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    Are You Playing Church?

    in Comedy

    The much anticipated ''Playing Church'' Series is here! Are you a ''Christian Disciple'' or are you just church member? Let's get down to what this thing is all about!

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    Around The Foghorn Podcast: Pregame Show

    in Baseball

    In this special edition of Around The Foghorn Podcast, we are going to do our own pre-game show. If any of our listeners would like to call in and talk to Chris or Eric, by all means please do. The Giants are hosting the Cubs and we will discuss the lineups of both teams and starting pitchers (Samardzija for Cubs and Petit for the Giants). This will be the first pre-game podcast, and hopefully not the last. Tune in and listen to a couple of Giants fans give their opinions on the game and call in and give your own..

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    Get Real! with Mark and Kally - Holiday Traditions Around the World

    in Lifestyle

    Christmas traditions vary around the world.  Join us for a fun look at some of these traditions.  For example in Australia, does Santa wear a big warm suit?  But, not everyone celebrates Christmas.  There are many festivals and traditions all over the globe.  Come and take a holiday tour with us and learn some facts like why the Chinese have a  tradition of giving apples in December.

    Mark was a local radio DJ and has rich career in the hotel and travel industry, employment, and business.  He is a Certified Color Code Relationship Expert and is an excellent speaker and entertainer.  He also dabbles in magic.  

    Kally is a Traditional Naturopath, Certified LifeLine Practitioner, Certified Color Code Relationship Expert, and an Herbalist.  She plays the piano has taught piano for many years. She loves to garden. 

    They both started out with majors in engineering.  They are the parents of 7 children and have been married for 27 years and love to travel.

    Find us on the internet www.wellnessandtoys.com, connect with us on Facebook and Twitter, and follow our ideas on Pinterest.

    Photo credits:  digitalart, Salvatore Vuono, imagerymajestic, antpkr at Freedigitalphotos.net

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    "Playing Saint" with Zachary Bartels

    in Books

    Yesterday, Parker Saint’s only concern was his swiftly rising star power. Today, he’s just trying to stay alive.

    Parker Saint is living the dream. A cushy job at a thriving megachurch has him on the verge of becoming a bestselling author and broadcast celebrity—until life takes an abrupt turn that lands him on the wrong side of the law. To avoid a public scandal, he agrees to consult with the police on a series of brutal murders linked by strange religious symbols scrawled on each victim.

    Parker tries to play the expert, but he is clearly in over his head. Drawn ever deeper into a web of intrigue involving a demanding detective, a trio of secretive Vatican operatives, and a centuries-old conspiracy to conceal a mysterious relic, he realizes for the first time that the battle between good and evil is all too real—and that the killer is coming back . . . this time for him..


    An award-winning preacher and Bible teacher, Zachary Bartels has been serving as pastor of Judson Baptist Church in Lansing, Michigan, for nearly ten years. He earned his BA in world religions from Cornerstone University and his Masters of Divinity from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. He enjoys film, fine cigars, stimulating conversation, gourmet coffee, reading, writing, and cycling. 

    His debut novel, Playing Saint, has been called an “intrigue-filled thriller” (Library Journal) and “a page-turner from the very beginning . . . gripping and realistic” (RT Book Reviews). His next book, The Last Con (HarperCollins Christian Fiction) will be released in the summer of 2015. He lives in the capital city of a mitten-shaped Midwestern state with his wife Erin and their son.

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    in Motivation

    Call In (646) 929-0300 TONIGHT @ 7:00PM(E) for the Vibrate and Elevate Network’s newest  segment: THE REAL CHURCH UNCUT! Host Pastor Tray and Shantell Smith of Experience The Mission and co-host Ms. Controversy Byrd of PNC Consulting Firm and of the Vibrate & Elevate NETWORK will deliver a supernatural show about "PLAYING CHURCH!" Be sure to tune in for our current event spill, Angels & Demons of the week, our Highway to Hell lesson, T.A.B.U [Telepathically Assertive Bold & Unapologetic] excerpts, & Community Connection highlights.


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    The Boys Around The Table Discussion

    in Christianity

    Join Dr. Teresa Graham and her new show "The Boys Around The Table." Joining her will be men of God who will be talking about "What Love Got To Do With It." This is a show you don't want to miss. The Girls Around The Table have been flaming every Thursday night @ 7:00PM-(CST) & 8:00PM-(EST). Please tune-in every Sunday night to hear these men of God discuss with word the topic for the night. Please tell a friend or family member to join us! 

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    Girls Around The Table

    in Christianity

    Join Dr. Teresa Graham and The Girls Around The Table @ 7:00PM (CST) & 8:00PM (EST). The topic will be "Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places." Please tell a family or friend to tune in to the show. To dial into the show: (516)-531-9244 or click on the link: www.blogtalkradio.com/drteresagraham. Have a blessed day!

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    Around the Foghorn Podcast: Week 6 and 7 Recap

    in Baseball

    After a weeks absence we are back. In this weeks episode of Around the Foghorn Podcast s Chris and Eric discuss the last 2 weeks in San Francisco Giants baseball. Topics will include the recent injury to center fielder Angel Pagan and the recent hot streak by 3B Pablo Sandoval. Since we missed an episode last week, we are going to have an extra half an hour with this weeks show and be here for 90 minutes. 

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    Why Playing It Safe is Risky

    in Entrepreneur

    Baker shares his thoughts on why playing it safe in life and in business is very risky.

    Learn how to make money with me on the internet by connecting with my Online Marketing FB Page  here https://www.facebook.com/bakerjacintomarketingsuccess

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    Around the leagues

    in Football

    Join Steve, the owner of the Oakland Soul Patrol, and the Ultra Violence as he talks about the everything from the world of Fantasy Football and our leagues, and how the 2 co exist. Steve will recap a weak that was and take callers from both our leagues as well as anyone else that has a fantasy question. Will Steve call out the teams that need to step it up? Find out all the news and nuggets on Around the Leagues.


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    The Girls Around The Table

    in Christianity

    Join Dr. Teresa Graham and The Girls Around The Table @ 7:00pm (CST) & 8:00pm (EST). The discussion will be-"God didn't make you a door mat." To dial into the show: 516-531-9244 or click on the link: www.blogtalkradio.com/drteresagraham. Tell a friend to tune into the show and lets have a blessed time in the Lord! Have a blessed day!!!

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