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    At Gods word

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    GOD spekes to his people agian to teach theam what thay need to do to pleas him

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    The Temple of Healing Waters Morning Dew Prayer

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    Pleas join Pastor C and The Temple of Healing Waters for 6am daily prayer

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    Somerset v Stewart

    Somerset v Stewart (1772) 98 ER 499 (aka Somersett's case, or in State Trials v.XX Sommersett v Steuart) is a famous judgment of the English Court of King's Bench in 1772, which held that chattel slavery was unsupported by the common law in England and Wales, although the position elsewhere in the British Empire was left ambiguous. Lord Mansfield decided that:

    “    The state of slavery is of such a nature that it is incapable of being introduced on any reasons, moral or political, but only by positive law [ statute ], which preserves its force long after the reasons, occasions, and time itself from whence it was created, is erased from memory. It is so odious, that nothing can be suffered to support it, but positive law. Whatever inconveniences, therefore, may follow from the decision, I cannot say this case is allowed or approved by the law of England; and therefore the black must be discharged.   ”Office of Pleas of the Court of Exchequer; and for the apprehending of Persons in any County or Place, upon Warrants granted by Justices of the Peace in any other County or Place; and to repeal so much of an Act made in the twelfth Year of the Reign of King Charles the Second, as relates to the time during which the Office of Excise is to be kept open each Day, and to appoint for how long time the same shall be kept open upon each Day for the future; and to prevent the stealing or destroying of Turnips; and to amend an Act made in the second Year of His present Majesty for better Regulation of Attornies and Solicitors."



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    LESMA and Special Guest Sean Bergin

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    On July 13, 2014, 23 year old Jersey City Police Officer Melvin Santiago was called to respond to a burglary. Upon arrival, the suspect (Lawrence Campbell) opened fire on the patrol car, shooting and killing the offcer just 2 days shy of his one year anniversary on the force. Campbell was killed by other responding officers.
    New Jersey News 12 was able to gain an exclusive interview Campbell's wife, Angelique. In that interview, Angelique said that '...He should have took all them motherf****rs out.'. She was referencing the police officers on the scene. 
    Police from around NJ called News 12 throughout the day begging the station not to air the footage, citing fears of breeding more hate against the police. Reporter Sean Bergin had seen this hatred across the state of NJ and also asked the station not to air the story. The pleas fell on deaf ears.
    Sean Bergin was the reporter assigned to the story and furious that the story was aired. When it came time to air it, Bergin threw caution to the wind and said exactly how he really felt about the matter, citing anti-cop rhetoric across the state and stating that the underlying cause of this is 'young black men that grow up without fathers', and ending with: '...unfortunately, no one in the news media has the courage to touch that subject.'.
    Bergin was suspended over the comments, and then demoted days later, no longer able to cover major stories and allowed to work at the station for only one day per week. Bergin very nobly chose to resign....


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    Get an A+ in Country, a better President with Write-In Ballots: Curtis Clinton

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    ou know what got me started. you know how i came by this idea of becoming President – too many of our soldiers were being killed in IRAQ. Why even 1 killed by & with careless, faulty un-smart missions not worth a damm – not by my standards. i care and I don’t put people in danger or our military in danger. That is why i am a better Commander-In-Chief. And the same character credentials extend into the WHITE HOUSE and the PRESIDENCY. i wish every one a good Thanksgiving wknd. i know that not everyone is having one – and that has to change in favor of more. our President was right in calling out the Chicago shooting and 16 useless bullets. But then he compliments Chicago officials with keeping the city peaceful. No, Chicago officials should be called upon to do more and our President should not make even statements to pacify all parties. Chicago Police is wrong for having a killer in their midst. The putrid gall of the officer saying he was in fear if his life. He had others officers around him. He could have retreated. Any court that allows a defense of that should be impeached. we have let our courts bankrupt with such cowardly, lying pleas of defense. How is a prone man on the ground a threat to you, already with 2 bullets in him. Crap. we have a crappy officer and he and his fellow officers should be charged with a host of crimes  - IF I were President.   bwell   c2it     i saw Ice Sculpturing Christmas – very moving & inspirational and true to life for some of us.  .    i learned something, always learning – like a sponge that picks up and releases – doing good things. c2 

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    The College Football Blitz w/ Alan Zlotorzynski & Zach Clark

    in Football

    Join Alan Zlotorzynski & Zachary Clark tonight at 8:00 p.m. for THE COLLEGE FOOTBALL BLITZ presented by the Fantasy Sports Warehouse, Fanup.com & Space Coast Daily.

    Tonight, the College Football Playoff committee reveals its fourth Top 25 rankings and Alan & Zach follow the show with The College Football Blitz by breaking down and analyzing the committees’ rankings. The guys will have plenty of help.

    Joining the show as the first guest will be Joe Lisi from Goforthe2.com. Joe will give his take on the rankings as well as the pivotal matchups coming up this weekend.

    Also joining the show tonight will be Scott Carter from Gatorzone.com. Scott will come on provide his perspective on the poll as well help breakdown one of the bigger rivalry games this weekend, Florida State visiting the Swamp to take on the Florida Gators.

    Coaching vacancies and possible vacancies have been a hot topic in college football this year. This past week, reports surfaced that LSU Tiger head coach Les Miles is set to be bought out of his contract. Cody Worsham from TigerRag.com joins Alan & Zach to discuss the situation.

    Alan & Zach will also preview this weekend’s biggest rivalry games, as well as take a look at the Heisman Race with just a few weeks of play remaining

    Pleas follow the guys on Twitter @zlotsports & @zachclark2015, the show @tcfb1. Please also follow our guests. Joe Lisi @goforthe2, Scott Carter @GatorsScott & Cody Worsham @CodyWorsham

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    America's Disabled Veterans In Action Inc (ADVIA.media)Wednesday 18November2015

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    Today is Wednesday 18 November 2015 and we are stillunder seige with phone problems as Samsung nor Tmobile have responded to our pleas to improve the equiptment that is currently holdig the Producers of the Equiptment hostage so we havenot been able to cover one of the most presteigious Auto Shows in the Nation. 

    In the mean time our Broadcast will be on Benfits for veterans and their families with out Founder and Cheif Benefits Officer Marilyn Wyche who will answer questions on benfits live this afternoon. We also never know what new information our CBo will bring to the program.Marilyn has over 2 dacdes of assisting veterans in obtaining VA benfits and she has many veterans who will tell you that her work has lead them to their claims being paid.

    We are opening our Brooklyn Navy Yard lines 347-884-8078 at 2300 Zulu time! That would be as follows in US times (for our new civilian family and friends) Atlantic/ Eastern is 7PM,Central 6PM, Alaska/Mountain is 5pm,Pacific is 4PM, Hawaii is 1PM, Guam is 0900 AM

    We want to hear from you! 

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    Guilty Pleas Prove The Financial Markets Are Rigged

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    On this episode Jim discusses the criminal charges against five major banks for rigging the currency markets. Bitcoin now officially listed as a currency on Google Finance. Cleveland Police arrest 71 people in riots over police shooting. Vandals hit California dam resulting in the loss of 49 million gallons of water. Are chipped credit cards really stopping credit card theft? How bankruptcy trustees are using clawbacks to sue colleges for tuition paid by the recently bankrupt, and Ripple Labs receives $28 million in funding.

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    Live From New Orleans #2844

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    A hit-and-run victim feels her pleas for help were tossed aside after it took NOPD nearly a day to get to the crime scene at her Mid-City home.

    NOPD Chief Michael Harrison blames the wait on a lack of manpower and says the officers he does have are dealing with more violent crimes that take more time.

    click the link below for the full story.


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    Transform YOUR life w/Coach Tamarra: Conversations with my Younger Self - Part 4

    in Women

    How many times do you find yourself hesitating, pausing to get yourself fully together before taking the next step? How is it that everyone else is out there just "doing it" while here you are standing still, unable to move forward? FEAR can be a dream killer! On the one hand, it's the number one reason why we are stuck in the rut of "I CAN'T DO IT". Fear is also an awesome motivator as well that propels us further because the uncomfortableness of where I am right now is about to take me out... be my demise. And we're just NOT HAVING ANY OF THAT!

    Tune in as our panelists talk about fear... how fear has played a role in their lives and steps that one can take to FEEL the FEAR and DO IT ANYWAY!

    Tamarra Causley Robinson is a Life and Career Transitions coach who helps women reconnect their voice to their true calling in life and career choices.

    Sadiyah Malcolm is a rising Junior at Howard University, an aspiring professor, and the Founder of Sistas Elevating Learning and Healing (SELaH) based in Philadelphia.

    Erica Wiederlight is a certified quantum life and happiness coach.

    Pasha Cook, through the platforms of personal development consulting and speaking workshops, assists athletes in participating fully in the game of life and ultimately championing the game of life.

    Denise Patrick is a transformational performance consultant, leader and speaker with a focus on leadership, communication, inclusion, and learning