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    Free Fortune Readings. You will need a deck of playing cards!

    in Spirituality

    I will be using a Chinese way of fortune telling called gong hee fot choy! I started with this on my mission to learning tarot and its always been acurate for me. the only thing is the inquirer has the shuffle and lay out their own cards for the most accurate reading. You also get to make a wish and the cards will tell you the chances of getting your wish <3 want a free reading? heres what youll need to do:

    1. Find a deck of playing cards

    2. from the deck discard the sixes, the fixes, the fours,the threes, the twos, and the jokers.

    3. make sure you have 32 cards left over.

    4. shuffle the cards and make a wish.  do not cut the deck as this breaks the continuity of the reading.  I recommend shuffling the deck at least  11 times. To me this clears the deck from anyone else who has touched it/makes the deck your own. Also if a card jumps out of the deck i use that as a sign to stop shuffling.

    5. once you are done shuffling, place the deck face down, and give me a call. while on the line with me  you will pick up the deck,  flip each card over, from the top of the deck, one by one, placing them on top of each other --while telling me the cards youre placing.

    hope that makes sense! lets see what the cards say!!!


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    Repeat - Mind Blowing Life Reading System with Playing Cards

    in Spirituality

    Robert Zink and Rachael Haas interview:

    Reverend Thabiti 

    Rev. Thabiti is the CEO at ThePower.com, Executive Director at ThePower.org and is best known as the inventor of the Personal Time-Map System. 

    Rev. Thabiti is the author of the books All About You available now, and The Secret Wisdom of the  Ages – which will be released in the Fall 2014 

    Rev. Thabiti writes the Mars vs. Venus’section in Las Vegas Woman Magazine as the “only male” ever allowed to write for this all-woman publication for the past 3 years. 

    Rev. Thabiti also writes the Empowerment Column every week in the Las Vegas Informer and his column is syndicated in newspapers in six other U.S. cities. 

    Rev. Thabiti explains the reason why most people struggle unnecessarily is because they can’t see which way they are going or see their other directional choices. The Time-Map System instantly eliminates this problem. Popularity of the Time-Map System is exploding around the country because it helps the user solve or prevent many problems.


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    Ep 21: Lenono Cards with Paris Debono

    in Spirituality

    Apr 23rd 7pm Eastern Paris Debono introduces the Lenono cards!

    Paris Debono has been a professional Psychic Reader since 1990. He uses Astrology, Tarot, Palmistry and Gypsy Cards as well as other forms of Divination and Fortune Telling to get the answers that you need. Paris also writes horoscopes and Mystic columns for various magazines in Australia and Europe.

    "When I was a young child I watched the 007 movie “Live and Let Die” with my father on TV.
    When the beautiful Solitaire appeared on the screen, I was mesmerized, both by her beauty and her mysterious tarot cards. I was amazed at how she could foretell the future. 
    The very next day I saw a packet of tarot cards in a bookshop. I went in and bought them with my pocket money. Although I knew my strict Catholic mother wouldn’t approve, I was compelled to have them. However, I had no idea how to read them.
    In my late 20s, I travelled and lived in Europe for a few years and there I appeared in my own very popular weekly television segment, radio shows and newspaper columns and horoscopes, talking and writing about diverse esoteric subjects such as astrology, numerology, tarot, superstitions and other forms of divination and fortune telling.
    I returned to Australia to further my studies of fortune telling, psychic readings and the esoteric arts.
    In 2006 I opened my first shop, The Fortune Teller, in Erskineville, Sydney and in 2010 my second shop, The Fortune Teller in Darlinghurst, Sydney. I also developed, produced and designed many of my own fortune telling gypsy cards."


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    In full Swing!!

    in Sports

    Hope everyone is having a great week.. As you all know NHL and NBA playoffs are in full swing so we will give you updates on all that is going on there. HUGH for a lot of us is that the NFL schedule has come out so you all know we will be giving our take on all the matchups. Darren will give us a recap on NASCAR, Kyle will give us an update on College Lacrosse. So everyone knows the drill live Friday 430pm be there. Want to thank all our fans and to all our new fans that have liked us on facebook keep it rolling. Have a great rest of the week and we will see you on Friday!!

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    Guest: David Randle

    in Culture

    Jim and Jennifer are excited to talk with David Randle. David is a musician extraordinaire. In this late teens he was already playing concert dates with Cream, The Who, Jefferson Airplane, Steppenwolf, Buffalo Springfield, Eric Burdon & The Animals, The Byrds, and many others. Fascinated by the compositional elements of music, David  studied with two of southern California’s most prominent classical composers. He developed a signature writing style with an ever present weaving of interesting guitar work through his backdrops. After leaving active playing to own a very successful musical instrument store, get married and raise a daughter, the creative call was too great to resist and David began teaching developing artists how to perfect their writing styles while using his abilities to both arrange and produce their music. He began doing a small amount of live playing again, which put him in perfect position to receive “the call.” One day a singer named Rebeca called him inquiring about them working together and she had such an amazing voice and gift for melody writing that the answer was obvious. And they became Rebeca and David: http://www.rebecaanddavid.com/

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    in Indie Music

    playing all indie artist with interviews and hiphop news call in and interact with some of todays hottest underground artist doing it. We have a segment called sips tea where we discuss some of todays best and worst gossip. We have over the phone debates about new artist vs commerical 

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    in Christianity


    "JOE MCRAE" He is a writer, producer and director. This man is anointed by God.



    "CROSSROADS THEATHER THIS SATURDAY, MAY 16,  2015, in New Brunswick, NJ



    Guest Call In: (347) 215-9859

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    "New Heights Show on Education" Are Grades Important to Learning?

    in Education

    There are some schools who are abandoning giving grades to students as they believe that a simple letter or number does not demonstrate a student’s learning ability. However, majority of the schools in the US and other countries in general use report cards as a primary means of measuring a child’s progress in school. Reason being is that many schools and teachers believe that grades measure the student’s understanding in a specific subject.

    Today’s we are discussing whether students should be given grades in school and whether they are important or not when it comes to learning.

    Interview with Alfie Kohn: http://www.education.com/magazine/article/Grades_Any_Good/

    The New Heights Educational Group, Inc. promotes literacy for children and adults by offering a range of educational support services. Such services include: assisting families in the selection of schools; organization of educational activities; and acquisition of materials.

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    Review of AA-ISP Leadership Summit

    in Business

    Nancy will share with Allison topics and new technologies she was exposed to while attending the American Association of Inside Sales Leadership Summit this week.

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    DJ Deeper Impakt hosts the Charles International House Music 9-10pmCET

    in Radio

    DJ Deeper Impakt in France hosts this weekly session on the Charles International House Music radio program that showcases and features DJs from around the world playing all the best of HOUSE MUSIC -- Techno, Tribal, Euro, Vocal, Jazz, Ethnic, Progressive, Deep, Minimal, Funky, Soulful, Gospel and more.  Each Friday from 9pm til 10pm (CET) broadcasting from FRANCE

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    CardinalSportsZone Podcast 4/24/15

    in Sports

    CardinalSportsZone Podcast 4/24/15: Lee,WIllard,P.R.?

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