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  • Putin's Gambit

    in Politics Conservative

    As the globalist cabal that owns and controls both parties in America pushes Snarly Fearorina and Anchor Baby Rubio to split the vote and run the next pliable globalist, ¿Jeb?, up the middle to secure the nomination of the right-wing of the duopoly; the globalists’ current meat-puppet blusters against Putin destroying the jihadi army we created to further Saudi, Israeli and neoconservative interests over and against American interests. Putin’s gambit is about checking global tyranny and he is doing it to protect Russian interests and Christians in the Middle-East; rather than falling for the propaganda that this move is dangerous for America, we should be applauding the fact that he is doing the job that our government not only refuses to do, but actively works against. We need to rebuild & defend America instead of pissing away blood and treasure dismantling the Middle East with jihadi proxies and tempting war with Russia and China. This fatal illusion is not about defending American interests, fighting terrorism or checking Russian aggression. This is simply the next phase of a New World Order born of chaos engineered by the globalist oligarchs who have taken over the US government.

    This has nothing to do with ideology, policy, substance or even an electoral process. This is nothing more than brainwashing propaganda to appease the proletariat and make us believe we have something to do with the process.  Break the rigged system, smash it to pieces. To defeat the lawless hordes of Cultural Marxists, corporatists, oligarchs, kleptocrats, useful idiots and their fellow travelers you MUST CRUSH the globalist progressive-corporatist oligarchs and their canned-idiot meat-puppets on the ‘left’, ‘right’ and everywhere. . .for liberty!

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    A Musing: The New YOU Resolution

    in Women

    Today's Show: 

    Let's take a careful look in the mirror, no deeper. Let's do a little heart examination and locate those places in us that could use a dose of change. Listen in and be inspired to aquire or renew your passion to follow after God with wreckless abandon. Hold on to nothing that He wants to remove. Be pliable. Become new.





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    That's the Way of the World (Pilgrim's Progress According to the Bible #2)

    in Religion

    Sunday Evening Evangelistic Message #180

    TEXT: Romans 8:5-8

    Today, we return to the journey of Christian -- the main character of Pilgrim's Progress. When we last saw him, he was worried about the burden of sin in his life and looking for a way to be freed from it. He met a man named Evangelist who told him how to begin his journey to the cross where he would be freed of his burden of sin. Christian began that journey. As he left the city of Destruction, his wife, children, and neighbors begged for him to come back. Two of his friends, Obstinate and Pliable, said they would go with him, but as soon as they got stuck in the Slough of Despond, they abandoned him, and Christian went on alone.

    Help comes along and gets Christian out of the Slough of Despond, and sets him on his way again. However, Christian meets with another traveler -- Mr. Worldly Wiseman. 

    In our message last week, we explored the promise of salvation that Christian received from Evangelist. This salvation is only available through Jesus Christ who died on the cross for the sins of all mankind. It is through Jesus Christ that all people can get rid of their burden of sin. However, Mr. Worldly Wiseman tells Christian that there is another way he can get rid of his sin burden. Let's explore this way and see what the Bible has to say about it.
    1. Let's look at the mindset of the world. 

    2. Let's look at the result of a worldly mindset.

    3. Let's look at the alternative to a worldly mindset.

    The way of the world is the way of regret. It is the way of constantly saying, "I wish I had done this..." or "I should not have done that..." You may enjoy it for a while, but soon, you will be reminded of your burden. Your burden of sin, guilt, and an unpeaceful conscience.  Nothing this world offers can free you of that burden.

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    The Peace Dove Radio Show - Pilgrims Progress Part Two, Stages 2-4

    in Spirituality

    On tonights Show I'll be a reading of Pilgrim's Progress From this World to that Which is to Come by John Bunyan  This book penned in the 17th century stands the test of time and is still very relevant today. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Pilgrim's_Progress I will read from this book each Sunday until it is complete so sit back, listen and enjoy. There will be a few breaks and some time to take calls , praise reports , and prayer requests. 

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    TSM09: 9/11 Youth Indoctrination & Digital Tracking Slavery

    in News

    Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton give an update on the public school indoctrination of the youth, which recently hit home when Melissa's daughter was asked to write about her last day alive in the Twin Towers. While most students in grade school are too young the pivotal political event, emphasis on this traumatic event makes them as pliable as the rest of the public when it is used for manipulation.
    Meanwhile, the iPhone 5, which will use a fingerprint scan for access and cashless payments, is the latest critical event in persuading the public to join the biometric-based ID system the establishment is using to replace current security measures, and destroy privacy forever. Lost in the balance is the 4th Amendment, which once guarded freedoms but is now a casualty to the world of "safety" and "security."

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    Christian Educators Assn. Int'l--Proven Defender of Teachers

    in News

    Hear interview with proven defender of educators-CEAI President-Finn Laursen and share throughout the country.   More educators are afraid of losing their jobs as they find schools are changing and it is no longer about academics but about manipulation of future generations that will change freedom loving America.  The key to this country lies in truth  being released and we need our teachers free to teach rightly and not as automatons.  Fear should not reign as when it does there will be no winner not even quiet pliable teachers.  History has proven what is taught in the classroom can be used to change the philosophy of a nation.  Here's help for teachers but it can't help if they don't know--so please share!

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    Are You Coachable

    in Business

    Being Coachable & Teachable is more than just listening..It's morethan just believing. You are only pliable if the training and coachin you receive is ACTED UPON by you.
    Your actions are the true test of your ability to crasp the coaching and training you receive. Just listening and believing are not enough...
    Join me as I talk about how to become more coachable and how to be a better coach.

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    Foug Crew - " The Softer Clay Is Easier To Mold "

    in Spirituality

    Isaiah 64:8 says , " But now , O Lord , You are our Father ; we are the clay , and You our Potter ; and all we are work of Your hand . " Have you ever left clay out too long or did not put the top to your childrens play - doh on tightly ? The clay gets hardened  and it gets pretty difficult to shape and form things until you soften the clay up a little bit . The Bible makes the analogy regarding our transformation and sanctification process to that of the potter and the clay . But first we cannot be hardened and prideful . Just like the clay used to make pottery , we too must be pliable before God can mold us into His Son' s likeness . We must yield to God or we  will become hardened like the clay . Jesus is the first step in softening us for the Potter so He can remold us . Tonight ( Monday Night ) @ 9:00 - 10:30 PM on Foug Crew with hosts Bob and John Fougeray , we discuss - " The Softer Clay Is Easier To Mold . "    Listen "LIVE " and crystal clear on the world wide web @ http://www.blogtalkradio.com/fougcrew . You can also get the blog @ twitter , linkedin, googleplus , and facebook as well . Remember you can listen " LIVE " and interact on the phone by dialing 347-324-5759 . Join Brothers Bob and John for this " LIVE BROADCAST "  @ 9:00 - 10:30 PM  Monday Night on the Foug Crew Internet Christian Radio Network - Truth Radio .
    We Are " HIS  "

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    Follow the Dog Home

    in Self Help

    Comcast Sports Net and New England Cable News' anchor Kevin Walsh moved to Wellesley, Massachusetts. As dog owners do, he started walking the nearby neighborhoods, in search of the perfect circuit. Beverly, his German shepherd, normally pliable and obedient, was INSISTENT that they head to the same house on historic Atwood Street, over and over, for no apparent reason. She was obsessed. It turns out that Kevin's Dad had lived in the house as a toddler, so long ago that he had no recollection of it. So how did Beverly know? What was revealed about Kevin's family as they dug into their history? If you're a dog lover, a sports lover, a mystic or a genealogy student, you'll want to talk with Kevin Walsh, the author of FOLLOW THE DOG HOME: How a Simple Walk Unleashed an Incredible Family Journey.  Join the conversations live or send your thoughts and comments to TheArtofRelating@hotmail.com.  

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    Interview with Visionary Gerontologist, Lori Campbell

    in Books

    Nadia Giordana interviews Lori Campbell, gerontologist and founder at GenAP about her work and an upcoming new book. Lori is a visionary gerontologist, author and speaker with dual expertise in wellness and aging who helps people master the art of aging. She wrote the book, Awaken Your AgePotential after spending a decade+ years among thriving older adults, learning that the key to aging is not in the genes but in pliable things we can control. Lori is here to introduce an emerging trend called AgePotential. Her website is www.GenAP.co. Yes, that is dot co, and not  dot com.

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    An Affirming Flame with Guest Peggy Dobreer

    in Poetry

    Join Jessica Houston as she talks Peggy Dobreer about her new book in the lake of your bones
    Peggy Dobreer came to
    poetry by way of dance and
    experimental theatre.
    Her work has appeared in
    Malpais Review and LA Yoga
    among other journals and
    she is widely anthologized.
    She lives in LA with her
    daughter and loves the
    tango. Visit her at

    The poems, In the Lake of Your Bones, are knotted
    like a strand of lucid fractals in a liminal world, a
    world where hard facts are known to be pliable,
    histories transmutable. Only the laws of physics
    remain constant.
    "As readers, we have no escape; words and bones
    become of the same matter..."
    —Mariano Zaro, poet

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