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    This show is going to just be a recap on yesterdays two shows. we will be more than happy to take all calls, Go into the chat room and talk with other watchers, and leave comments on the show tovtry to help us improve our show. Again pleas call in, we want your feedback on the show so we can try to make our show better. Pleas leave comments on some future topics you want us too discuss!

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    The King Me Show: Incarcerated Love

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    There are many brilliant minds and beautiful people behind bars. A large number of black- males that are incarcerated come from broken homes and a history of tragedies that has left him and his family dysfunctional. The pattern is repeated and passed down, generation through generation until it becomes the norm. Family structures in the black community have all but vanished as brothers, sons, fathers, and husbands break the law and are wisped away from families.

    Women do not realize the role that they play in aiding men to return to society. The problem is that we as women focus on the wrong aspects of incarceration and we lack the ability to do what we expect our men to do. There are enough difficulties that prohibit total rehabilitation, yet we as women help perpetuate the cycle of law breaking by aiding our men in doing what is wrong. Women chose love over clarity. When dealing with an incarcerated man we should become “wardens” and “guards” in a sense. Instead of giving in to his pleas for sex and contraband we should display our love to by encouraging them to do what is right…at all times. But is it worth waiting on this men and loving them behind bars? Should we stop our lives for them? Tune in to find out

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    In The Streets with Beverley Smith: The Charleston Nine (Episode 33)

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    We stand appalled at the horrifying massacre of the nine churchgoers in Charleston. Join me as I read their names and tell the story of their brutal slaying. In the wake of the killing, the nation's media, politicians, and pundits are choking on admitting the racist motivation for the slaughter, even with the killer's own confession in the form of his manifesto. The POTUS tackles gun control and the N-word in his latest address. The autopsy report for Freddie Gray has been released. The six police officers have entered their pleas in court. No ruling yet from the Supreme Court on the subject of same-sex marriage. And more.

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    Second show of the day.

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    We really want to broadcast our show today so we thought we would do another show just to show the world who we are. We would love for as many people to join in on the show and give us a call, we will be more than happy to anwser questions and explain whatever you need to be explained. This episode will timing and how long it will last is based on how many people call in too the show. Again pleas feel free to give us a call in, we want to make this show a good one so shoot with whatever questions you have!!

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    You Don't Know What You Know, Until You Know It!

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    Welcome to another show, here at Your Place! The title of the show tonight is, "You don't know what you know, Until you know it! This may sound like a tongue twister but there is a very simple truth to this statement. The song to start this show is an example of this.  What about sunrise, What about rain, What about all the thingsThat you said we were to gain...What about killing fields, Is there a time, What about all the things, That you said was yours and mine...Did you ever stop to notice, All the blood we've shed before, Did you ever stop this notice, This crying Earth this we make sure?
    What have we done to the world, Look what we've done, What about all the peace, That you pledge your only son. What about flowering fields, Is there a time, What about all the dreams, That you said was yours and mine. Did you ever stop to notice
    All the children dead from war, Did you ever stop to notice, This crying Earth this we make sure?  What about the seas, The heavens are falling down, I can't even breathe,  What about nature's worth, What about animals, We've turned kingdoms to dust, What about elephants, What about crying whales, We're ravaging the seas, What about forest trails, Burnt despite our pleas, What about the holy land, Torn apart by creed, What about the common man, Can't we set him free, What about children dying, Can't you hear them cry, Where did we go wrong, Someone tell me why,  What about babies, What about the days, What about all their joy, What about the crying man, All of these are followed by what about us!  As man made cars faster, machines more powerful, and created many comforts for living, We did not want to hear about nature.  Politics has made so much of a game of feeding special intrest to hide truth in this area. Remember our end time events show?  Remember our Memorial day show?  In life we all have regrets. Listen to this little song bite

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    Our crumbling infrastructure...where is the money???

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    I believe that I can tell you where the money is going to repair our crumbling roads and bridges...It is being sent to Afghanistan to repair their brumbling infrastructure, while ours is rotting and unsafe!!!  A mere two weeks ago an Amtrak train traveling between Washington and New York derailed killing four people. Our President has asked Congress to apportion monies to pay for the repairs of our bridges and roads, but his pleas have fallen upon deaf  ears. It seems as though Congress keeps adding more demands to the bill having nothing to do with infrastructure, such as voter ID requirements and abolishing early voter registration. If you have an opinion or comments, please call us at 646-595-3275.

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    Summer Kick Off

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    Join us as we kick off the 1st podcast of the summer. We will breifly preview our summer podcast line up as well as discuss the very latest Castle news since the season 7 finale. We might have a few surprises, too! 

    We are working on our guest list line up for the new season and our fall podcasts. If you have suggestions, pleas feel free to call, email, or post to our Facebook. We welcome feedback!

    Also, you can make our podcast better by taking this brief, 5 question survey. Your responses will help shape the show for the fall. Link is: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/9LKXPBM

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    Justice in Colors: How Far Have We Come?

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    The timing is right to have a dialogue about the justice system and the minority community. Join me and 2 guests as we come together to have a provocative conversation on the state of justice as it pertains to the minority community.  

    African-American Attorney Rosemary Crawford, Esq. who is running for Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas and Hugo Marin, Hispanic journalist will discuss how all of the recent chain of event of police brutallity impact our justice system or may be impacted by our justice system. 

    You can talk back to us on Monday, May 4 at 11:30 am - 12:00 pm  Est. time. 

    The NEW show was created to bring about a collaboration of voices between African-American and Latina women to discuss the issues that impact our quality of life and matters that matter to us.




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    Redux Sunday - Show Nine of Dadio's Lunch Bucket Radio Clinic 14 January 2014

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    Show Nine - of Dadio's Lunch Bucket Radio Clinic was broadcast on Tuesday, 14 December 2014, 2:30 p.m.

    Live from the Janesville Community Radio studio at 321 East Milwaukee Street at the MY OFFICE JVL building in downtown Janesville, Wis

    Bob Keith a.k.a. Dadio; Donald; Sal

    "Love Potion Number 9"
    What if no candidate receives a majority of Electoral votes in the Prez?
    Beliot International Film Festival
    Dadio pleas for a better job
    Ol' Ross Perot: "...giant sucking sound...."
    Macro vs micro Free Trade
    Local radio loves stopped Unemployment extensions
    Dadio laid off many times but never took unemployment - taking any job gleaned only Misery.
    Libertarians say, "Let the weak die," can kiss Dadio's ass.
    Senator Grothman legislation " to allow" workers to never take a day off - claims freedom.
    Nazis, "Work makes you free," over concentration camp gates
    Economy booming - buying Chinese junk
    Dadio's copyrighted phrase, "The Rule of 168."   168 hours per week shitty jobs wreck every one of them
    Lame Free Trade copyright rules
    Dadio found music for LB in Iraq
    Loved NAFTA, you'll love the TPP - Acronyms kill Americans
    Sal's Chinese desk broken
    Wis Military Casualty - Marine Corps Corporal Matthew Ross Zindars
    Fish Fry - O'Riley & Conway's
    Burgers - Skip's Afton - Stump Olive burger gives Sal a Food-gasim
    Drunk Sal and Open Mick guys at O'Riley & Conway's
    Pizza - Mac's Pizza Shack
    Chinese food - Cozy Inn
    Breakfast - VFW's Cootie Breakfast

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    The Shakedown Sports Talk Show

    in Sports

    On today's broadcast of The Shakedown Show the Shakedown Crew will talk about any news pertaining to the New York Giants football team. Plus who won the NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament Championship game between Wisconsin and Duke. News from the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Boxing and Wrestling. We will also talk free agency in the NFL. To join the conversation pleas call (929) 477-2686 or leave your comments and questions on twitter with #dashakedown.

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    Andrew Harrison Racial Slur & Pros/Cons Labeling Kids in School

    in Education

    Join us tonight as we discuss: 

    The pros and cons of labeling childen and the Andrew Harrison racial debate. Should parents label their kids? Do they truly understand the impact this will have on their kids educational future? Andrew Harrison was caught mumbling a racial slur during a team interview  Many are in an uproar. Some think he should be kicked off the team.  What do YOU think?

    I have talked to several people about these topics and found both conversations to be very interesting. 

    Pleas bring your thoughts and ideas.  This is going to be an interesting and engaging conversation. 

    Thank you for your support. 

    Dr. Wendy 


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