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    A Word for the Apostle (Are You Ready For A New Spiritual Gate Opening in March)

    in Religion

    Join Apostle John Wesley Williams II as he teaches a profound message entitle "Are You Ready for a New Spiritual Gate Opening in March". This message will reveal the simplistic plan of God and what he expects out of you prophetic starting in the month of March 2015. This teaching by Apostle Williams will challenge you to rethink your plans and submerge yourself in God's plans for you.

    So grab your pen, paper, labtop, or tablet and earplugs and prepare yourself for a life-changing word from the teachings of Apostle John Wesley Williams II, Senior Pastor and Founder of The Key Center International Church located in Houston Texas.

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    LOVE: A PATH TO HAPPINESS, Featuring: Kokomon Clottey

    in Relationships

    Thank you for joining Happiness Index .  Today, we continue to explore, Love: A Path to Happiness. The dance between Love and Happiness is telling.  They are like Romeo and Juliette, entangled in an irresistible attraction to happiness. It is impossible for one to experience love without being happy. Thich Nhat Hanh said, Every morning, when we wake up, we have twenty-four brand-new hours to live. What a precious gift! We have the capacity to live in a way that these twenty-four hours will bring peace, joy, and happiness to ourselves and others. Love is that GATE WAY. This is rooted in the wisdom that God is love. It is in all of us. The secret is; to be happy, one must share the love. The Dalai Lama  XIV said, If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion.  Our work is to remember always that the essence of our being is love.  To remember this is to remember our innate happiness.  Join us in this conversation, call (347) 539-5818 to share your wisdom. 




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    Dr. Alveda King - closing Black History Month also John Grow & Melanie Tipton

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    Do black lives matter only if they are being used for race bait or for policy pinup opportunities for presidential programs that are dead on arrival like Obama’s much heralded “My Brother’s Keeper’ circa February 2014? 

    On the next Standing at Freedom’s Gate Dr. Alveda King, niece of Rev. Martin Luther King and noted civil rights leader and pro-life leader with Priests for Life, Restore the Dream 2015 and Silent No More Awareness Campaign will join the discussion concerning the fate of the Black family in America and what measures are helping to strengthen it and the community 

    Also, John Grow executive producer of “Ragamuffin” the acclaimed true life story of life of Rich Mullins, a musical prodigy who rose to Christian music fame and fortune and Melanie Tipton, award winning sportscaster, and Executive Producer of the documentary ‘Melanie’s Journey Through Chattanoogaville” which celebrates the truth of Reaganomic’s and Capitalism’s rebirth in America will join the discussion on the Academy Awards.

    Freedom's Gate on the CommDigiNews Hour a production of Communities Digital News

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    Canadian Moto Show with Brent Worrall

    in Sports

    We are back 'Live' this Wednesday and as always there is lots to talk about as we anxiously await springs arrival and the 2015 outdoor Canadian Motocross season. The Show was on the road for three weeks in Southern California and we are back and have some great experiences and stories to share so be sure to join us right here at 6:00 pm pacific 9:00 pm eastern http://www.canadianmotoshow.com The World Championship kicks of this weekend in Qatar and all eyes in the Moto World anxiously await the return to aciton of Monster Endergy Kawasaki's Ryan Villipotto. Be prepared to give us a call and give us your thougths on RV and any other topic when we open up the phone lines and give you your opportunity to shine under the shows spotlight.

    This week on the show we have many great rider interviews scheduled including young Ayrton Pomeroy who has been selected to race in the KTM junior SX race in Indianapolis on March 14th. We will also chat with his father Motocross Perfrormance Magazine editior Chris Pomeroy. also fresh of of his appearance at the Metro Toronto Motorcycle show Gopher Dunes Honda's Jeremy Medaglia will get us up to speed with his progress moving into 2015. We are also looking forward to catching up with Cole Martinez who will be in Canada this outdoor season for Leading Edge Kawasaki. 

    This week we will also continue our great Canadian Moto Show giveawasy teamed up with Ryno Power Nutrition Supplement, 2UNDER, Team PR-MX.ca and the Legends of Canadian Motocross. So have your phone ready to call into win at 1-347-677-0979 when the gate drops on giveaways. Everyone loves a winner so tell tell a friend log in hit up the chat board and lets go racing.

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    Bert Martinez joined by Francis Jackson, Scott Gorcester and Vanessa Nunez

    in Business

    Francis Jackson attorney who specializes in disability law for those seeking veterans disability benefits and social security disability benefits.  A founding partner of Jackson & MacNichol, he has been featured on NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX network affiliates around the country.  He most recently appeared as a guest of Ben Glass on the “Consumer Advocate” show discussing benefits for veterans and social security disability benefits and how his practice allows him to make a difference in the lives of people facing disabilities.  He has also been quoted in USA Today and is listed in Cambridge Who’s Who.  Mr. Jackson was  honored by the National Academy of Best Selling Authors with a "Quilly" award in September, 2012, for his contribution as a joint author to the Amazon best selling book, "Protect and Defend" where he wrote about protecting one's rights to veterans disability compensation

    Scott Gorcester an IT visionary and entrepreneur. He is a seasoned businessman, skilled IT architect, technician and trainer. He and his team designed and built the technology stacks in use by VirtualQube today. His former company, Moose Logic, received numerous accolades including three consecutive years on the list of “Fast Growing Companies in Washington State”. Mr. Gorcester’s company was the #1 reseller of Citrix Software in 1st quarter 1999, finishing the year trailing only Dell and CDW

    Vanessa Nunez top producing agent in Austin, Texas, She quickly made her mark right out of the gate in her real estate career with her passion, her drive and her ever optimistic outlook. She aims to inspire people in her life leading by example

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    The Mark-Alert: The Everything Wrestling Show

    in Wrestling

    On today's show we will breakdown the 13th Anniversary card for ROH (Ring of Honor Wrestling) for this Sunday.

    Also, we will be breaking down PWG From Out of Nowhere this Friday night.

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    Special Guest Ed Roman

    in Music

    Right out of the gate, with his freshman release in 2000, Special Ed and The Musically Challenged, Ed Roman defined his paradigm with inventive, infectious tunes that shook one’s marrow and stirred the spirit…This guy is unique! Three follow-up releases with SEMC continued to mesmerize and astonish, with music that both kissed and prodded, seduced and challenged, hypnotized and enlightened…

    One can never get too comfortable however, as Ed will undoubtedly prompt the listener to examine their world and stimulate them to make it better! Ed asks us everyone to glimpse the world from his vantage point, offering up his vision and sometimes helping to point out the areas that need tidying. Like the janitor of conscience, he’ll frequently show the cobwebs and sweep the dirt from the corners of one’s perspective. The listener is left uplifted, invigorated and enriched by dewy new jewels of insight and permeated by a mosaic of musical mayhem. Funky, ethereal, grungy, luscious, rowdy, serene, provocative, clever, insightful and uniquely exhilarating, Ed Roman’s marvelous musings drop dollops of tasteful delight through our ears to our hearts. You can’t help but dance. You can’t help but smile.

    Please join me as I welcome back this amazing artist! 

    Until then,


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    EAL Radio Episode 205

    in Travel

    Listen to some great stories of Eastern's great story tellers.  The music of our generation and maybe a joke or two will keep you entertained in the hour of variety.  We hope you will be at the Gate for departure of EAL Radio SHow Flight 205 leaving at 7:00 pm EST Monday, February 23rd.  See you at the Gate

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    Introducing the Most Valuable Person on Earth (Think & Grow Rich)

    in Motivation

       Today in my radio show I am going to answer the question "who is the most valuable person on earth?" if I had gotton the opportunity to see in person and ask you that same question you may give the following intelligent answers. (1) may be it is Bill Gate who has the net worth of $76 billion dollars, (2) may be the President of United State America, (3) may be Oprah Winfrey, or (4) Carlos Slim Helu who has the Net Worth of 72 billion dollars, or (5) you may say that it is Amancio Ortega who has the net worth of $64 billion dollars, or (6 )you may say that it is Warren Buffett who has the net worth of $58.2 billion dollars, or (7) you may consider Larry Ellison who has the the net worth of $48 billion dollars, lastly may be someone you know and love to be your model in live . But you will be surprise to hear in my show tonight that they are not.

        I will reveal to you who the most valuable person on earth is, which I will want you to reach out to, make him your friend and become successful in this life. Jesus Christ the greatest Teacher and Master of all introduces this person to me.

        Friends! tune in tonight by 7:30pm  New York eastern time.Thanks to all my friends all over the world who sent me birthday wishes yesterday.------ Bishop Emmanuel Udoeyo (The regional 3 Bishop of the Ambassadors Ministerial Fellowship, USA).

    Radio link : www.blogtalkradio.com/winnersbroadcastingradio

    Website link: www.johncmaxwellgroup.com/emmanueludoeyo  for speaking appointments and coaching invitation



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    Kingdom L.I.F.E with Alandis Porter

    in Family

    The Power of Vision- vision is key to be successful in ministry you must see it before it can be manifested. We will explore the power of vision from idea to inception.
    Habakkuk 2:2 KJV
    [2] And the Lord answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.

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    Words from the Well with Wendy L. Harvey

    in Family

    “A sudden turnaround of life” with guest Jacqueline Miller
    Listen to a woman who life suddenly turned into “unstuck” to “empowered”.

    Jacqueline Miller is the CEO and Founder of a newly- formed company called Jacqueline DuJour Enterprises, LLC.


    She is a Mom of two sons, an author, speaker, blogger, a certified etiquette instructor and a life coach.


    She is passionate about getting women “unstuck and empowered” to pursue the life of their choosing  the one that shines the brightest light on their awesome, God -given gifts.


    While she works with all women, she has an extremely strong passion for the empowerment of Moms. Specifically, Moms who she affectionately labels M.O.G.U.L. Moms Dujour.  Women seeking Magnificence Obtained Genuinely by Unapologetic Living, for themselves and for their families.

    Website: Jacqueline DuJour Enterprises, LLC   jacquelinedujour.com

    Private Facebook Group for Moms :www.facebook.com/groups/mogulmomsdujour

    Facebook Fan Page: www.facebook.com/jacquelinedujourblog

    Twitter and Instagram: @mogulmomdujour

    YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/JacquelineDujour

    Email: jacquelinedujour@gmail.com


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