANCE and positive ATTITUDE towards a woman's curvy image.  

    Meet th Urban Thick Plus Size Models. Sonya  - Scheronda - Curvy Lady Love


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    "Plus Size Divas The Musical and Plus Size Divas Movie"

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    Producer, Writer and Director Sylvia Wilson is back!! That's right "SYLKYDIVA"  is back to tell us that casting has begun for "Plus Size Divas The Musical and Plus Size Divas Movie"; so get your audition on.  We will also be talking about investment opportunites are also available; and if you want to invest please go to


    and show your support and invest in something that is positive and real.

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    Models In America. Is modeling for you?

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    Modeling is a very popular professional for some, a dream to others. What is the difference? Is modeling easy? Is modeling hard? How does one become a model? Is modeling fun? Can you make money? I will have a discussion with a new model out of New Orleans, Jonika Andrews. Find out about who she is, her goals as a model, what she has done to get started and more. If you are a new or current model and would like to join the discussion, call 6466524479.  Tell your friends about the show! Be sure to visit www.imtmwordwide.com.