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    Nothing to Lose w/ Pleasant Gehman

    in Entertainment

    Nothing to Lose. Hosted by Brian Fugett, Michael Goscinski, Michelle L. Quinn, and Walter Thomas Beck III with special guest Pleasant Gehman!

    Pleasant Gehman is a true Renaissance woman whose career includes acting, dancing, writing, painting and singing. As internationally acclaimed dance star Princess Farhana she performs belly dance and retro-style classic burlesque globally. She is known for her high-concept, innovative performances, dazzling stage presence, impeccable technique. Over the years she has also fronted four bands and is the author and/or editor of several books including the acclaimed memoir, "Escape From Houdini Mountain", "The Underground Guide To Los Angeles", which spent nine weeks on the LA Times Best Sellers List, and her latest book "Showgirl Confidential" published by Punk Hostage Press. She lives in Hollywood, California.


    originally aired 9/27/2013

  • POSITIVE PERSPECTIVES Psychic Mediums Michelle Whitedove & B. Anne Gehman

    in Spirituality

    TWO of the nation's most beloved Psychic Mediums - Michelle Whitedove and B. Anne Gehman - live tonight!  Explore the Spirit Realm, Auras and Psychometry with America's #1 Psychic Michelle Whitedove and Rev. B. Anne Gehman.   Michelle and Anne will provide tips & advice to YOU on how you can see your Aura or read jewelry, keys and other objects. 

    America's #1 Psychic Michelle Whitedove won her title during Lifetime's Psychic Challenge.  She is the world's MOST test psychic!  She is an in-demand Medium, Medical Intuitive and Past Life Regressionist.  Michelle has appeared on TV, Radio, expos, conferences and groups. She is the author of Ask Whitedove, She Talks to Angels, and Ghoststalker.  

    Rev. B. Anne Gehman is a Spiritualist Medium, Healer and Psychometrist.  She is the founder of Knoll Institute for Spiritual Studies.  Anne was featured in No One Dies in Lily Dale and in over 39 books.  She is the author of Self Empowerment: 9 Things the 19th Century Can Teach Us About Living in the 21st Century.    Anne is the biography subject in The Priest & The Medium.  

    For Michelle:  http://www.michellewhitedove.com

    For Anne:  http://www.annegehman.wordpress.com

    For Melinda:  http://www.psychicmelinda.webs.com

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    Snake Oil Radio/Mirror Mirror

    in Spirituality

    Host Jim Ventura (professional Navigational consultant - Astrology, Numerology, Runes, Tarot, Animal cards etc...) is the author of two metaphysical books, YouTube videos and does local and Skype seminars and classes on many different metaphysical subjects. Snake Oil is Jim's monthly blog column. Snake Oil radio is a forum for discussion of a wide range of metaphysical subjects with a primary focus on how everyone can learn to fine tune their unique intuitive abilities and skills. Callers may call in toward the end of Jim’s show with questions or comments and some shows include 5 minute free mini navigational consultations (today's show will not get to live calls).

    Todays Show live Column read: Mirror Mirror   A few weeks before the restaurant I had spent the last two years working at closed, the owner went on a bit of a rant. He had confided in me that unless we suddenly got a lot busier or found some new financial backing he would have to close the restaurant permanently. He was understandably angry and frustrated by the situation and needed to let off some stream, so I kept my mouth shut while he complained; “The people in Phoenix don’t appreciate excellent, quality food. They prefer mediocre crap. They’re going to be sorry when they find out we’re no longer here...  While it’s never pleasant to let someone dump all their anger your way, I knew it wasn’t directed at me. I could see that he really just needed an ear. There was some truth in his words. We had amazing food and most people raved about it, but our numbers were not supporting the positive feedback we got. Still, something about the situation and listening to him made me uncomfortable. I knew that something was being triggered inside of me as a result of his rant...”

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    I. H. Elders Speak: World of Manipulation - BEWARE!

    in Culture

    Israelite Heritage (I. H.) Elders will be speaking about world leaders and how they abuse people through robbery, trickery and craftiness.  Amos 5:11  "Therefore, because you trample on the poor and take grain taxes from him – you have built  houses of hewn stone but you are not going to dwell in them, you have planted pleasant vineyards but not drink wine from them."

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    Kingdom Focus with Debra Jackson Live 7/11

    in Radio

    Saturday Breakfast, This segment is a community gathering and  feast; cultivating a spirit of UNITY within every community.

    The psalmist says, "How pleasant it is for brethern to dwell together in unity Ps. 133:1. Set your alarm for 7:00 AM.  

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    Live To The Point with Guest Shunice Hill-Sullivan

    in Christianity

    Join Paul & Kesha And there Guest Shunice Hill-Sullivan 1/27/16 at 7:00 PM EST Join from the comfort of your home. We now have Two different ways for you to join the broadcast Via Our Talk Shoe. Call-in (724) 444-7444 Call ID: 137073 Join the conversation at http://www.talkshoe.com/tc/137073 Or our Blog Talk Radio. Call-in (646) 716-4416 Join the conversation http://www.blogtalkradio.com/livetothepoint Tune in Live 24/7 to W.V.O.D RADIO http://www.wvodradio.net/ A few things to Know about Shunice - SHUNICE HILL-SULLIVAN is a Graduate of Roosevelt University, Chicago IL with a Bachelor Degree Administrative Studies, a wife, mother, songstress, author, and is 2011 Black Essence Grammy Award Winner. At the age of sixteen sang with Mount Pleasant Missionary Baptist Church Choirs, Bowen High School Choirs, and competed in Chicago Vocational High School individual Competitions.

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    Interview with Rebecca Woodworth Brodie

    in Goals

     I became involved working with inmates quite by accident. One day, a colleague asked me to meet with a woman incarcerated at MCI Framingham. I was really scared to go inside a prison but, in the end, it was not at all like I expected. The inmates were all dressed in sweat suits and bright white Keds style sneakers. The visiting room was open and bright and there was a play section with toys off to one side. Some of the inmates walked puppies on leashes. I felt more like I was in a college dorm than in a prison.

    When I met with the client, she was pleasant and polite. She didn’t proclaim innocence or make excuses. She fully accepted her situation and understood she had made poor choices. She was about my age. She was a mom, She had been involved with bad guys. Her life had been a lot like mine. Meeting this client changed my life and made me realize how, if not for a few different choices, she and I could be on opposite sides of the visitation table.

    Since that day, I began doing more work with inmates and working to change the outcome of those incarcerated. Eventually, my work with inmates led me to pursue a Master’s degree in criminal justice. I studied recidivism, prison programs, and the epidemic of suicides in prisons; of both inmates and correctional officers. I finished my MA from UMass Lowell in 2014.

    Since finishing my degree in criminal justice, I have been working toward prison reform. My goal is to overhaul the entire Massachusetts correctional system; making the system better for inmates, officers, communities as well as all the other stakeholders in the system. In my spare time, I am working toward a Master’s Degree in the Public Policy department from the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth – and running for Sheriff of Middlesex County (the first woman ever to even run for this office)

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    What is Happening? Aggressive Blackbirds and More & FREE PSYCHIC READINGS!!!

    in Spirituality

    What is happening?  Something is coming soon as many blackbirds today were flying over my house very aggressively and making a strange panic call.  I have it videotaped and it looked like the movie, "Birds" by Alfred Hitchcock. No kidding.  An ordained minister commented on my 2016 prediction video that she is seeing orbs all the time flying past her but the worst was when she was hospitalized after being choked and strangulated by something she could not see.  People are commenting to me that they have noticed that others are acting angry when seeing a pleasant Biblical verse on a car. It's everything that I predicted would happen. Do these birds have a virus?  Another comment about the Red Cross at the doctor's office that something is about to occur and a dream of flooding. Let's talk about this now!!!  FREE PSYCHIC READINGS ON 2 HOUR SHOW TODAY!!! Archangel Messages to warn us......My visions and more.....MIA0899CS@GMAIL.COM FOR PRIVATE READINGS.....

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    What Was That You Said Lord?

    in Religion

    2nd Corinthains Chapter 13:8 King James Version.

    Tonights Guest Artist:The Soild Rock Quartet/ Statesville, N.C.

    Psalms 135:3 Praise thee Lord; for the Lord is good;sing praises unto his name;for is is pleasant.



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    IBE/BPAC w/ Pleasant Stephens

    in Business

    IBE/BPAC w/ Pleasant Stephens

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    NFL Wild Card '16 Recap + Divisional Round 2016

    in Football

    In between reminiscing about their whirlwind four-day adventure in Las Vegas, Jay and Dre have some football to talk about, and wow, was there some newsworthy football in the Wild Card games.  Four road winners, some of the losers outplayed and some performing epic gag jobs to make Ginger Lynn proud, and we'll speak our observations about those before picking the conference semifinal matchups.  Saturday, Kansas City, who just can't stop winning, travels to New England, who just want their receivers to get healthy, then that night a reborn Aaron Rodgers takes his Packers into the desert to face Carson Palmer's Arizona Cardinals.  Sunday, Russell Wilson and the Seahawks go into much more pleasant weather than last Sunday as they fly to Charlotte to take on Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers, then the Steelers come off that death match in Cincinnati to face off in the mountains with the Denver Broncos and their new old QB, Peyton Manning.  And in between and after the picks, lots of Vegas talk!


    Theme music credit:  "Breaking Bad" by Jahzzar


    CC BY-SA 3.0

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