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    "The Pledge" #196

    in Atheism

    Utah Mormons want church out of BSA, French court rules schools don't need to offer non-pork lunch option for students, you only pope once, theatre piece canceled for addressing radicalization of Muslims, gun stores ban muslims, an atheist and a minister, and the pledge.

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    in Education


    Rick Mantz, CEO of National Academic Group and Edwin Wargo, CEO & Co-founder of 3rd Quote, will formally announce the EDU Ready Pledge - the first industry-wide pledge, vetting, and grading process designed to build trust and efficiency in the Edtech procurement process.

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    NY school no Santa, Thanksgiving or Pledge? - Can a Christian love the Quran?

    in Politics

    Hr1  New York school principal bans Santa, Thanksgiving and Pledge of Allegiance and more... is she a communist?

    Radio, & TV personality, Xander Gibb talks 2016 campaign, GOP candidates, Muslims, discrimination, and MORE!

    Hr2    Principal at New York school bans Santa Claus, Christmas, Thanksgiving, the Pledge of Allegiance and MORE! When did Santa Claus become a religious figure? He's not in my Bible!

    Judge Jeanine Pirro asks New Yorkers if they feel safe and if the government is doing enough to protect us. No and no.

    Petition demanding Adele admit she's only successful because she's white and that she donate all her money to African-American people. Because she couldn't be successful because she's talented and people like listening to her, right? #BlackLivesMatter  

    Hr3  Star Wars stormtrooper t-shirt too violent for school. Time to go to a school board meeting! Stay vigilant parents!

    Lesson practices calligraphy by writing "There is no god but Allah." So religion IS ok at school now? Either it is or it isn't. You can't have it both ways.

    Christian says she loves the Quran. Does she know it calls her a curse because she follows Jesus?

    Man on the street, Mark Dice, tells people the word "gullible" will be removed from the dictionary to make room for more common words like "twerking."

    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?

    There are always at least two sides to every story. Have you ever wondered how someone, who saw the same thing you did, walked away telling a vastly different story? Which version was correct? Which one was the REAL story? Actually, both are! It’s just a matter of perspective.

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    in Education

    Edwin Wargo of 3rd Quote and and Rick Mantz of the National Academic Group ha ve created a pledge for better communication between vendors and schools  during the selling and implementation process.

    www.the3rdquote.com/blog  wwwnagroupusa.com

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    The Pledge

    in Politics Conservative

    The stupid celebrity pledge has resurfaced. Somehow, it has hit every right wing talk show this week. I, of course, was on top of this in my Jan 20th show. We will revisit. Also, terrorists for oil? Wait, what about those Uighurs? More animal rights insanity. Some Glenn Beck hypocrisy. And more in depth analysis of Obama Care.

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    6th Annual Pledge Drive Drawing

    in Business

    Connie Mettler, publisher of ArtFairCalendar.com and moderator at ArtFairInsiders.com is joined by Internet marketing expert Scott Fox to celebrate ArtFairCalendar'com's 11th anniversary online and the 6th for ArtFairInsiders.com.

    They'll be drawing names for over 50 prizes donated by artists, art suppliers, show organizers and art equipment manufacturers around the country -- plus art lessons in San Francisco and music festival passes in Tennessee!

    And just for fun they've got great stories from the art fair business that make this worth a listen.


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    Remove 1st Amendment? - No pledge at public school? - Skewed school rules?

    in Politics

    Hr1    Yale students sign petition to remove their right to petition! We really need to teach the Constitution better! These kids are supposedly our best and brightest. Yet they have NO CLUE that abolishing the First Amendment would remove their voice from the process they are using to abolish it. Idiots!

    PolitiChick Ann-Marie Murrell talks about the GOP debate. CNN did everything they could to make it all about Donald Trump.

    It's only a matter of time before they remove the "Christmas story" scene from the Charlie Brown Christmas. Can you still read actual Bible scripture on TV anymore?

    Norway 'paying' asylum seekers to return home as refugee crisis continues. Craziness.

    Hr2  Obama still silent a week after Iran missile test violated international law and UN agreement.

    Baltimore man on the street Corey Prez Duncan reports on the mistrial of the first officer tried in the Freddie Gray case, the GOP debate, refugees, 

    Hr3   School refuses to put ‘patriotic’ photo in yearbook. Why? The image of the flag is touching the floor AND a student is standing on it. There are flag laws you know! Good call.

    Think guns only kill people? Breitbart compiled a list spanning a 2 month time-span of lives SAVED by guns.

    Writer and radio host Michael Hausam talks about the GOP debate. Anyone not named Trump, Rubio, Cruz, & Christie needs to stop campaigning today.

    Joe and Michael draw lines in the sand on the Republican-Libertarian ideologies.

    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?

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    Radical Capitalist Episode 24: Objectivism, Charity & the Giving Pledge

    in Politics

    Every week Yaron Brook reviews significant headlines that impact freedom in various forms. Commenting from a philosophical view that man's greatest value is self, he brings unique perspective to the conversation, always ending the show with a positive sense of life.  

    Follow Yaron on Twitter @YaronBrook and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ybrook.

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    Every Sorority Has Two Pledge Classes That Hate Each Other

    in Comedy

    On this week's episode of The TFM Podcast, Jared is joined by comic Paul Mecurio to discuss Paul getting Paul McCartney to do his podcast, 2 Chairs And A Microphone, as well as read your emails and answer questions about how to proceed when your boss's friend wants you to date his daughter, hooking up with the girls in the sorority you work at, under what circumstances guys would turn down a blowjob, and the rules for New Years hookups. Plus, Hypotheticals and the news from http://totalfratmove.com with ManSamp. Check it out!

    Follow on Twitter: twitter.com/JTrain56 ... twitter.com/PaulMecurio ... twitter.com/ManSamp ... twitter.com/StandUpNYLabs

    Watch live on YouTube, Mondays at 3:00pm:

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    Lavender Hill #188: Fall 2014 Pledge Drive

    in LGBT

    Sunday, Cotober 12, 2014, found Corwin and Phil, with special guest Kate, once again asking for the listeners to "put their money where their ears are" and pledge their support to KZUM and Lavender Hill. To help with that they had a selection of SPECIAL pledge premiums to share with those who called into the show to make their pledge. Two of the three premiums were claimed during the show. Thank you to Lincoln listener Loye and Omaha listeners Brad and Jeremy for their support and to Lincolnite Joan for her continued support for Lavender Hill and KZUM.

    The hosts did much more than just ask for your money. They continued the conversation from last week regarding trans education of teachers and staff at Lincoln Public Schools, including the audio for Superintendent Steve Joel explaing to parents the LPS guidelines. It would seem that this rumoured "mandate" for trans-inclusion had hit national media thanks to a teacher sharing a handout with a parent and implying it was to be enforced policy at LPS. On Tuesay the 14th parents, teachers, staff, students, and concerned citizens can attend an open-to-the-public meeting to learn more and share their view points.

    With plede drive going on, not much was able to be convered during the rest of the show. Talk of marriage equality, Matthew Shepard and other issues of interest to the local and global LGBTQIAA community were touched upon. You can still pledge your support to Lavender Hill and KZUM by visiting www.kzum.org.

    Tune in on the 19th as Corwin and Phil return to regular programming for the Hill.

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    in Politics

    Corruption in the US government is increasingly being recognized as the central issue among all the battles activists are waging against the corporatocracy. It is time to have a conversation about a strategy to go on the offensive instead of playing an endless game of defense against all the consequences of unchecked corporate power over the US government.

    Aldous Tyler has been at the center of this fight in Madison, Wisconsin as host of TMI Radio. He ran in the Democratic primary for president in 2012 with a promise to support a constitutional amendment that would declare that money is not speech and corporations are not people with constitutional rights.

    We talk about the Pledge to Amend campaign, how it differs from the co-opted Move to Amend version and why we fully expect that it will be the nucleus for a true populist movement for democracy in America and the world once Americans grasp its significance. 

    This show was rebroadcast on March 29 at 9 AM PST/ 12 PM EST on the Star Com Radio network.

    Take Back America for the People is an educational nonprofit whose mission is to educate the American public on true costs of corporate control of the US government.

    Know the truth and the truth will set us free.