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    Full Disclosure - ET's Are Real, What Now?

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    Governments are disclosing they have been interactinbg with ET's for decades. They have named the Pleaidians, Sirians, Arcturians, Grays & Reptillians as the races they have been inertacting with. How do we know who are the good guys and who are the bad guys? What does this mean for us? Is this Armageddon? Join Faith and I as we unravel these questions and share with you our personal and career experince of more than 20 years each. Visit our website www.palaceofpeace.net for more about Michelle Manders, and www.faithparent.net for more about Faith.

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    Ascension, Angels, Star Healing Intergalactic EnergyTM Kelly Hampton host

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    Kelly Hampton is rapidly becoming one of the top international spiritual leaders and Alchemy teachers. She is a renowned angelic, ascended masters, interdimensional and elemental channel and gifted medium. She is the founder of multiple NEW 5thD ground-breaking healing systems from Archangel Michael: STAR HEALING INTERGALACTIC ENERGY™, Star Healing Equine™, Star Healing for Small AnimalsTM, and Ascended Spaces™ for creating abundance in your homes using another new system given to her by Archangel Michael. She is also the founder of DOMINION, the new astrology-astronomy system for the New Millennium. Thousands of people around the world have been helped or miraculously healed as a result of these powerful Ascension energy systems.

    Kelly first saw the face of Christ in a glass of water at age 10, was visited by Pleaidians during her early childhood and near age 20 she was able to communicate with her mother on the other side. Then she was awakened in the middle of the night in 2004 by Archangel Michael, who said they would be creating a book together. This resulted in INTO THE WHITE LIGHT: THE REVELATIONS OF ARCHANGEL MICHAEL. Since that time she has been conducting private sessions all over the world as well as teaching practitioners in these amazing systems given to her by Archangel Michael. Through her intensive training workshops and online programs, telesummit appearances, seminars, spiritual retreats and audio series, she elevates the human and planetary consciousness.

    She is also the author of 2012 AND BEYOND: THE TRUTH FROM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL. Her third book, THE BOOK OF ANIMALS from Archangel Michael is to be released in 2015. Kelly is deeply grateful to serve and help empower you.


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    Heart to Heart Talk Radio - Replay of Nora Herold Interview

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    Listen in to this replay of the Heart to Heart Talk Radio interview I did with the wonderful Nora Herold on 3/31/14. Nora discusses her personal journey, and she channels The Pleaidians for all of us, taking questions from the callers. We had so much fun in this interview. Powerful transmissions from Nora and the P's too! For more on Nora and her work, please visit: www.noraherold.com. For more on me and my work, please visit: www.danielscranton.com. Also, visit www.danielscranton.com/radio for all the archived episodes of this show.

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    Ascension, Angels, Star Healing Intergalactic EnergyTM Kelly Hampton host

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    Join International spiritual teacher, healer, channel, medium and author Kelly Hampton as she discusses many topics on Spirituality, Ascension, new 5th d. healing systems for your body, your home and your animals from Archangel Michael --STAR HEALING INTERGALACTIC ENERGYTM, STAR HEALING EQUINE, STAR HEALING FOR SMALL ANIMALSTM ASCENDED SPACESTM as well as all spiritual truths. She will also take live calls. 

    She is the author of INTO THE WHITE LIGHT: THE REVELATIONS OF ARCHANGEL MICHAEL, 2012 AND BEYOND: THE TRUTH FROM ARCHANGEL MICHAEL with her third book to be released this year: THE BOOK OF ANIMALS. She certified practitioners in these magnified healing systems from the Pleaidians and Angelic Realms around the world.

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    Jim and Sandy Young of AngelTalkTV

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    At the young age of about 5 years old, Sandy Young was already  communicating telepathically with her Grandmother, who lived over 150 miles away.  Sandy can also remember well, seeing and talking with Angels by the age of 12 years old.  This began her path as an Angelic Communicator that she continues today.  In 2001, she married Jim Young,  a licensed Christian Minister, who was a child evangelist at the age of 12, a Healer, and Prophetic  Intuitive. He can remember communicating with Jesus as young as 4 years old. He is also a researcher/author/teacher oF the Ancient History of the Planet.   He and Sandy are co-hosts of Angel Talk Television, and have interviewed many high profile people, including the Dali Lama.  In addition to their broadcast work, Sandy has aided law enforcement with her psychic and remote viewing gifts, and she’s also a Master in several types of Reiki as well as a pioneer in Sound Frequency Healing.  Jim  is also a professional speaker,  Angelic communicator, and a laying on of hands healer.  Their work also includes ET communication and visitation.  On their Angel Talk TV show, they’ve predicted many major events, including the financial crisis, bank collapse, and their message of hope foretells of new technologies to revolutionize automobiles, and water supplies.  They are both currently ministers of the Living Light Center, a Church of Faith and Healing in West Virginia.  Check out their great website:http://www.angeltalktv.com

    At the top of the show, it's the Starseed News segment with Anastasia, bringing topics of interest to Starseeds that you won't hear in the mainstream media!

    Announcing: The next Starseed Crystal Quest to Arkansas! May 10-16, 2015.  Email for more info - crystals(at)starseedhotline.com

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    Askets Explanations - Part 1

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    1. Creation is the foundation of life and of BEING.
    2. We fulfill our mission in the strength of Creation, which has not only cosmic but universal significance, because Creation is life and Creation is BEING.
    3. And to fulfill our mission, we have to neutralize the spacetime connection barrier between our and your universes, so that we can achieve a harmonious passage through without damage to ships and universes.
    4. Because our home world lies in the DAL universe, in the AKON system, in a system foreign to you Earth humans, of a universe just as foreign to you, of which several surround the universe known to you, on the seventh outer belt.
    5. Many of these universes lie in other time planes, and in, for you, expanses of utter foreignness.
    6. Our universe is a parallel sister universe to yours, respectively a twin universe, and, calculated according to your concepts, it lies in a similar plane.
    7. The difference between your time and ours is only very slight.
    8. The reason for our coming into this, your DERN universe, lies in earlier times, that are calculated in several centuries, and, indeed, in the urge to explore, and in a fulfillment of an obligation of our race, who, from the earliest times, came from your DERN universe.
    9. Made possible through technical developments, an ancient universe barrier was opened again between our (universe) and your universe, that guaranteed us the entrance into your time, after which the knowledge about it, lost many thousands of years ago, was worked out again.
    10. Since then we again explored the expanses of your universe and, several centuries ago, discovered this solar system and, therewith, this world, whose inhabitants show a very old connection with the Pleiadians, as you name them for certain reasons, and in which we also are involved - also in the form of that which pertains to a mission.



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    We are ALWAYS excited when we present a guest that has great Ability & Grace - like Today's Special Guest: Susan Newton -- whose Insights, Wisdom and Connection brings forth valuable information to help us change, create and enjoy our lives better!!  Susan works with the Angelic realm, Ascended Masters, The Pleaidians, and Ancestors as well as Spirit Guides And Spirits who are here to serve the Light as well!   Today, she will share the "collective" she brings through - called "Electra and Friends"  This happens in a similar fashion to how Esther Hicks brings Abraham Forward!...and it is for the Purpose of LIVING AS SPIRIT in Human form - from an unconditionally loving place, connecting to the Universal Mind...Uniting as One. 

    We'll chat for a bit...and then open the phone lines for you to call in (805) 292-0357

    Susan Newton's Info:  www.Blessingsfromspirit.com  Email: info@BlessingsFromSpirit.com  614.214.8574   Andi Feinberg:  www.EnergeticAdvantage.com  Office:  (480) 442-6349  EnergeticAdvantage@gmail.com                                 

    Mary Canady:  www.EmbracePainfreeLiving.com  (623) 824-2777  mary@EmbracePainfreeLiving.com

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    So much good information... Zorra from Hollow Earth!



    Today's Wednesday call takes the place of this coming Saturday call which has been canceled, as Billie and Jane will be traveling.


    We had an interesting review of Billie Faye Woodard's (Zaraya from Hollow Earth) physical and mental aspects, inasmuch as his body was born in Hollow Earth. - More explanation about our former channel, Kathryn, and the lessons we are all learning from this experience.  The easiest route to Ascension?  Mother Nature!   Grounding?  It CURES!  Surprises coming!  Zorra: "I am not Ra!"  Who IS Ra???  The ships are waiting and eager!  Our Solar System is moving from edge of Milky Way into the spiral! Communicate with the ships.They will do a show for you!  What does "fallen" mean?? How it happened. And where was Portia? We stepped aside to allow her journey. We are also being tested. We are here because YOU are worth it!  She saw the city of New Jerusalem!  Entrances from Switzerland, Matterhorn. The boulder told her his  name.  The Sirian "jellyfish" organic aero ship.  The Pleaidians up-lifted 11,000 minions... to the light.  His SOUL response ... gout gone in 24 hours!



    Back to every other Saturday - starting June 28th!







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    Fine Tuning our Energy

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    Have you ever been in a room when an angry person enters? 

    Have you felt the anger before they spoke?ay we explore Susan Shumsky's work of Energy;Chakras; as well as Healing.



    Energy is real.Feelings are real.Mindful awareness to balance your energy is invaluable.

    Today we eplore what energy is, how to recognize it and how to work with it for more awareness and soul balance.

    My other invited guest Christine Day and her work with Pleaidians is a hopeful visit as well.I have not , as of yet received additional confirmation  since scheduling, for todays show...so lets send Christine a message to call 213-286-6743 at 12 noon EST;)

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    Archangel Michael, Ascension & Star Healing Intergalactic Energy

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    Angelic,Ascended Master's, Multi Dimensional Channel, Medium, Spiritual Teacher, Healer and Author of two books from AAMichael and the founder of multiple ground-breaking 5thD healing systems--Star Healing Intergalactic Energy, Star Healing Equine, Ascended Spaces for your home and office, Star Healing for Small Animals, Mt. Shasta Alchemist's Course-Summer 2014. Enrollment open now!

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    Living in the Light with Host Susan Newton

    in Spirituality

    Join Susan Newton for Messages from your Higher Self connetion with Spirit! Discover the joy and healing in all areas of your life!
    Susan newton is the Author of Living in the Light, a self help book filled with insights wisdoms, teachings and tools that will empower people to lead an unconditionally loving Life guided by Spirit. She is also a certified NLP practitioner, Stress Management Counselor, Spiritual Counselor, medium and Interactive Verbal Channel, sharing messages from a collective called Electra and friends. This collective includes  The Arch Angelic Realm, The Ascended Masters, the Pleiadian & Arcturian Emissaries of Light, The Rainbow League of Light, as well as spirit Guides and Ancestors. They present as one voice that unites through Susan and speaks to all those who desire their insights and wisdom, as well as to learn how to live in an unconditionally loving way. Susan is also one of the radio hosts with USC, hosting the show, Living in the Light.